How Coronavirus Is Effecting School Football Games in Season

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The fall season Friday night football games of the Ohio High School are nothing short of a tradition. They have till now overcome all barriers to maintain the tradition. However, 2020 brings us a situation that is not in our control. The fear of transmission of the novel coronavirus has put the Ohio High School tradition in quite a severe jeopardy.

So, is shifting the Fall games to the upcoming Spring season be helpful enough to save the tradition? While on the other hand, the Ivy League matches are all shifted to the next Spring season, the next step for the Ohio School is still a confusion. Starting from the shifting of the Ivy League to the discussion about postponing the Ohio Games, it is the first time that such decisions are being taken.

According to media reports that are doing the rounds all over the internet, the Ohio High School authorities have already received a proposal. The officials will now discuss whether to go by the proposal and postpone the Fall games to the Spring season. The proposal consists of other probable changes to the game schedule for the Ohio High School as well.

The coaching group who are responsible for the proposal has some suggestions too. They believe that keeping the Winter game season schedule intact will not be a problem. On the other hand, they are suggesting a fall season schedule for baseball, volleyball, golf, tennis, field hockey, and other track and field events. Plus, the games that should be shifted to next Spring include football, lacrosse, cross-country, soccer, and more.

Is shifting the game schedule a good decision?

Godfrey Lewis, coach of the first year start football says that shifting the fall schedule to the next spring is the best thing to do. It will also keep the seniors involved in high-school activities for a few more months. He added that the chance to play a school football match is very special for senior students. More so, if the season does not go a miss and postponement can take place. For a senior school athlete, the chance to play a football match comes to him only four times consecutively.

Once the matches are over, they have to leave the campus with the fond memories, and the experiences. So, the postponement of the games looks like a very positive change. While every change is somewhat uncomfortable, the global pandemic is teaching us to accept changes in every phase of life. Besides, keeping your passion intact while maintaining proper safety is the best decision at the moment. Ultimately, a postponement of the football season may sound a bit inconvenient. However, it is not justified to snatch an opportunity from the senior students. After all, the league is going to be their last season.

The game must go on

On the contrary, Doug Downing, coach of the Northview team says that it is his responsibility and job to do everything to get the players ready for a match night. He believes that it is better to keep practicing without keeping in mind that there may be a case of a shift of the Fall season games till the next Spring. It will help the players be at their best irrespective of when the match has to take place.

According to Downing, a coach should not even discuss any kind of jeopardy with players. The major reason is that such news and tension may affect their mental peace, and therefore affect their form. He adds that it is not correct to discuss possibilities with kids. What needs to be done is to give them a deadline, and tell them that they have to get ready by then. Hurdles are the best way to prepare kids for upcoming challenges according to coach Downing.

A difference of opinion on the sports schedule

There is an obvious argument about whether the game season should be postponed or not. In light of the same, David Dominique, coach of the Archbold team is against the decision of shifting the Fall games to the next Spring season. He believes that there should be a rush and that there is still some time and scope to save this year’s fall season matches. Coach Dominique says that he will be one of the first people to go against the decision if there is a postponement. He puts forward his opinion stating that it is a problem for smaller institutions to bear the loss incurred logistics wise too.

Coach Dominique further adds that he understands that the situation is not in favor right now. However, for him, the biggest relief will be a guarantee that the games will take place as per the previous schedule. On the contrary, he believes that flexibility is the key during such a situation when anything can happen. According to him, playing in the Falls is a better idea, and the Spring season should be treated as the last resort. While everyone wants a solution to the ongoing problem, the coach feels there is still enough time to make a proper decision.

Official announcements on school football games

On July 12, the Ohio High School officials have issued a notice stating that there is still no news of postponement. The announcement spoke about the rest of the games that will run as per schedule for this year’s falls. The upcoming season is scheduled to begin in August 2020. The OHSFCA is the body responsible for the apex decisions on schedules for football matches. According to the coach association, the OHSFCA seems to be determined for an August season only. So, there is no other option but to wait for further decisions from the OHSFCA.

Till the time the authorities reach a specific conclusion, the students need to stay safe in every way. There is so much uncertainty regarding the transmission of coronavirus, that several questions are arising regarding sports schedules. So, the best option now is to wait and watch what happens, and hope that the authorities decide what is best for everyone. Besides, all the coaches and players are constantly working to get ready for the games, irrespective of when it happens.