Play and earn. Guide 2022


Blockchain is proof that a simple game can bring good profits in Previously, video games were just an opportunity to have fun and have fun. But now they can serve as a real source of income.

Play-to-earn games give users the opportunity to achieve financial stability while doing what they love. Such games increase the interest and engagement of users using monetary rewards. This reward can be cryptocurrency tokens or non-gaming tokens with real value.

Such a gaming revolution is rapidly gaining popularity every year. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular crypto games in 2022, with which you can get a good profit just by having fun.


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Silks is the most popular gaming platform for earning money, through which players can earn income by immersing themselves in the gambling environment of horse racing. Here, the gamified economy has been mixed with the real world of equestrianism.

An entire metaverse has been created in this game where each player can own, sell and use various in-game NFTs that are the same as the thoroughbred racing industry. Here you can track the pedigree of the animal, the progress of training and the results of the races, while receiving real rewards in accordance with the performance of the horse.

Like real Thoroughbred horses, horses in this game universe require special care, upkeep, and housing. The game has its own assets: Silks avatars, land, and stables.

Users who have experience and knowledge in the field of horse racing can apply them on this platform. This allows them to relax, unwind and get a good income at the same time. Also, the players receive a cash reward every time a real analogue of their horse wins the competition or brings offspring.


Guild of Guardians 

On this platform, players can plunge into a magical and mysterious underworld with orcs, elves, and other mythical creatures. Your real gaming skills can come in handy for looting and accumulating in-game assets, then they need to be sold. This allows you to make good money, while only playing.

Many users prefer this particular platform as it is free to play. But this also has its downside. The platform has a long waiting list, with over 200,000 players at all times. Guild of Guardians is open to everyone, with no high barriers to entry, unlike other popular play-to-earn games.


This racing game is perfect for car racing fans. This game is one of the first to be integrated into the Solana ecosystem. The analysis of the results in the game is based on artificial intelligence and weighted random algorithms.

This game has two modes – PvP and PvE, thanks to which it can interest and attract a wide range of crypto game fans. The PvE mode lets you drive well, while the PvP mode gives you more flexibility to strategize.

The amount of remuneration depends on game performance and participation in the meta version of this game. Players with high XP have the highest chance of winning. To pay rewards in the ecosystem of the game, a special currency was created – $RACEFI.

Phantom Galaxies 

In this game, battles of star fighters on swords take place. With the creation of this open world simulator, the 3D RPG industry has reached a new level. The platform has verifiable ownership and independently holds in-game assets.

This play-to-earn games has a diverse range of opportunities to make money. To do this, you need to hunt for valuable resources and weapons. Avatars, weapons, equipment, and furs can be purchased through NFTs. This game attracts many users with its captivating story that is supported by books, comics, anime, and collectibles.

Pirate X Pirate 

An exciting crypto game that will definitely interest fans of pirate themes. On this platform, players can explore the sea, recruit their crew, create a fleet, accumulate resources and fight in battles with pirates and enemy monsters. And for such an exciting pastime, you will also receive a cash reward.

Users who cannot afford NFTs can join the Pirate X Pirate game guild and rent in-game assets from NFT owners. This makes the game accessible to a wide range of gamers.