Real Debrid Device – How to activate it? Find Out Here

Real Debrid Device
Source: Real Debrid All in One Solution Official Website

Real Debrid Device has become one of the latest streaming concepts of the 21st century. People love to stream endlessly without any network interruptions. Thankfully, Real Debrid is the one and the only solution to transmit your craving for entertainment into a real-time fastest downloading experience. Let’s find out everything about Real Debrid ahead in this reading. 

Introduction to Real Debrid

A real Debrid device is not a console. It is indeed a virtual device that enhances your downloading and streaming experience with high-end hosting capabilities. As per various sources and youtube experiments, it has been concluded that using Real Debrid, One can download, share, upload, and exchange media files within a few nanoseconds. Isn’t it thrilling? But, what exactly does Real Debrid do instead of downloading faster? People often ask whether or not Real Debrid is worth it? And, as per our research, we are sure that Real Debrid Hoster services are definitely worth it if you are a professional gamer and entertainer. 

Source: Public Domain Movies List on Google

To those who don’t know about Kodi, here’s what you need to know. Kodi Software, by definition, is an open-source home theatre software where one can stream unlimited music, movies, TV shows, photos, PVRs, and Games. For the most part, gamers use it to play XBOX New Generation Game Series and simultaneously stream it online. However, now that Real Debrid is proven magical when it comes to its downloading and streaming capabilities, it has also become prominent among torrent users. 

Now, since we use the word “torrent,” you may question, is real debrid illegal? For same, read the disclaimer below:


Real Debrid Device is not an illegal software to utilize for downloading purposes. The software simply offers fast downloading and network hosting services. However, in the event that you download illegally uploaded content from the web using the Real Debrid app, you remain solely responsible for such an act. Downloading premium gaming apps, tv shows, movies, music, videos, and pornographic videos off the web without the information of the copyright owner of the content is illegal. Thus, Real Debrid Device may work on proxy servers for you to experience 100% unrestricted downloads. However, the act of using proxy servers is against the law & order. Therefore, please engage in such acts at your own risk. On the website, we don’t promote activities or converse in support of them. 

How to Install Real Debrid Device? 

To begin with, Real Debrid is a virtual device. Hence, you will need to create an account on, which is the official website. For the best experience, please pick a premium package. Now, the following steps to install and activate real debrid devices are in concern to Kodi Theatre. But, you can consider using the following steps to activate it on any device such as SmartTV, SmartPhone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, PC, etc. 

If you encounter any glitches during the process, make certain that you have a VPN service activated. So, let’s take a glimpse: 

STEP 1: Download and Install Real Debrid Device on PC or TV

Go to and install it to your PC or macOS, whichever device you are using to stream. Once you download, log in to the Real Debrid software using username and password. 

STEP 2: Log in to Real Debrid on your Kodi Profile (or any other Cinema TV software)

After so, open the software from where you want to download or stream unlimited content. To link it with your RD account, go to the settings option. Now, click on the “Accounts” button. Here, you will see multiple hosting options like Real Debrid and All Debrid. Click on the “Login to Real Debrid Account.” 

 Real Debrid TV
Source: Real Debrid All in One Solution Official Website

STEP 3: Enter the unique code

As you log in to the real debrid account on cinema TV/SmartTV software, you will receive an 8-digit unique code. This code may contain all numerical, or all alphabets, or a combination of both. 

Now, open the browser on your PC. Go to the real debrid device official page: As you can see, the page will ask you to enter the code. Please do so! Further, you can customize your profile by adding the device’s name, such as Android TV Bedroom. 

STEP 4: Search for content under the public domain 

To begin with, Real Debrid only allows you to download and stream content that is not copyrighted or appears on a public domain. If the content is not present in the public domain, you cannot download it. Otherwise, it will be against the law & order of the United States. In multiple other countries as well, such laws exist. 

Source: Real Debrid All in One Solution Official Website

Let’s suppose you want to download “Beat the Devil,” which is a public domain movie. Search for it on your TV or PC, whichever you are using. As you click on the file of the movie, you have multiple options like Download, Watch Trailer, Watch Video, or Mark Watched. 

Now, multiple torrent links will begin to appear on the screen as you scroll. Yellow-coloured links are for streaming purposes, which are free. In comparison, white-coloured links are paid links. 

Click on a free link. You will be able to stream the movie at a very speedy rate, with no disturbance, no buffering!

How to connect Real Debrid Device on Kodi? 

Presuming that you are using a high-end gaming platform like Kodi, here are steps you need to take to craft a link between Kodi and Real Debrid Device:

STEP 1: Open Kodi Add-On and create a set-up

As you exit the TV add-on, go to the Kodi Add-on on your device. Now, scroll down to the “ADD-ONs” option in the left-side menu. Tap on the “The Crews” option. Scroll down to “Tools.” Click on the “Resolve URL” option.

However, if you don’t see a “Resolve URL” option, look out for the “configure Real Debrid” option. On the left section of the screen, tap on the “Universal Resolvers” option. 

Now, bring the cursor to the right-side pop-up menu. Scroll down to the option that says “Real Debrid.” You will be able to view multiple real debrid device-related options underneath it. 

STEP 2: Setup Real Debrid

Using the respective underneath options, set up the “Priority” to 100. Further, Enable it, if it isn’t already. Next, enable torrent support because it covers 70% of the public domains. 

 Real Debrid TV
Source: Real Debrid TV ADDONS

It is advised to keep the “Cache Torrents Only” disabled because otherwise, it will disclose links that are challenging to buffer or stream at. We also recommend keeping “Choose Primary Link Automatically” disabled because not all primary links are accessible. 

STEP 3: Authorize your account

Now that you have set up all the real debrid related alternatives as per your preference click on the “Authorize my Account” option. A pop-up optional box will disclose where you can see the unique code. Go to the official real debris device page and enter the code. 

Please note that the code expires in a few minutes. Hence, you have to hurry. As you enter the code, you will receive a notification that confirms the authorization. 

Once it is authorized, you can go back and search for the movie, tv-show, or any other content you want to stream or download. 

Bottom Line

So, this was the brief of how you can download, install and authorize Real Debrid Device on any given theatre-based premium software. You must remember to activate VPN while authorizing real debrid. However, more often than not, VPN interrupts the disclosure of all the links on the screen. Henceforth, please ensure that your VPN is compatible with that of the Real Debrid Device. Following are some FAQs answers for our readers. If you have any queries ahead concerning the subject, feel free to connect!

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

How much does a Real Debrid Device cost? 

If you are only using Real Debrid for trial purposes, you can use it for free during a restricted timeline, i.e.., 6 O’clock in the morning or during noon hours. Whereas, if you want to purchase Real Debrid, you can choose among different packages based on day-timeline. 

Here’s a list: 

  • 3 Euros for a 15 days period.
  • 4 Euros for a 30 days period.
  • 9 Euros for a 90 days period.

Which package is most compatible? Now, for the most part, as a first-time buyer, you might not want to invest in Real Debrid for 90 days. Hence, the 2nd package of 30 days is most compatible. It comes with 2000 Fidelity points. What are fidelity points? Free Fidelity points is a type of collection that a premium user can keep collecting. After sufficient purchases from the user’s end, fidelity points give away a free premium for a countable number of days. 

Is it safe? 

The answer is NO. Real Debrid is not entirely legal from the law’s point of view. In RD’s disclaimer policy, you will learn that it only offers links that don’t engage in copyright infringement. However, after 100s of searches on Real Debrid, it would be evident to deny this fact. Therefore, we can say that Real Debrid is not any different from proxy servers and torrent websites. 
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Good luck!