Yo Gotti Net Worth: How much money does this American

Yo Gotti Net Worth
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The list of rich American Rappers is unending. From their gold tooth to gold chains, they do not worry away from showcasing their success in public with all the expensive things they got. However, Yo Gotti Net Worth is a major question among fans. That’s right! This American Rapper has the most outstanding and insane jewelry collection that describes his wealth like nothing else. 

So, do you also want to find out how much money this American Rapper has exactly? Well! Good news, today, we present to you a complete guide on “Yo Gotti,” the American Rapper who dropped back-to-back hits. Here is everything you need to perceive about Yo Gotti and his persistently increasing net worth. Let’s begin then —

Who is Yo Gotti? 

To begin with, Yo Gotti is one of the mainstream American rappers. He is popularly acknowledged for his awarded albums such as “Rake it up,” Gotti Made it, and I Am. Not only this, but he has also integrated professionally with a big-time female American Rapper in the United States. Yes! That’s right. We are verbalizing none other than Nicki Minaj. 

It is no eye-opener that millions of fans out there also call Yo Gotti by his stage name “Lil Yo.” But, did you know? Yo Gotti’s real name is Mario Sentell Giden Mims (MSGM). He was born on 19th May 1981 (mid-year) in (CITY) Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Thus, he is American by nationality. On the contrary, he originally comes from Zimbabwe, South Africa, which makes him South African-American by ethnicity. 

What’s more on Yo Gotti Net Worth?

Did you know? Yo Gotti first depicted his interest in music at the age of 15 only. In 1996, his first music album Youngsta’s On a Come Up, made it to Lil Yo’s first ever album listing. However, it was not an instant success until 2000. 

Yo Gotti Net Worth
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Finally, in 2000, Lil Yo (Yo Gotti) released his second music album, From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game which was successful. From then and there, Lil Yo dropped consistent music albums such as Self-Explanatory, Back to Da Basics, Untrapped, and The Art of Hustle.  

The American Rapper Yo Gotti has been active in the music industry since 1996. His experience as a songwriter, Rapper, and record executive counts for more than 15 years. Not many fans know this, but Yo Gotti Net Worth increase is also contributed by his business corporation called Collective Music Group. Sounds exciting, right? He must be rich. But, before we go ahead and count how much money Yo Gotti has got. Let’s look at some specific details of his professional & personal life. 

How old is Yo Gotti?

Born on 19th May 1981, Yo Gotti is 41 years old. He joined the music industry focusing on Hip Hop Genre when he was 15 of age. For many young and passionate American rappers of the future out there, Lil Yo is an inspiration. Yo Gotti on Instagram has over 6 million followers. Further ahead, upto 1.9 Million people follow him on Twitter as well. He is also an elite personality on TikTok, where his songs are used by millions of TikTok content creators. 

Did you know? By the age of 20 years old, Yo Gotti had dropped five music albums in America’s music market already. Want to know more? Here’s more —

What is Yo Gotti’s educational background? 

While hustling to become big in the American Music Industry, Yo Gotti also kept his education resumed. He completed his high school degree from Local High School in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, which is also his hometown. Further ahead, he joined Southwest Tennessee Community College Union Avenue Campus to pursue an undergraduate degree. However, what course he pursued is unknown.

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On the contrary, various sustainable sources on the web mention that Yo Gotti only attended school until 2nd grade. According to the inside revelation, when Lil Yo was in school, his house was raided by cops due to suspicious activities. As a result, all family members (except children) ended up in jail. Thus, in spite of schooling, Yo Gotti became a street child. He earned for himself to survive. 

Did you know? While struggling on the streets, Yo Gotti came across a musical group in Memphis at the age of 14 only. Within a year, he and his group released their first Gangsta-style music album, which was a minor success. It was Lil Yo’s first step toward success. 

What does Lil Yo do for a living? 

For the most part, Yo Gotti or Mario Sentell Giden Mims has built his career as an elite American Rapper, Record Producer & Executive, and Songwriter. According to the inside details, in 25 years of being active in the music industry, Lil Yo has released 56 single songs, 21 songs with Featured Artists as a record producer & executive, two compilation albums, and 11 studio albums. This is more than other American rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Eminem. 

To the reader’s surprise, Yo Gotti Net Worth is constantly increasing thanks to the sales of music albums. He also has merchandise for popular albums. Further ahead, to earn more and keep his fans satisfied, Yo Gotti also performs in high-paid concerts and events. 

Apart from this, Yo Gotti’s career has also enlightened with his corporation “Collective Music Group,” which is a record company. Yo Gotti’s company has already featured 21 new artists in the industry. He/his company holds the copyright of their music albums and royalty, which brings a lot of additional income for the Rapper. 

How tall is Yo Gotti? 

To begin with, Yo Gotti’s Height is 1.7 meters. He is five feet & five inches tall (5’5”). Did you know? Yo Gotti’s Wife, Lakeisha Mims, is 1 inch taller than her rapper husband. 

Learn more about Lakeisha Mims, wife of Yo Gotti? Well! We have all the information you need. 

Who is Yo Gotti’s Wife?

As mentioned before, Yo Gotti’s wife’s name is Lakeisha Mims. However, the couple divorced in the early 1990s. According to the inside details, Lakeisha Mims and Yo Gotti tied knots of sacred marriage in 1989. The couple did not babble much about their relationship before marriage. It is unascertain when and how they met? Yet, one thing is confirmed, their marriage did not work out. After not more than two years of marriage, one of the spouses filed for divorce because of personal reasons. 

Yo Gotti Net Worth
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Currently, Yo Gotti is not married. However, he has got three children from his past relationships. In the Rapper’s language, they are known as his baby mamas. Is Lakeisha one of them? Let’s find out —

How many children does Yo Gotti have? 

As told earlier, Yo Gotti or Mario Sentell Giden Mims, the American Rapper, has a total of three children. One of the three children is a son, and the other two are daughters. To begin with, the children’s ages are 12, 11, and 6, respectively. The names of his kids are — Monica, De’arra, and Yo Gotti Jr. 

Who is the mother of these kids? Well! You may be assuming Lakeisha Mims to be the mother of Yo Gotti’s kids as she was his ex-wife. However, the answer is no. Yo Gotti had two daughters with Jammie Moses. The mother of his son is Morticia, who is also available on Instagram by the name “sweetmorticia.” 

According to the inside details, Yo Gotti has been in trouble with many rappers in the industry because of his relationships. One instance is where Young Dolph (American Rapper) accused Yo Gotti of framing him and sending police to his doorsteps. Inside details reveal that Yo Gotti believed Young Dolph had a hookup with Morticia. 

On the contrary, Yo Gotti and Young Dolph also had a rivalry because of a contract with Gucci, which did not work out for Lil Yo. Not only this, but Young Dolph also attacked Lil Yo publicly on Instagram by uploading the following video approximately six years ago. 


Who is Yo Gotti Girlfriend 2022? 

Yes! Yo Gotti, after having so much trouble with his past relationships, is now back on the track of love. According to the previous revelations, in 2020, rumors about Yo Gotti and YaYa Ochoa dating surrounded the internet. To the reader’s surprise, Yo Gotti’s girlfriend is a businesswoman and Instagram celebrity. She is the CEO of BloomGlam which is a beauty, skincare, and cosmetic brand in Los Angeles. You can check out their profile on Instagram. 

Did you know? After being announced as the girlfriend of Yo Gotti in 2021, Yaya Ochoa also appeared in a music video. She also has a pre-teen son named Cairo. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, California. For now, Yo Gotti and Yaya are not in a live-in relationship. 

To the reader’s surprise, Yaya’s son Cairo is the son of NBA player YoungBoy. She is a single mom and has not continued her relationship with Youngboy. She had her son in 2013. 

What is Yo Gotti Net Worth? 

Yo Gotti, as you already know, is the owner of the recording company “Collective Music Group” and has over $16 Million in their bank account. That’s right! According to the latest celebrity net worth estimation, American Rapper Lil Yo Gotti Net Worth stands at $16 Million. 

Did you know? In the early 2000s, Yo Gotti received nominations for top-notch music awards such as The Soul Train Music Awards and Hip Hop Awards. 

To the reader’s surprise, Yo Gotti’s interest and incomes are not simply limited to the music industry, but this Rapper also has grasped a high reputation in the Real Estate Industry. According to the inside revelation, Yo Gotti often purchases properties in high-end areas, investing in their reconstruction and interior. Did you know? These properties land in the market with values over $1 Million. 

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Recently, in June 2021, Yo Gotti sold a mansion (reconstructed) for over $20 million. The initial value of the mansion was only $7 Million approximately in the market. 

Inside details also reveal that Yo Gotti receives an annual income of 1.2 Million USD comprising his contractual deals with brands. Further ahead, for a single song (album), he earns over $50K. Thanks to the copyrights and merchandising, his income from the music and record company is consistent. 

Wrap Up forYo Gotti Net Worth

Thanks to our researchers, this was everything you need to know about the American Rapper Yo Gotti and his persistently increasing net worth. For more information on famous stars of America belonging to Hollywood, American Music, Sports, Athletic, Olympics, and other industries, you can drop your request below. Thank you for having this phenomenal journey with us. 

Yo Gotti Net Worth & Biography

Full Name Mario Sentell Giden Mims
Stage Name Lil Yo / Yo Gotti
Birthday 19th May 1981
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Lives in Los Angeles, California, USA
Age 41 years old
Weight 139 pounds / 63 kilograms
Body Measurement 42 inches © – 14 inches (b) – 35 inches (W)
Height 5 feet and 5 inches (170 centimeters)
Educational Background
  • Second Grade School Dropout (unconfirmed)
  • Southwest Tennessee Community College Union Avenue Campus
  • American Rapper
  • SongWriter
  • Record Producer & Executive
Business Real Estate Business
Spouse Lakiesha Mims (Ex-Wife)
  • Jammie Moses
  • Morticia
  • Yo Gotti Jr.
  • Monica Mims
  • De’arra Mims
Yo Gotti Net Worth $16 Million
Relationship Status In relationship with Yaya Ochao
Special features Always wears a Gold Chain
Biggest Hits
  • Down in the DM
  • I Know
  • Errbody
  • Rihanna
  • Live from the kitchen
Awards & Recognitions
  • Hip Hop Awards
  • The Soul Train Music Awards