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Best free music download sites
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Does all-time music buffering on popular music websites frustrate you out? Well! It is one of the most common problems among music lovers. Yes! As a music lover, you expect the high-tech world to offer offline music downloads in a single click. However, that is hardly possible without researching for the best free music download sites. 

To begin with, when you visit an unknown site while searching for a download link of music on Google, it often leads to disappointment. Why? For the most part, several unknown music download sites offer remixed versions of music. If not that, you may come across other factors of disappointment. For example, the music may not be in high quality or hear it in the theatre-version.

Music comes in so many different forms in our technology-dominated world. You have music streaming platforms that are always connected to the internet on a 24×7 basis. Then you have platforms like this address, that help you download whatever you get your hands on (including music) for free. Depending on who you are and how much you can afford, there is an option in the market for everyone concerned. You just have to look at and explore the right platforms.

best free music download site 2020
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At last, the music cover, lyrics, and proper title remain missing. But do not worry! The reason being, we have done in-depth research for our valuable readers worldwide. Thus, today we are presenting the top 9 best free music download sites for the best experience. 

Before we go ahead, it is noteworthy to mention that all the sites mentioned in this reading are 100% legitimate. Moreover, these sites also offer music with extra spices like amazing music in eight-dimensional versions. So, are you thrilled? Let’s get started!

SoundCloud – 1st Ranking best free music download sites like Spotify

Earlier than SoundCloud, Spotify had a significant segment of music lovers on the site. Yet, Spotify’s free version has limitations that may lead to you sign-out. For example, it offers only souffle music, but you cannot download it. Thus, if you are using such a paid music download site, we recommend replacing it with SoundCloud. To begin with, SoundCloud is one of the top-trending best free music download sites of 2020. 

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Site link:

Pricing: Overall Free/ Premium version available for $96.48 only. 

With the music download Soundcloud feature, you can not only download music files but also upload for millions of users to further download. Hence, this app/browsing site constructs a network of music lovers online. So, download the SoundCloud App now. It is available for Apple, Android, and Windows as well. 

Note: SoundCloud also allows its uploaders to disable the download button. Hence, if you come across music audio that you are not willing to download, it is either because of the uploader’s restriction or your account setting. 

Royalty-Free Stock Music 

Sponsored and created by Royalty, Epidemic Sound is one of the top-leading best free music download sites. It offers not only outstanding copyright music files in high quality but also over 64 000 sound effects to explore your creativity. Yes! So, do you want to modify your favorite song with your tune? Well! Royalty-Free Music Stock is your guy!

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Site Link:

Pricing: $15/month for personal use. Start a 30-days free trial today.

Key features:

  • Add, download, and convert music from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Further, create your profile and playlists (you can make it public or private)
  • Now you can also monetize your channel on Royalty-Free Stock Music and earn money
  • Also, Enable digital-ads and earn more!

Amazon Prime Music

Now get access to over 60 million songs online only on Amazon Prime Music. To begin with, Amazon has started to offer some high-end list of music audios from all over the world. Whether you are a fan of Drake or Eminem or preferring most-trending Punjabi singers, Amazon Prime music holds it all for you. 

best free music sites
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Site Link: 

Pricing: Free (with Amazon Prime membership)

Key features:

  • Download unlimited music audios and listen offline.
  • Now enjoy listening to music online with no ads
  • Connect Amazon Prime Music with your Alexa and listen to fantastic music with your family
  • Now create your mixtape and share with your friends online

Wynk Music – best free music download sites for Android Phones and iOS

First, if you remember, Wynk is one of the most common music download sites that is trending for a long time. At the beginning of the online music industry (apps), Wynk was among the first runners. Fortunately, this best free music download sites is free. It offers its millions of users listening to music online and offline with no random pauses. 

Image credit: Wynk

Site link: 

Pricing: Free

Key features: 

  • Browse or stream music on Wynk Music App.
  • Download unlimited songs and listen offline.
  • Search songs by the name of top music artists
  • Now search for lyrics and add to your music file.
  • Look at recommended songs to explore your choices.

NoiseTrade – 100% Best Free Music Download Sites with AudioBooks

Are you tired of all the fake promises that premium music download sites offer? Well! Now, there is no need to go there because NoiseTrade is here for you. It is a 100% free and legitimate site with thousands of albums available. You can stream music/albums by the name of artists. NoiseTrade also offers audiobooks, dance tunes, comedy audios, and Gospel collection and tracks. Hence, explore your love for music in a wholesome entertaining world of NoiseTrade.

best free music downloading site 2020
Image credit: NoiseTrade

Site Link:

Pricing: Free

Key features:

  • Sign Up to create your playlist.
  • Browse and stream music online/offline anytime and anywhere.
  • Now get a load of instrumental music. It will give you chills!
  • Also, explore NoiseTrade’s collection of online books for educational or entertaining purposes. 

Jamendo Music

Do not you love a music download site that keeps hot selections for you? From Pop, Latin, Punk, House, to RNB; Jamendo Music has it all. Jamendo’s ‘best of’ is outstanding. It spotlights music mp3 files for its millions of users. You can also upload music files on Jamendo Music and create a public profile for views and followers.

Image credit: Jamendo


Site Link:

Pricing: Free

Key features: 

  • Stream popular radio channels on Jamendo Music every morning
  • Check out the hot selection list to see which music album or singer is trending
  • Search for specific singers, genres, music by country, or name in the search box and get instant results.
  • Share your mixtape on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Search music by hashtags at Jamendo Music download
  • Check out the comment section also to make a better choice of music and download it for free.


Do you not want to sign-up for the best free music download sites but want to save your device’s music? DJPunjab is ready as a browsing site available on a single Google search worldwide. From Rihanna’s latest music albums to the latest Punjabi tracks trending online, DjPunjab has it all at a single click. 

free site for music
Image credit: DJPunjab

Site link: 

Pricing: Free

Key features:

  • Download music mp3 files and save them to your device directly.
  • Music files available in different audio qualities as per user’s need
  • Directly share music download link on WhatsApp with your family and friends.
  • Further, Google has recently enhanced it. Thus, it is an assured website.
  • Above all, Get hold of worldwide music, including Bollywood, Punjabi songs, Hollywood Songs, and albums.

FilmStro – Best Free Music Download Sites by Royalty 

Once again, Royalty Free Music Library has managed to win millions of music lovers’ hearts with its introduction at Filmstro. Yes! Its free library offers an unlimited trending music list. It demands you to purchase premium only when you want to modify your favorite music audio according to your taste and preferences. Otherwise, a free version of Filmstro music allows you to download music and add it to your cart. 

Image credit: Filmstro

Site link: 

Pricing: $99/year for YouTubers, $499/year for Pro Plus, and Free for online/offline music streaming

Key features: 

  • Search for music by categories including Lofi, Rock, Pop, Jazz, RNB & Soul, etc.
  • It is also officially made for YouTubers who are newbies in the music industry.
  • Now, monetize your mixtapes by uploading on Filmstro and Youtube.
  • Moreover, view the statics version of each track to learn about its tunes, style, momentum, and whatnot
  • Share music tracks online with your friends and family.

Youtube Music 

If you are wondering that youtube is just for the time when you desire to watch music videos, you are wrong. In 2020, youtube has advanced. The recently launched Youtube music feature has flipped the tables for millions of youtube fans. With a minimal premium amount, youtube music can serve you at best. Download youtube music today and make your day stand out.

Image credit: YouTube music

Site link: 

Pricing: $11.99/month (free for streaming videos)

Key features:

  • Easy and known user interface
  • No ads
  • You can also use multiple applications and put youtube music in the background
  • Download music tracks and listen offline
  • Moreover, create your playlist and listen to all your favorite tracks in one go.


So, are you ready to explore the brand-new world of music where your track plays on a single click? Get your hands on the best free music download sites mentioned above. Furthermore, for more information, connect with us online. If you are uploading and monetizing your mixtapes on any given websites, we highly recommend you follow the copyright infringement policy. Hence, stay legally safe.