Best Discord Bots: Top 10 Listings for Gamers, Music Streams

best discord bots top 10 listings
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Best Discord Bots: When it comes to 2020, we (internet users) have seen almost everything. From social media platforms to connect with people of different talents and motives to acquiring all kinds of goods & services online, could we not have been in a better place? But, one thing that gives chills to everyone is- Discord.

Yes! The recently launched Discord program has a unique touch to it. This application allows an unlimited number of users to entertain a group chat online. Hence, believe us or not! Discord is the widely in-use group-chatting software worldwide during this quarantine because Discord demands “no social distancing.” It gives you time, fun factors, and sources enough to stay close to your family, friends, and colleagues. 

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Why use Discord Bots?

To begin with, today, we are going to talk about the best discord bots. To the reader’s surprise, discord bots are additional AI(s) that you can set up to your discord server for performing pre-programmed tasks on your discord server. For example, Moderation bots are very prominent while conducting a Discord-based group chat between colleagues. The reason being, it allows you to set up rules and regulations for the conversation, such as disable the use of low/abusive language. 

top 10 discord bots 2020
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At the beginning of Discord’s launch, it was prominent among gamers for Livestream gaming with strangers. However, today, it has become one of the top-leading group-chatting programs for all kinds of online communities like writers, influencers, fans, etc. 

Thus, without any further ado, let’s countdown the list of best discord bots 2020. Some of the listed-below bots are solely made for fun. Therefore, it is a complete mix-up reading for all kinds of Discord users. 

Top 10 Best Discord Bots to keep your Server Audience Entertained


Even though you are using discords for conducting non-manual chats concerning the business’s affairs, some fun is essential as a refreshment. Hence, Dank Memer is a perfect refreshment for best discord bots. Not only this but using Dank memer bot discord, you can create new memes every day and keep your creativity on the edge of improvement. For the most part, this discord bot is unique as it offers to perform all usual tasks that other bots do. 

Source: Dankmemer

Recently updated currency features on Dank Memer create a different kind of audience on the server. That’s right! Your Bot talks about stealing, gambling, bank robbing, and other dark fantasies, only for the audience’s fun. Hence, download it now to make this quarantine time carry out.

Download link:

Pricing: Starting from $1.99/Dank Box

Donate Bot: Best Discord Bots for Survivors

Do you want to do good deeds simultaneously running a community? Well! Donate Bot will allow you to do such an excellent job for acid attack survivors, rape survivors, and other people who have suffered, yet, survived.

best discord bots
Source: DonateBot

You can put your 100% trust in Donate bot discord Reddit as it directly transfers any donation made to your PayPal account. Furthermore, to set up a donation bot with your discord server, you do not need to hire coding professionals. It is a straightforward process lacking any requirement of tech-experts. By setting up different roles for server members, you can take payments and donate them further. 

At last, Donate Bot for Discord is now free for server owners. Therefore, now you do a good deed for everyone in need without making a fuss! Download now.

Site link:

Pricing: Free

Dynobot: Best Discord Bots for multiple purposes

When it comes to structuring your discord server with all the significant features, Dynobot is one of the best discord bots Reddit alternatives. It allows you to customize your web server’s dashboard and manage members by initiating moderation features. For example, you can maintain discipline among the users by banning poor language—time mute when you do not want the discord server to continue chatting. 

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Source: Dyno official

Other features of Dynobot include additional attributes for the dashboard, creating music playlist with dynobot music player, and custom commands. You can also set up auto roles, announcements, ranks, and reminders for audience support. 

Site link: 

Pricing: Dyno Premium starting from $5.00/month.

MUDAE: Best Discord Bots for Anime Lovers

Are your reading cravings dipped in Japanese manga series and novels? Now, it is time to relive the animation of your favorite characters with Mudae. Add it to your discord servers and get the fun started by claiming over 55 000 waifu and husbando. You can collect them to kick-start loot on Discord and improve your role among the respective discord group-chatting. From customizing your waifu to play character-based multiple player games, Mudae is a hub of entertainment for both anime lovers and gamers.

Source: mudae

Above all, Mudae is now available in several languages, including German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazillian. Now, Rocket Casino is additionally open on Mudae for bot audiences to collect pokemon from advantaging their role. 

Site link: 

Pricing: Free


Pokécord is yet another mind-blowing discord bot that you can add to your discord server and create a community for Pokémon lovers. By enabling Pokécord, your server members can play Pokémon games by catching, battling, and collecting Pokémons to level up entertainment height. To begin with, it is straightforward to use and command. You do not need any coding skills to settle Pokécord bots to your discord server. 

Source: Pokecord official

For the most part, Pokécord is loved by server owners as it does not interrupt other Discord server tasks. To the reader’s surprise, Pokécord is now an active bot on over 12800 servers with 700k plus fans. Here’s a fun fact! Very soon: Pokécord is bringing out Pokémon tournaments. Soon you can be the champion of Pokémon games online. So, get ready, download Pokécord, and be a member today.

Site link:

Pricing: Free

ONYX Discord Bot

Do you love memes? But, let us tell you a secret: Memes are so much more fun when you and your friends make them together. ONYX Discord Bot is ready to serve you. From creating great GIF(s), memes, talk to ONYX, and use over 50 commands. Furthermore, you can search for youtube videos on Onyx and send eCards to your family and friends. You can send memes, reactions, add captions to new templates, and use stickers. 

best discord bots
Source: Onyx official

Some additional features of Onyx are:

  • Use unflash and pixabay to fetch free images
  • Create captchas, bar codes, and QR codes
  • Get comic books and videos in a single search

Site link: 

Pricing: Free

Dating Bot

Are you tired of fake online dating sites? Well! Now search for your better-half by adding/joining dating bot discord servers for best results. You can create a dating-appropriate profile on a dating bot and search for single men and women in your area. You can also match with the person you like and request to chat. If you do not find the other person attractive, you can send the “stop chatting” command to the dating bot and start a new search by typing “dating” again. 

2020 bots for discord
Source: LoveBot

Site Link:

Pricing: Free

Youtube Discord Bot

Cannot adjust with new features of youtube? Here’s a youtube discord bot for world-class streaming. It is an easy-to-use youtube bot that allows you to manage your youtube channel with 100% content security. Youtube discord servers are available. You can now upload videos on your youtube channel directly from the discord server/bot without any interruption. Apart from this, stream youtube videos, lyrics, and upload/download text files for printing and reading purposes. It is a discord, certified Bot. Therefore, you do not need to worry about confidential content on your channel. 

Source: Youtube discord bots

Site link: 

Pricing: Free


Tatsu or Tatsumaki is one of the top-trending best discord bots Reddit in 2020. It is a community engagement platform where you can have fun and keep yourself intact with your gamer’s community like never before. You can directly add it to your Discord and/or login to the dashboard in order to access several additional features. Not only this, but Tatsu also has a reward store that keeps your community members keep playing and get instant rewards. With Tatsu, you can generate your server-based economy and attain financial benefits. It has several automates high-quality games, and much more. 

Source: Tatsumaki

Site link:

Pricing: Free

Guilded Bot: Best Discord Bots for PUBG Lovers

Being a PUBG Lover, how can you forget to add Gilded Bot to your discord server? That’s right! There’s nothing better on the internet world than Guilded Bot that allows you to grow your status and your team’s performance by applying certified PUBG strategies. You can schedule PUBG events, view statistics, and use LFG tools to your benefit.

bots best discord 2020
Source: Guilded bot

Moreover, you can review and participate in the upcoming PUBG online tournaments. Finally, share this information with your PUBG mates and have fun during this quarantine. Now available for both Mac and Windows. 

Site link:

Pricing: Free


In conclusion, the best Discord Bots mentioned above are ready to make your experience a complete game-changer. With these discord bots Reddit, you can take pride in your gaming skills. Finally, share your gaming experience in the form of a video using a youtube bot. Doesn’t it sound fun?

For more information, connect with us online. Also, mention which discord bot is your current favorite?