Speculations Over Spain COVID-19 Cases as Deaths Rose to 27,133

Spain COVID-19 Cases

On June 4, the death toll in Spain due to coronavirus was reportedly high. It led to questions on discrepancy related to Spain COVID-19 cases due to the difference between national and regional data. The government has been asked to prepare a tally.

Spain COVID-19 Cases

The ministry has stopped giving an update on the daily death cases. As per reports, the numbers totaled to 27,133 on June 2 and then five more on June 3. As of now, the death toll stands as 27,135. The number of Spain coronavirus cases now is 288,390 and stands as the fifth most affected country due to coronavirus.

The government is currently implementing a fresh methodology for filing in confirmed cases and death report. It will help keep a statistical report and give a constant update with revised data.

Fernando Simon, the Health Emergency Coordinator, informed that the discrepancy in the numbers happened because regional areas didn’t modify numbers. They had to tally their data according to past records and inform the center.

WHO reported wrong data of Spain’s death toll at 27,940 on June 4. It was almost 800 more than government’s actual figures. While speaking to a conference, Fernando Simon said that WHO added the daily figures given by the ministry without reducing the number of deaths, which was removed from the official toll. He said that he doesn’t know if WHO’s data is far-removed from reality or not, and also said that they’d wait for the next few days to get more insights on it.

Spain is the most hit country in Europe in terms of COVID-19 cases. The second phase of the antibody tests across the country including 60,000 people showed that the earlier findings of almost 5% people being infected by the virus, irrespective of showing symptoms or not.

The director of the National Epidemiology Centre, Marina Pollan, informed that provinces in the center of the peninsula and around Madrid have higher number of cases than other places.