Chumlee Net Worth: How Rich Is The Pawn Star Austin Lee?

Chumlee Net Worth
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Born in 1982, Chumlee or Austin Lee Russell has achieved immeasurable fame and name in America. From his regular appearance on the television show “Pawn Stars” to remarkable connections with History Channel in the context of his career, is Chumlee Net Worth as high as any other Hollywood Star? You will find out in this reading. 

To begin with, Austin Lee or shortly known as Chumlee, is one of the most iconic businessmen in the United States. In the show Pawn Stars, he is one of the four workers or business partners in the pawnshop where historical items to most illegal items are available. 39-year-old Chumlee had started filming day-to-day activities of his pawnshop five years after his father passed away, and he had to look out for it. It’s amazing how this young man created a televised career out of a simple pawn shop in Las Vegas. 

Chumlee Net Worth
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Nevertheless, Austin Lee’s stage name “Chumlee” has become inescapable now. With that being said, it becomes crucial to dig deep into how much money Chumlee has got? What is his net worth? And, most importantly, why is he always in the talk for controversies? So, if you cannot wait any longer for all those matters to be unguarded. Let’s read ahead: 

What is Chumlee Net Worth? 

According to the latest reports, Chumlee Net Worth 2021 estimation is 5 Million Dollars. Believe it or not, but the comic foil of the Pawn Shop that regularly airs on television has $5 million in his pocket. Major thanks to the unbearable laughter that Chumlee’s fans delivered for all these years. 

Many users persistently fixate on the question of how did Chumlee get so rich? Well! Viewing the early life of Chumlee, it has become pretty much clear that he has suffered through poverty during childhood. Although, things have worked out well for this comic foil that we never miss on History Channel!

Rick Harrison gave $155 000 to Chumlee.

Being a comic foil on the show “Pawn Stars” seemed a bit unacceptable from Chumlee’s end. To the reader’s surprise, Chumlee left the show after he earned enough money to kickstart his own pawnshop business, where he sells novelty items on special orders. As the business began to grow, Rick Harrison purchased 50% stakes of the company by paying 155 000 Dollars to Chumlee. 

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It will be an eye-opener to know that Chumlee today is counted among the most enthusiastic businessmen in the United States. Even though today he is well-known for his business qualities and whatnot, he is no longer a part of Pawn Stars. This news saddens everyone that I know. What about you? Do you want Chumlee back on the show? 

Chumlee Net Worth = Salary per episode

The concept of Reality T.V. is astounding. To begin with, the Pawn Stars show was something distinctive. It was a real-time comedy reality show with four workers working their asses off in the pawnshop. But, do you know the secret? These four workers were paid more than or equivalent to average Hollywood Stars per episode! That’s right! Believe it or not, Chumlee’s Salary or payout for a single episode of Pawn Star was $25, 000. 

There are a total of 19 seasons of Pawn Star, out of which, Chumlee was a “Regular” for 16 seasons. Meaning he has been a part of 200 episodes. Thus, Chumlee’s total net worth from Pawn Star was $5 Million. Coincidence? What do you think? 

With that being said, it is crystal-clear that Chumlee is no less than the actors and actresses of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., the most iconic American sitcom ever made. For the first two seasons, each star’s Salary was not more than 20, 000 Dollars. 

The secret behind the name “Chumlee” revealed

Chumlee’s actual name is Austin Lee Russell. However, from the “Pawn Stars” occurrence on History Channel, he became prominent as “Chumlee.” But, many fans wonder where did this name come from. The answer is – Austin Lee’s late father. 

In Russell’s own words, his father once compared him to “Chumley,” the cartoon character in Tennessee Tuxedo and Tales. Chumley was indeed an animated Walrus in the series. At the time, he was twelve years old. Since then, his father used to call him Chumlee. Adorable, isn’t it? 

Chumlee Net Worth
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Chumlee indeed appeared on the show “Pawn Stars” with his childhood friend, Rick Harrison and his respective father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, i.e., Old Man and Corey Harrison. Sadly, in 2018, the world lost one of the most respected cast members of the Pawn Stars to Parkison’s disease. He was Richard Benjamin. 

Chumlee is back for the 19th season of the Pawn Stars.

In the event that you are wondering if the show Pawn Stars is still running, the answer is yes. But, something even better has already arrived. That’s right! To the fan’s surprise, Austin Lee Russell is back on the show for the 19th season. His Salary for the season is still $25, 000 or if it has been boosted, there’s a possibility that it is not disclosed intentionally. 

In any case, Chumlee is now back on the show, and people are streaming it online like a hose fire. If you want to watch all seasons of Pawn Stars, stream now on Amazon Prime Video. 

Does he live in a fancy house? Chumlee Net worth 12.5% goes to the house

For the past decade, Chumlee and other cast members of the Pawn Stars have been living luxurious lifestyles that celebrities are often used to. Here comes a surprise: do you know? Chumlee’s house in Las Vegas is $1.3 million worth. Not only this, but he also owns a million-dollar worth Party house or, as they call it, bachelor pad. 

Rumours regarding Chumlee selling Party House for 1.845 Million Dollars stunned the fans. Well! It makes sense because Chumlee has a wife called Olivia Rademann Russell. They have been united in wedlock for two years now. 

Chumlee Net Worth
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However, in the past few months, Olivia and Chumlee haven’t been spotted together. Not only this, but Austin Lee has also ended up deleting all the pictures with Olivia from Instagram. Does this situation lead towards questions like where is Olivia? Did the couple break up? Are they separated? Or is Olivia alive? Hard to say!

Is your favourite pawn star an addict? 

The arrival of this question shook grounds of trust among many-many fans of the Pawn Star Chumlee! In 2016, an investigation crew arrived at the personal premises of Chumlee under the tar of sexual assault allegations. Even though the fact that who was assaulted by Chumlee is unknown, the team fell on some hardcore evidence of drug abuse. 

According to the reports, in Chumlee house, he was found in possession of crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, and other illegal substances. Not only this but cops also came around finding firearms in the house, which was suspicious. 

Image credit: Las Vegas Review Journal 2016

As a result, Chumlee was taken to prison and then the court, where he was found guilty of possession of illegal substances and weapons. He received three years of probation and counselling, which seemed uneven to the viewers. And, of course, Chumlee’s haters were first in the line to speak against this decision. 

In 2020, Chumlee’s probation finally ended. He has once again joined the Pawn Stars for the upcoming season, and viewers cannot wait to see him up and running. 

Chumlee net worth and 1.5 karat wedding band

When it comes to celebrities and stars, we expect them to do big things which deserve a jaw drop. You will be surprised to know that Chumlee proposed to Olivia with a 1.5 karat wedding ring worth no less than $12 000. 

Sadly, Olivia is nowhere to be seen with Chumlee now. Did the couple exchange rings back? Or is she pregnant? What’s your first thought? Let us know below. 

He is handsome and slim now!

Even though people in America are mostly obese, however, witnessing the personal transformation of favourite celebrities tends to inspire them. Similarly, Chumlee’s journey of losing 160lbs via diet, exercise, and gastric sleeve surgery has inspired many obese Americans to take off the right path. 

It is one of the mainstream reasons why viewers cannot wait to see Chumlee in the 19th season – slim like a hunk. He seems very committed to his decision, and we are happy for him. 

Pawn Stars Gross Income is impeccable.

From the very beginning of the show Pawn Stars, the number of the audience has consistently increased. There’s no downfall in the graph. You will be staggered to know that with such a high number of viewers, Pawn Stars’ per episode gross income is around 3 million dollars approximately. 

Image credit: Corey Harrison, History Channel, Instagram

It rather seems acceptable that the show pays off $25000 to Chumlee per episode. Rick Harrison, on the other hand, takes away $15000 dollars per episode. The same amount was in the books for Richard Harrison B and Corey Harrison. 

With that being said, it is no doubt that Chumlee net worth is the largest of all cast members in the pawn stars. 


Now that Chumlee is rich, handsome, and slim, his potential of earning higher as an actor in Hollywood has increased. Fans are definitely hoping for something like this to happen. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope the best for Chumlee. For more, bookmark us. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of Pawn Stars.