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Logic net worth
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Sir Robert Bryson Hall II or better known as “LOGIC,” is one of the unforgettable and Grammy-nominated American rappers of all time. Did you know? Logic came into the world of fame a decade ago. Within 12 years, he has obtained millions of fan following on social media. He has released over 40 music videos which have not only improved his popularity worldwide but also increased LOGIC Net worth to $14 Million. 

Wondering, what are other things you need to know about your favorite rapper? If yes, you have commenced here for all the right reasons. Today, we present to you a short guide on Logic American Rapper and amazing facts about him. Let’s get started — 

Who is Logic?

Born on 22nd January 1990, Logic is a 32 years old American Rapper. His real name is Sir Rober Bryson Hall II. Logic is his stage name. Apart from creating music videos, he is also a record producer in America. Since his establishment as a big star in the American Music Industry, he has worked with giants in the industry, such as Nikki Minaj. Further ahead, he has also launched six albums (music). Without a doubt, his work in music is commendable, and he has received Grammy Nominations twice. 

Logic net worth
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With that being said, there is no indecision that Logic rappers are seeing much success and fame today. According to the inside details, he originally comes from Rockville, Maryland, in the United States. He was born to his mother in Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center in 1990.  His Father’s name was Robert Bryson Hall, and his mother’s name is unknown. Jose Trinidad Marin was also born in California United States.

However, Logic is not the only child in the family. Inside details also reveal that he has seven siblings (some are real, whereas some are step-siblings). During many interviews, Logic Rapper has also shared the hardship of his childhood due to his Father’s addiction to cocaine and his mother’s addiction to alcohol. He is a self-made man. 

He lived most of his childhood in the West Park neighborhood situated in Gaithersburg of, Maryland, USA. By birth, he is an American citizen. 

LOGIC Rapper Biography — Logic Net Worth

Full Name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
Stage Name LOGIC 
Birthday 22nd January 1990
Birthplace Rockville, Maryland, USA
Lives in Outskirts of Los Angeles
Age 32 years old
Weight 75 kgs / 121 pounds
Height 5’7’’ tall
Body measurements Muscled and well-built, 10 Shoe Size.
Education High School Drop out
  • Rapper
  • Hip-Hop Star
  • Music producer
Logic Net Worth $14 million (as of 2022)
Marital Status Married to Brittany Noel since 2019
Famous albums
  • Under Pressure
  • Everybody
  • Logic The Incredible True Story
  • Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
  • Bobby Tarantino II
  • Young Sinatra: Undeniable
  • Vinyl Days (upcoming)
Family members Parents and 7 step-siblings
Annual Salary $6 Million
Previous relationships Married to Jessica Andrea (2015 – 2018)
Kids 1 Son
Ethnicity African-American Man
Nationality American


How old is Logic (Rapper)?

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, or Logic, the American Rapper, was born on 22nd January 1990. He is currently 32 years old. He lives in a mansion situated on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Also, he has a basement studio where he works with his music and provides his audience with hip-hop jams of all time. 

According to the inside revelation, Logic Rapper, at the age of 32, has moved on from his previous life and childhood trauma. He speaks of it often. Did you know? In 2010, Logic was only 22 years old when he published his first music album called “Young, Broke, & infamous.” It received immense popularity. 

Logic net worth
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But, Logic was struggling to gain popularity since he was a lot younger. In 2013, his music albums ranked 5th position in the U.S. Billboard 200. Not only this, but his previous albums have also been labeled as “platinum” music albums. 

What is Logic Rapper’s Education Qualification? 

To begin with, born and lived in Maryland, USA, Logic Rapper has obtained his high school education from a local school named Gaithersburg High School. However, due to family-based circumstances and a bad environment, Logic had a hard time focusing on his education. 

During an interview, he also divulged that he couldn’t pass in any subject but English (language) only. As a result, he conferred a suspension from school, leaving him no other alternative but to pursue his passion and ambition for music. 

As a result, he established creating his own music sounds, mixtapes, and more. Apart from this, he was also struggling to control his fall into the pit of addiction that was running in the family. According to his experience, his brother was selling crack and cocaine. To support himself and eat in order to survive, he also had to produce and sell cocaine at times. 

Logic net worth
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Here’s a fun fact: did you know? Logic’s first-ever album was released when he was only 13 – 15 years of age. He was highly inspired by Solomen Taylor, an aspiring man locally from Gaithersburg. Logic started spending most of his time with Solomen. He described his dream and passion for music (hip-hop). In order to help him with his dream, Mr. Taylor bought Logic his first computer and other studio equipment to start. 

What is Logic Rapper’s Height? 

For the most part, America’s favorite hip-hop rapper and self-made man are 5’7″ tall. His height is five feet and additional seven inches. In meters, he is 1.7 m tall. He is acknowledged for his charming looks, spectacled and green eyes, and amazing physique. Surprisingly enough, unlike many American rappers, he does not have a “dangerous” look that is taboo in the industry. 

He takes pride in simplicity. Yet, of course, he is seen wearing multiple gold chains on distinct occasions. Fans, without a doubt, love him for his music and his simple appearance. 

What is Logic Rapper’s body measurement? 

Nowadays, Logic’s fangirls are drooling over his ripped body. That’s right! Logic Rapper 2022, during a concert, made an appearance on stage. He shocked his fans with his ripped and muscled, well-built body. He has gained a good amount of weight. Currently, he is 75 kilograms in weight, 159 pounds. Apart from this, he has a shoe size of 10 (U.S.). 

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What is Logic Net Worth? 

Thirty-two years old, American Rapper and owner of the famous album “Young, Broke, and infamous,” Logic’s Net worth in 2022 stands at $14 Million. In 2018, he was one of the highest-paid American Rappers at the global level after the release of 2017’s album called Everybody. Some other prominent Logic music albums are — Bobby Tarantino, YSIV, Supermarket, The Incredible True Story, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, & YSIV, Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, and more. 

According to the inside details, Logic American Rapper increased his net worth by $30 Million after the release of Bobby Tarantino II. For the most part, he also earned a lot of money through several record deals set up by him as a record producer. Inside details also reveal that Logic paid $10M taxes to the Government. It is believed that his Net Worth may be worth more than $14 Million. 

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Did you know? Logic Net Worth adds $6 Million to the annual salary that he earns from his Grammy-nominated music albums. He has also worked with Eminem in the past. To the reader’s surprise, his music album “Homicide” received 5th ranking on the U.S. Billboard 200. 

Not only this, but Logic earns a lot of annual income from his published bestseller called “Supermarket.” In 2021, he also released another best seller called This Bright Future: A Memoir. 

Surprisingly, after earning much success in the music industry as well as other industries, he has also grasped several good opportunities where he has been characterized as a video game character. 

For the most part, his success has brought him bundles of money. He loves cars. Also, he owns a BMW i8. He also admires the collection of gold chains that are captured on camera many times. 

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Is Logic rapper married? 

The answer is yes. Your favorite rapper, Logic, or Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, is married to his beloved Wife, Brittney Noell. According to the inside details, Logic had known Brittney Noell since 2013. They were in a romantic relationship. However, around 2014, Logic hitched Jessica Andrea, who is also an American Singer. In 2015, he married Jessica Andrea. However, the couple couldn’t work out and separated their ways officially in September 2018. 

After a divorce in 2018, Logic once again kickstarted a romantic connection with Brittney Noell. They married in September 2019, exactly 1 year after his divorce. 

Logic net worth
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Within a few months of marriage, in early 2020, Brittney Noel also gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Bobby. On Instagram, the Logic rapper shared his immense happiness with fans and welcomed his son into the world. 

One of the major reasons for the divorce of Logic Rapper and Jessica Andrea was their irreconcilable differences. According to the inside details, Logic was over the top ignorant after his successful accomplishment with the music track titled “1-800-273-8255.” This album was in collaboration with famous rappers Khalid and Alissa Cara. 

Today, Logic is happily married to his long-term love Brittany. The couple lives on the outskirts of Los Angeles at present. 

What is Logic Rapper’s Ethnic background? 

Did you know? Logic Rapper comes from a mixed-race family. According to the inside details, he is the most white-looking kid among all his step-siblings, that is seven in counting. His mother belongs to the white race. In comparison, his Father was black by ethnicity. Hence, he is an African-American man. It is rather challenging for the audience to trace his black traits. However, it’s true!

Today, thanks to Logic and his efforts, his Father is no longer an addict. His brother is also living a drug-free lifestyle. 

One time, he also shared a personal talk video where he introduced his Father and brother. The video focuses on how Logic kept away from involvement in street life, addiction, drug dealing, and substance abuse. 

Who is Logic Rapper’s sister? What happened to her? 

On several occasions, Logic Rapper, a.k.a. Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, became part of controversy via his controversial statements. During a show, the Logic rapper told the audience about their sister and her abusive boyfriend. According to the inside details, his several music albums, including “Under Pressure.” In the song, he rapped about his sister bringing a victim of domestic violence and rape. 

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(Logic (Rapper) with ex-wife Jessica Andrea).

Not only this but Logic also depicts through his rap about his parents’ abusive relationship and the trauma it brought on the children of the family. 

Logic, at times, also received a lot of criticism for his rap that includes terms like rape, old dude, domestic violence, and kill. In the song, Logic states, “I kill him” three times. Without a doubt, in this world, some people will criticize Logic’s work for his raw rap that focuses on the dominance put upon the victims. 

Is Logic faster than Eminem? What is Logic Net worth?

Logic, in 12 years, has become the master of hip-hop and rap music in America. However, Eminem is still on the top. He is called the Rap God. Did you know? During Logic’s song “100 Miles and running,” he has sung upto 69 words in a minute. According to the audience who loves rap, that is more than Eminem. Thus, in a way, you can say that Logic Rapper is faster than Eminem. 

Compared to Eminem, Logic Net Worth is only $14 Million. Whereas, Eminem’s Net Worth is $230 Million.

What are some best hip-hop quotes by Logic rapper? 

In 2022, the Logic rapper will be one of the best rappers of this century. He is best known for his following rap quotes. Check out —

  • “The lane I travel feels alone.”
  • “Cause not a single one of you motherfuckers to impress me and maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but I’m full of innovation.”
  • “And no matter what they say, it’s my day.”
  • Be Black and Proud. 

Epilogue for Logic Net Worth

In the future, we believe Logic’s Net Worth will cross more than $14M. His upcoming album Vinyl Day is coming out this month. Check out our blog next week for his new album update. For more information concerning your favorite rappers, hip-hop stars, Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, millionaires, and more — keep us in your bookmarks. Get quick updates daily.