How many calories in uranium? Top 5 most shocking facts about uranium

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In 2015, the world finally got the answer for how many calories in uranium? And, the response of the public was jaw-dropping. Twitter and other social media Apps have exposed to the traffic of Uranium Calories memes. But, apart from the fact that 1 gram of uranium contains 18 billion calories to 20 billion calories, uranium is also the universe’s heaviest naturally occurring material discovered. Further, it is the most radioactive severe element. To begin with, a radioactive element is a type of element which emits radiation continuously and instinctively. 

how many calories in uranium
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Today in this reading, we introduce you to one of the top-trending topics on the internet – Uranium. And, you will find out about how many calories in uranium? It is human nature. When we find a shocking property of nature’s element, we get curious. And without a doubt, if you are curious about Uranium calories, then you must have been finding yourself asking different questions like What is Uranium? What are its uses? Is it dangerous to touch or consume uranium? Or, can you touch uranium? 

If yes! Then, prepare your mind to be blown after you complete this reading. Because it will tell you everything, you need to know about Uranium calories and their properties. I am thrilled to begin, are you? Here we go: 

What is Uranium? How many calories in uranium? 

Uranium is one of the heaviest metallic elements discovered. It is also acknowledged as a chemical element compensating for its properties related to energy production and radioactivity. Here’s a fun fact: Do you know? Since the 1960s, it has been universally used for the production of concentrated energy. It was initially discovered in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth. To the reader’s surprise, this german scientist named uranium after the planet Uranus had also found in the 1700s. In chemistry, the students are also taught that uranium’s chart symbol is U and its atomic number is 92.

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According to recent discoveries, uranium can be consumed from water sources like deep oceans. Another discovery mentions that hardcore Uranium with more significant density exists in the Earth’s crust. Within two centuries, the utilization of uranium has increased. All over the world, it is used for: 

  • Building nuclear weapons.
  • U.S. Civilian Power Plants use it for the construction and manufacturing of weapons.
  • Depleted uranium (uranium decomposed of its power) is used in the manufacturing of military wearables like armours in the United States.

Note: Canada, Kazakhstan, Australia, Nigeria, Russia, United States, and China are responsible for 2% to 40% production of uranium via the mining process. 

How many calories in uranium?

Uranium Calories count per gram is equivalent to 20 billion Cal. For the most part, Uranium 238 is much less effective than Uranium 235. For the most part, the chemical form of uranium has proven severely harmful for the human body as well as the environment. Therefore, it is better to let the scientist deal with it, while we enjoy the following memes on uranium calories count: 

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Note: Consumption of Uranium is not recommendable. Please take the image as a joke.

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Top 5 most shocking facts about Uranium – Answer your every question

How many calories in uranium? is one of the most inquired topic on Google. However, Do you know? Uranium is definitely a surprising element with many properties that are nowhere related to the general public. But, some common questions about uranium are simply worth asking. So, here are some top most shocking facts about uranium, which will answer your every question concerning it: 

Consumption of Uranium is harmful to every organ in your body

More often than not, people wonder if the Uranium calorie count is 20 billion Cal/gram. What would happen if you ate it? To begin with, there has been much research about uranium’s exposure to the human body, and the results are not very pleasant. 

For the most part, uranium’s external exposure to the human body is less as compared to internal exposure. In the event that a human being consumes uranium, it will continue to emit radiation. As a consequence, the radioactive element will create an impact on the kidney and further damage it within a few hours or days, depending on the immunity of the body. But, the biological implications of uranium do not limited here. It can also cause cancer of bones over incurable time. 

Apart from this, people also question would you get fat if you ate uranium? To this, the answer is – NO. According to the research, the human body absorbs fat based on the “mass” of the food consumed. In the event that a person consumes uranium to gain fat, he/she will only gain 1 gram. It does not matter if it contains 20 billion calories (in energy form).

You can only buy 1 gram of uranium from the market if you do not have permit

Since uranium is a harmful radioactive element, it will be rather shocking if the general public has permission to buy it. But, yes, buying or owning uranium is legal. It is noteworthy to mention that any person (without a license) can purchase only 1 gram of uranium from the market. If you need uranium (more in quantity), you will need to get a permit from the Government by describing what you are going to use it for? In the United States, only 1-2 or fewer organizations sell uranium. Among the general public, it is also known as yellowcake. 

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I recognize the scene from the Young Sheldon television series (also available on Amazon Prime) as he tries to buy uranium online in larger quantities for the purpose of delivering free electricity to the neighbourhood. Well! He surely didn’t get the uranium but visited by government officers and authorities at doorsteps. 

Hence, you get an idea of what will happen if you try to buy uranium or yellowcake without clarifying your purpose?

64 kg of uranium destroyed the entire city in Japan

The Little Boy Bomb War between America and Japan in the 1900s has not been forgotten yet. The bomb destroyed the entire city of Japan called Hiroshima. According to the research by Atomic Heritage Foundation, the nuclear bomb, which had released by the U.S. Military, contained 1.38% of uranium, and the rest was another harmful material. In profound studies, it had found that the bomb had 64 kg of uranium, which fused and created quite a mess. 

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Therefore, there is no doubt that soon the Government will raise a ban on the acquisition of uranium from the open market. Not only this, but a few researchers have also claimed that the world is running out of uranium. The current uranium in the hands of the Government is only suitable for 80 years.

It will be far-fetching to find out how much time uranium takes to produce on the Earth’s crust? 

Uranium lives on for 4.5 billion years or more

Here’s a jaw-dropping fact coming your way, do you know? Uranium’s half-life is equivalent to 4.5 billion years. For the most part, when uranium keeps lying in the Earth’s crust for billions of years, it starts to decay. Decades-by-decades, uranium decays into lower quality of more minor radioactive elements such as thorium 234, protactinium 234, uranium 234, radium 226, radium 222, polonium 210, and nuclide. This decaying process happens for Uranium 238. And at the very last stage of decay, it transforms into the lead. 

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Marie Curie was the first lady who worked close to uranium that she died

Marie Curie, or according to the Big Bang Theory, very respected Madame Curie died a tragic death. According to scientific history, Marie Curie was compassionate to discover several radioactive elements that come from uranium at the time of death. In order to achieve her goal, she had to work very close to uranium which exposed her to extensive radioactivity, leaving her with aplastic anaemia. It is a condition in which the human body’s production of red blood cells stops. 

In the modern age, multiple facilities have invented to prevent scientists and manufacturers from hardcore exposure to uranium while discovering something or building weapons. 

Can you touch uranium? Does it burn? 

The answer is yes. Uranium comes in a solid form. It emits alpha radiation continuously. However, it does not harm human skin in any way. But, to prevent uranium’s alpha radiation from impacting the internal body, one should always touch or carry uranium by using a thin paper sheet. 

how many calories in uranium

It can be widely fascinating to touch or carry uranium as it glows in the dark. Uranium ores are not dangerous or harmful as they weaken during the mining and decaying processes. How many calories in Uranium ore? Well! Even though during the decaying process uranium ore becomes weak, it still contains 20 billion Cal per gram. 

Can uranium kill you?

Presuming that you are exploring a deep water body and you see something glowing at the end of the deep sea, there are chances that you see the solid form of uranium. But, how safe is it to carry it or go near it? Well! Uranium does not create a dangerous or harmful impact on the human body instantly, especially if the exposure is external. 

However, if you expose uranium to a fire or explosive element, it will burn down the whole place. On the other hand, around manufacturing plants, the presence of uranium can be high. Thus, if you ingest or inhale a uranium element in a smoggy form, it can definitely give you a silent death, presuming that you have regularly exposed to such an atmosphere. 


So, have you thrilled to know how many calories in uranium per gram? Well! The answer is 20 billion Cal/gram. Can you believe 1 kilogram of uranium contains calories that can feed the entire Earth’s population? It is indeed true that the world is full of miraculous things. Ans 95% of it has left undiscovered. So, never give up! Thank you for taking this journey with us.