Makeup Artist Self-Guide: See what you’re doing wrong! Tips

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You may have been applying Makeup since you were sixteen by now. However, Makeup never made you look old before like it does now. Or, you can be only twenty-five, but sometimes Makeup trickles onto your skin poorly, and you have no idea why your skin appears like a 45-year-Old. According to the statistics, 40% of women cannot afford a Makeup Artist for every occasion. There, they help themselves by learning how to do Makeup like a professional makeup artist at home? 

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Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about today. All over the world, around 30 percent of women complain about how Makeup makes them look old even when they’re doing it according to the makeup tutorial or taking into consideration the YouTube makeup artist’s advice. Today, we are going to tell, what you are doing wrong along with a solution— 

#Mistake 1: An unacceptable quantity of Makeup in one go

Limits are important to catch on to. Even so, you’re doing Makeup. You are not supposed to put a half-off contouring pack on your face just because the tutorial girl is doing so. Always recognize yourself about the difference between the beauty products the makeup artist is using in a specific makeup tutorial and the makeup products you’re laying hold of. The quantity and its effect are differentiable on the quality of makeup products at variance.

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Therefore, putting an unacceptable quantity over your face makes your skin appear old and greased in spite of being shiny and flawless. To avoid this, follow the directions to use labels on the back of the product you’re applying. They always put information on the subject of quantity. 

#Mistake 2:Not putting a primer in the first-place like a Makeup Artist

Unfilled pores, lines, and negotiable slits on the face tend to light up more when you directly put Makeup on your face and not putting a primer in the first place. Introducing to the primer: Primer is basically a face skin smoother which is used before putting foundation or any other makeup product on the skin. Primer assists in the temporary filling of pores, lines, and slits on the face and also helps the Makeup last too long.

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Without primer, the visible pores and lines give an unappealing appearance to the face and make you look like 35 even when you’re only 23 yet. Primers are distinguishable on the basis of skin tone, skin type and depending upon the kind of pores and lines you’re carrying. You can make a choice of your own! 

#Mistake 3: Putting on an unmatched foundation 

Foundation is more often a skin-coloured base to give a complex and smooth look to the skin. After a study, it has concluded that 50 percent of women use foundation as a base to change their skin tone and only 12 percent are successful in doing it, the reason being, rest of the women think foundation makes their skin look old. But we know that’s not the reason.

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The reason is the rest of the women are putting on the wrong kind of foundation that doesn’t subtle down to their skin types. For instance, a powered foundation does no good to dry skin and make it look chalky and old. It is advisable to talk to your MUA or beautician before buying and putting on the wrong kind of foundation. 

#Mistake 4:Putting on Dark, Matte Lip Colors 

No, every complexion or skin tone goes with Dark lip colours. Especially when it comes to matte Lip colours, don’t make a choice on your own. Look for a makeup artist or some friend with a good catch in Makeup. Dark Matte colours are supposed to impart women a sexy look rather than a cute one. However, if you want to look less than the age you’re, you must look cuter than sexy because sexy is maturity

#Mistake 5: Highlighting lower lash lines – Makeup Artist won’t tell you that. 

Some women think that highlighting their lower lash lines will take the attention away from the dark circles and make their eyes look beautifully bigger. That’s a wrong assumption, and every woman regrets it later. However, this eye makeup practice destroys the after makeup look at the lower black lashes that appear ugly later and make their eyes look negatively wide and mascaraed.

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Professionals say, “lower lash line highlighting goes with some countable kind of eye makeup like smokey eyes or bridal ones.” Other than these, highlighting your lower lash line will only make you look tired and old. 

#Mistake 6: Sparkling unreasonably 

Do you know—the kind of sparkling you do and the kind of sparkling done by professionals are far different. This difference exists because they’re sure about the quantity to use, and they know exactly where to apply sparkly Makeup and where it will give an old and pathetic look to the face. Therefore, don’t sparkle until or unless you’re sure about the fact that the sparkling will go with your complexion as well as your outfit. If not, go for subtle glow only. 

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“You are beautiful, and no makeup malfunction is authorized to take that away from you.”

Makeup Artist Guide for Bridal Look: Tips to avoid your previous mistakes 

The wedding is one of the most memorable days in the lives of women. Undoubtedly, 90% of women in India spend their Wedding outline days finding the right Makeup tips to make sure they look outstanding. In addition to the above guide, we present Makeup with the most trending Makeup tips. Take a glimpse, how you can be the centre of attraction by your appealing yet austere Bridal Makeup—

Cleanse to protect after-skin intense

Cleansing the face is an after-wedding skin lifesaver as per the bridal makeup tips by international makeup artists. Makeup makes the skin intense. However, you may not feel it at first, but later, you’ll get a feeling like your cheeks are turning into a roadmap. To avoid this uncomforting, cleanse your face before application of MAKEUP Base.

Blusher on the table to Blush it

More often, Indian Bridals regret the pictures with a complete smile because the Blush is absent for the pose. Take the Blusher and let go of the excess of Blush into the Air. Now, there is an acceptable quantity on your Blusher. Make a face with a full smile and Apply Blusher in a circular motion and blend it upwards to the angle of the ears.

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Colourful Eyeliner—Red Alert!

Say no to colourful Eyeliner even though it corresponds to your Wedding Dress. Bridal Makeup Tips mention Colourful Eyeliners as the last in the list to apply. These Eyeliners go smoothly with western dresses; however, Indian Bride’s eyes are nothing in the absence of Plain and Simple jet-black liners.

Lipstick Tips—Dark is the only Answer.

Bridal Lips are always in Dark shades. Why? Guess what, because they attract! If you have fuller lips—go for Maroon. If you have thin ones, go for peachy pink. Brides with thin lips can go for a lip-plumper to get the best Lips for the special day, highlighting the bridal Makeup tips.

Your Makeup Artist wants to know—Speak Up!

Every Bridal holds some needs and desires for her Makeup on a special day. Guess what! Your makeup artist cannot read yours through mind-testing. Explain to your Makeup Artist what kind of Makeup you want, what colours you prefer, what your dress is like and so on. Indian Bridal Makeup tips mark to take makeup trails before hiring a makeup artist.

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Skin Protection—Sunscreens right!

Skin Damage is one of the concerns discussed in skincare tips all around the world. For Brides, prior Skin protection is a must. With all the shopping and running from street to street, make sure to apply sunscreen to avoid skin damage.

Contact Lenses—first job to do!

If you’re planning to wear contact lenses, do not wait for eye makeup to finish up. Contact Lenses are the first job to be done because eyes usually become watery immediately afterwards. And thus, this can ruin the eye makeup and destroy the perfect look for the day.

Buy Quality Hair Spray— Frizzy hair is a deal breaker

Undoubtedly, Indian Bridals’ head is a set-up, and Hair is barely visible. However, Quality Hair Spray usage is still an important highlight in Traditional bridal makeup tips. The reason being, non-quality hair spray can transform the Hair frizzy and destroy the veil set to an extent.

The highlighter is the new Makeup Trend

Shimmer and Glitter makeup products are the primary choices of gone times. Currently, Highlighters are the basic choice when it comes to Indian Bridal Makeup tips. Highlighter helps the skin to glow instead of shimmer. Application of pea size to the nose, chin, forehead and conic planes of the face is a sign of perfection.


No matter how dense you try, it is possible that there will be a negligible difference between the final look presented by the makeup artist and the final look you achieve at home. Thus, we recommend you to not lose hope because practice makes a man perfect. For more information, keep in touch with us.