How To Grow Business With The Professional Software Translation Tools

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Every company wants to differentiate itself from other rivals, and if the global market is your battleground, localization is already a key component of your plan. However, managing and coordinating the team from the beginning to the end of localization frequently requires significant effort. And this is where software translation tools might assist you in completing the tasks required to attain success on a worldwide scale.

In this article, GTE Localize will give you the most practical bits of advice to expand your business using software translation services.

1. The Standard Features of Software Translation Tools 

The sophistication and functionalities of translation software have increased over time. These can range from extensive translation memories and real-time collaboration tools that help translators work consistently and complete projects more quickly to machine translation. When looking for translation software tools, here are some important features that you should consider.

1.1. Translation Memory

Any translation program that eliminates the need to translate content that has already been translated must have translation memory. The program will suggest an existing translation for a given passage of text when you work on a similar or identical passage; you may choose to use the recommendation or not.

Similarly, you may save time and money by merely translating the new material in your manuals or user guides rather than the entire document if you are making small modifications. This is especially helpful in highly regulated fields like banking or law where terminology correctness and consistency are crucial.

1.2. Real-time Checking 

Working with just one translator is quite rare if your company is trying to grow into new areas. The majority of the time, a group of translators, editors, proofreaders, and translation managers will be tasked with various elements of the project. They must work together across time and location to make sure they are on the same page and provide excellent solutions on time.

The best software translation tools have a collaborative feature that allows team members to log in, view the most recent project status, share comments, and assign tasks without having to copy and paste text or send attachments outside of the platform (e.g., translator, proofreader, project manager, etc.). All project stakeholders benefit from efficient cooperation, rapid communication, and optimum data protection because all project-related material is stored within the tool.

For example, Crowdin is a cloud-based program that makes it easier for your team cooperation. You can invite people then set their permissions, view the activity on your projects (approvals, file updates, translations, etc.) as well as a list of the top contributors, or have access to advanced reports. It’s the ideal choice for managing all of your multilingual material properly.

1.3. Translation Glossary

A termbase, known as a translation glossary, is an improved form of a dictionary where your translation program maintains a database of single- or multi-word terms together with their meaning, examples of how they are used, and translations into one or more languages.

If a client has certain terminology they’d want you to utilize throughout the project, you may use it or submit a new termbase. Termbases are crucial in software translation tools since they assist your translators in maintaining consistency throughout the text and preventing any misspellings or incorrect terminology use.

1.4. Quality Assurance

Customers should at the very least expect your brand information to be properly formatted and spelled before they interact with your items. The ideal software translation tools would make quality control a natural part of the entire translation process and safeguard you against errors.

Despite the fact that translators may rely on their attention to detail to ensure that the material is correctly translated, mistakes in formatting, grammar, or even just spelling might still occur. To guarantee that the text between the source and destination texts is consistent in both message and format, quality assurance tools will flag up any such errors and suggest fixes.

2. The Benefits of Software Translation Tools

Things may quickly go out of control when you have to manage many languages and a large number of translators. By centralizing all translation files and making it simple for you to track the development of your translation projects, using software translation services may speed up the process and guarantee on-time delivery.

2.1. Foster Consistency

The drafting and editing of translations is frequently done by a number of in-house and freelance translators, typically located in various time zones and geographic locations. Even yet, unless there is a mechanism in place to monitor them, translators will almost certainly use somewhat different vocabulary to express the same thing, despite your best efforts to select the best personnel and provide them with clear instructions.

By providing translators with the same translation memory and term base, using a software translation tool helps eliminate this risk. You can be sure that every time customers see a technical word or a term unique to your brand, it will be translated consistently.

2.2. Increase Productivity

A translation tool may recall the previous translation of the identical material, saving you time and money rather than having to translate it from scratch and running the risk of inconsistencies. The existing translation may be reviewed by translators, who can then concentrate their efforts on editing and polishing the text. They can increase their production by using the remaining time to focus on other tasks or translations.

2.3. Decrease Cost

You might think that investing in software translation tools might result in cost savings, but it all depends on the size of your business. A translation tool might not be required if you just plan to translate a small number of papers during the course of your company’s existence.

But it is different when you need to translate several programs, websites, manuals, and product descriptions into one or more languages. If you don’t make an early investment in optimizing your translation processes, managing the logistics of such a massive undertaking might easily end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A translation tool can identify which portions of the manuals have been changed, saving the translator from having to redo the job and letting them know exactly what has to be revised. Due to the elimination of the need to pay for the translation of the entire text, this one feature alone may save you hundreds.

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