Digitizing Old Photos with Your Android Device


Our old photos are our memories and they are very close to our hearts. Digitizing these memories is essential to keep them alive. You can use one of the best scanner apps of the market to keep these memories scanned and digitized. 

Moreover, our old photos remind us of the good times spent with our friends and family. Vacations well-enjoyed with our family, birthday parties of friends and relatives, and other important moments are captured and stored in photos. But with time, these pictures start fading away. That’s why people digitize their photos. Let’s first see the benefits of digitizing your documents and then we will explore the app that can digitize your old photos.

 What Are The Advantages Of Digitizing Documents?

Being paper-free is very useful in today’s fast-moving time. Let’s see the benefits of document digitization in detail.

  1. You can access all your documents while on the move

Digitizing documents offers flexibility to use it anywhere anytime. Often it is very useful for working individuals. Especially when you digitize your photos it helps you to reconnect with your sweet memories anywhere. You can simply keep it in your device.

  1. Keep Quality Intact

Papers and documents have a limited life. With time, they may either fade away or get yellowish and rough. Often we see old bills and papers in poor quality. But when you digitize it, you ensure it stays as it is with its basic qualities intact. Many image scanner apps offer post-scan filters that enhance overall scanned quality.

  1. Save the Space And Go-green

It is a headache to store files and documents. It occupies spaces and demands maintenance. Whereas, when you choose to digitize documents it offers an easy way to keep them saved even in our devices. Also, it is a green solution that helps us to save paper and other resources.

Which Is The Best App To Scan Old Photos?

Considering all the above-mentioned benefits people are using scanning apps to digitize documents. Out of many apps that digitize photos, FlashScan offers unique features with accurate performance.

Also, FlashScan is a one-stop solution to document digitization. IT offers a go-to scanning solution to scan all types of documents in no time. Moreover, the user-friendly and straightforward interface of the app makes the app widespread.

How To Digitize Old Photos With FlashScan App?

FlashScan is one of the best image scanner apps. And digitizing old photos with this app is as easy as following this three-step-scanning-process.

  Three-step-scanning-process To Scan Old Photos with FlashScan

 A. Gather All Your Old Photos and Albums That You Want To Scan:

The very first step is to gather all the photos that you want to digitize. This makes it easy to perform a one-go scan and things become well-organized.

B. Take A Photo With Your Android Device:

Now place all the photos and old albums on a flat surface lie a desk or a table. Take a good clear photo of your documents to digitize photos. FlashScan uses your Android device’s camera to take photos. You do not require any fancy gadgets for it.

C. Digitize Photos With FlashScan:

Once you take photos of all the documents it will be stored as images in your device’s gallery. Now you can open FlashScan and scan all these photos. You can directly use your device’s camera through the FlashScan app to digitize photos.

You have successfully digitized your photos with this app! It’s simple and hassle-free! However, you should check out all the other features of this app.

FlashScan: The Best Scanner App

Now that you know how you can digitize photos you may think if you can digitize other papers as well. FlashScan is the best document scanning app that supports all types of scanning. Here are the value-added features that make this app unique.

  • Apart from scanning FalshScan also offers OCR tool. It is an expert text extractor. Users can save the file as plain text and the app also helps to translate such texts from English to other languages.
  • Users do not need any translation app. The OCR accurately reads text and translates it precisely.
  • Often we also want to decode Barcode and QR codes. FlashScan reads these codes quickly.
  • The app also offers unique post-scan filters to enrich your scanned results.
  • You can easily save, share, delete, and rename any files and documents.

Do you want clear, sharp and high-quality scans? Download FlashScan app and use your device as a go-to scanning solution.