Will there be a Spinning Out season 2 on Netflix?

Spinning out season 2
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Spinning out season 2: Kaya Rose Scodelario-Davis better acknowledged as Effy Stonem from world-class series “Skins” has recently made a comeback on Netflix.

Yes! A brand new series titled “Spinning Out” was recently released on Netflix in January 2020. Kaya as Kat Baker suffering from Bipolar disorder. To begin with, Kaya’s role as a depressive or mentally enforced person has been very relatable for its fans. 

Now that Spinning Out has gotten over 60% approval from its audience, the main question is whether Spinning Out season 2 will come on Netflix soon? Let’s take a glimpse of several hints that Netflix has dropped. This will help us to figure out whether there will be a Spinning out season 2 or not!

What is Spinning Out season 2 release date on Netflix?

To begin with, after Spinning Out season 1 release in January 2020, Netflix has declared Spinning Out season 2 as canceled. Although the Spinning out season 1 finale was justified, Netflix is not going for a remake. It may be because of the lower number of viewers as compared to the other shows.

Spinning out season 1 available to watch on Netflix
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In 2020, several outstanding shows such as Sandton, Lucifer, and Designated Survivor have faced an unreasonable drop from their original network. 

We can assume that the fan-following of Kaya rose and of course, the show Spinning out may feel disappointment. But, there are several series that you can watch on Netflix with following up their forthcoming seasons:

Why did Netflix cancel Spinning Out season 2?

As mentioned before, Spinning out season 2 did not receive a very good response from the audience at large. Although, behind the cancellation, some fans are directly commenting on the unreasonability of Netflix. According to some fans online, Netflix highly focuses on the promotion of You, Riverdale, Stranger Things, and other prominent dramas. Whereas, it kicks out shows that are already running on other networks such as Fox, Channel Four, and Pop. 

What are your reviews on this? Let us know in the comment section.

Spinning out best scenes
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Will Spinning out come back?

Up until now, there are no chances of Spinning Out coming back with its second season, especially on Netflix. However, there are chances that another network may pick up the show where it left off. Let’s just keep our hopes up!

Is there a Spinning Out trailer?

Yes! In late 2019, Spinning Out official trailer was launched. Check it out:


What is a Spinning Out Plot?

The Spinning Out web series follows the story of Kat Baker (a professional ice skater) starring Kaya Rose (from Skins as ‘Effy Stonem’). In the present, Kat is suffering from Bipolar disorder. According to the storyline, years ago, while Kat was performing, she had a head injury which is considered the reason for her current mental health.

However, it turns out (SPOILER ALERT), her career is not entirely over. After years, she got another opportunity in hand to start as a pair skater with Justin Davis starring Evan Roderick. 

Kat also has a younger sister Serana who in-turn going through several personal traumas of her own. 

Spinning out Effy Stonem Kat Baker style
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Spinning Out season 1 ending explained!

To begin with, the ending of Spinning Out season 1 once and for all is definitely a classic. Justin who is in love with Kat decides to end a relationship with her from every aspect. However, he changes his mind at the last minute. 

At the end of the last episode, Justin accompanies Kat to where she had an injury while skating. This leads to several traumatizing memories. On the other hand, Kat also realizes that her sister Serena is once again under the assaulting hands of Mitch. 


In conclusion, Spinning Out season 1 has been a good run. However, the fans will never know what happens next. Sadly, Kat’s story for Netflix ends here.