Sweden Being Left Out of the Nordic Border Amid Inquiries of COVID-19

Sweden Being Left Out of the Nordic Border Amid Inquiries of COVID-19

According to the latest reports stating updates about COVID-19, the news of Sweden being left out of the Nordic Border has come out. It seems that Sweden does not want to remain isolated when the rest of its neighbors are easing down travel restrictions. However, such a desire seems to be extremely illogical given the regular reports of coronavirus cases. According to the trend, the death rate is still on the increasing side. Therefore, it is not at all safe to lift travel restrictions from Sweden. In this context, trade and Nordic affair minister of Sweden, Anna Hallberg has stated her opinion. In an interview with POLITICO, she showed her support for the idea of easing travel restrictions. According to Hallberg, there is no harm if borders are opened, but with a set of restrictions.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Nordic countries back in March. The virus started spreading in Norway, Finland, and Denmark rapidly. The Governments of all three countries took quick steps and implemented necessary restrictions. There was a complete lockdown on all businesses, educational institutes, and entertainment centers. However, Sweden was amongst the only ones left to adapt to such restrictions. Even after the trend of coronavirus, it was visible that there was no lockdown. Everything including borders is functioning normally from the beginning. Such a light-tough on the restrictions also included businesses and educational institutions. It means that shops, offices, schools, and other places were all functioning normally amidst trending cases of coronavirus. Due to such callousness, the COVID-19 death rate is on a rapid spike. Moreover, the numbers of Sweden are eight times more than all its neighboring countries.

News of lockdown measures in other parts

According to the chief of the biggest Dutch opposition party, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, it is not a wise idea to open up Sweden’s borders. Opening up the borders will lead to a massive negative effect on the health of the people there. A better way of dealing with things is to keep the restrictions on borer intact. At least, the restrictions should remain till the time the death rates decrease.

Maria Ohisalo, the Finnish Interior Minister has stated in a press conference that the situation in Sweden is a matter of great concern. Later, Ohisalo denied all requests of facing an interview about the increasing tension. However, the minister’s assistant Jarno Lappalainen addressed the press. According to her, the government will take decisions about Swedish restrictions by June 15. The epidemiological condition is accountable at the time of decision making. Moreover, the social and economic recommendations and factors will also be taken into account.

Meanwhile, the opposition lawmakers in Denmark are trying to pursue the Government to not lift restrictions on Sweden. At the same time, they are pushing the higher officials to allow other countries to continue traveling. The Danish government says that there will be specific decisions by June 1 about the entire situation. The Nordic situation is what the European countries are also likely to face shortly.