The A List Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and Spoilers

The A List season 2
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“The A List” first premiered in 2018 at BBC iPlayer is now awaiting its The A List season 2. It is also available to stream on Netflix. After 13 mind-blowing episodes, the A List season 2 is on the line to release in 2020.

Although, many viewers doubt if there will be season 2? To begin with, the creator of the show introduced a brand-new mystery at the finale of season 1. Here’s a little recap! The finale episode is called “The Last Dove.” In this episode, Midge comes back from the dead. This twist leads to the increased interest of current viewers for the next season.

The A List season 1 available on Netflix
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Although Mia is ready to sacrifice for everybody to win, Amber is even beatable? Or, Mia’s sacrifice will go down the drain? We are yet to see!
Let’s take a glimpse at some juicy details of “the A List season 2.”


When is “The A List season 2” coming out?

The A List season 1 has come out in October 2018. After two years, the developers of the show are finally ready to release the A List season 2. It is coming out in August 2020. However, there are possibilities of delay because of the current global situation.

Netflix has recently also dropped several series for their next seasons including Spinning Out, Lucifer, and Designated Survivor. Hence, stay tuned on our platform to know more.

Is there a “The A List season 2” Trailer?

No. For now, the A List season 2 official trailer is not out. Here! Check out The A List season 1 official trailer. Let us know your reviews in the comment section. How do you like the first look?

Who are all in the cast of “The A List?”

  • Lisa Ambalavanar is appearing as Mia
  • Ellie Duckles is appearing as Amber (Ambar)
  • Further, Savannah Baker is appearing as Kayleigh
  • Cian Barry is appearing as Dave
  • Eleanor Bennett is appearing as Jenna
  • Also, Jacob Dudman is appearing as Dev
  • Benjamin Nugent is appearing as Harry
  • Rosie Dwyer is appearing as Alex
  • Jack Kane is appearing as Zac
  • Also, Max Lohan is appearing as Luka
  • Nneka Okoye is appearing as Mags
  • Moreover, Chetna Pandya is appearing as Liana Blackwood
  • Micheal Ward is appearing as Brendan
  • Georgina Sadler is appearing as Petal
  • Above all, Indianna Ryan is appearing as Midge

What is the “The A list” plot?

“The A List” is a British drama that revolves around Mia and her friends who went on a holiday trip. On the one hand, Mia is hoping to be the Queen Bee. However, as the summer camp on idyllic island starts, dark secrets come out fresh, leading to conflicts, instincts of vengeance, and learning of one’s superpowers.
Mia is the group’s charm, whereas Amber, the new girl, is stereotypically judged for her funny and confident personality. Later, Mia finds out about Amber’s superpowers and her evil motive behind joining this summer camp trip to a lone island.

The A List season 2 coming soon in August 2020
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The A List season 1 list of Episodes

  1. Here She Is at Last
  2. Take Back Control
  3. To Become a Queen
  4. Capture the King
  5. In for the Kill
  6. Far from Home
  7. Nothing Can Survive Alone
  8. All That’s Left of Us
  9. Who You Used to Be
  10. Poison
  11. What You Left Behind
  12. Run, Mia, Run
  13. The Last Dove

The A List season 1 ending explained!

By the end of season 1, Amber has built her small army to fight against Mia and her team. But, in the end, Mia decides to make a countable sacrifice. However, Midge, a brand-new evil comes between Amber and Mia. Who is Midge? And, what is Midge’s motive? We are yet to see in the next season.


In conclusion, teenage-British science fiction drama, The A List is coming soon with its mind-blowing sequel. So, will it be the climax, or is it just a starting until all supernatural make their entry at a summer camp on Peregrine island? Stay tuned to know more!