Free Series Download Sites: Download your favourite TV series

free series download sites

Are you missing your favourite web series because your budget does not allow you to recharge prime networks this month? Well! Why spend when you can browse for the latest television and web series online for free. How? It’s effortless. World Wide web is the most extensive digital accommodation for free series download sites for millions of users to stream unlimited.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 coming soon
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However, users often face challenges as they encounter phishing, fake, and paid websites online that do not guarantee whether the voluminous videos will finally download and save to your system. Isn’t it frustrating to go through 10 websites in 10 minutes, but no single site comes out to be tried and tested? 

Well! Drop all the tabs and get rid of these phishing and malware-loaded websites. It is time to stream non-stop on the top-quality series download sites online. Let’s begin to review our latest list of free sites to download TV shows: 

Yify TV for online streaming

When it comes to viewing websites like that offer more than ten activated portals at a time for the users to enjoy – Yify TV is one of the biggest known free series download sites you can visit. It is a non-premium website that delivers more than a hundred original web series worldwide with all-inclusive seasons available for the user to stream non-stop. Do you know the bright side of Yify TV? Explore Yify TV while keeping the following pros and cons in your mind: 

free series download sites
Source: Yify TV


  • Pick a series of your choice by viewing its original star rating on IMDB platform. 
  • Watch TV series overview, trailer, and cast details to investigate what series is all about? 
  • Furthermore, Share direct URL on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and WhatsApp. 
  • When you finish a series, explore more similar options and pick an entirely new series.
  • Moreover, Pick your choices’ genre, Yify TV has unlimited alternatives: Adventure, Action, Romance, Animation, Comedy, etc. 
  • No time-based barriers, choose oldest to latest web series, whether released in the 1900s or yesterday. 


  • Yify TV may redirect to a blank page wherever you click. 
  • Non-appropriate advertisements may appear on the screen. 

Pricing: Free

Available on: world wide web.


Today TV Series for Free series download 

In the event that you desire to discover one of the most favourite web series of yours online – Today TV Series is the ideal alternative to go for. It is easy-to-use and highly responsive for users who have limited time to download and stream episodes during their free period between busy hours.

Now, you can download Netflix original web series with a single click. Most trending series like Lumpin, Your honour, blacklist, grown-ish, this is us, etc. are now available on Today TV series. All you entailed to do is, click on the “DOWNLOAD” Button and begin streaming right away. 

free series download sites


  • Explore over five new series every month with over 1100 seasons available online. 
  • Stream 24 hours on Today TV Series for non-stop download experience when your wireless network is on fire. 
  • Review file size in MB/GB beforehand to manage your computer system storage at best. 
  • View star rating at the top. 
  • Select genres that drive your passion, including – thriller, crime, adventure, action, drama, etc. 
  • Download all seasons at a single click. The direct download button is available. 
  • Read the tv series overview at the top to explore the web series’ synopsis. 


  • A few site links may not function properly. But, this scenario is infrequent. 
  • You may need to subscribe to the website in order to report errors. 
  • Websites may redirect upon clicking on the “download” button. 

Pricing: Free


EZTV Torrent

Are you eying for genuine sites to download TV shows? Well! When it comes to downloading premium web series and TV shows, the first thing that comes to mind is – TORRENT. But, the main question is which torrent site shall be used.

free series download sites

Today, there are several torrent sites out there on the world wide web to explore. However, non-authentic torrent sites generate harmful content and transfer it to the system to steal data. Replace these phishing websites with EZTV Torrent. It comes with real-time tv shows download and streaming features. Check out the pros and cons of EZTV T. 


  • Find a list of all the latest TV shows and premium series with a single click. 
  • View IMDB official viewers rating to see what’s trending among other TV shows lovers. 
  • Direct “download” button is available for ease of service. 
  • EZTV Torrent does not ask for any login information or customer details. 
  • Choose the quality of the content beforehand. 
  • Check the size of the entire video beforehand for best storage management of your system.
  • Click on the youtube URL to watch the official trailer directly on EZTV. 
  • No advertisements.


  • The download may fail due to lack of storage.
  • The site redirects to a new one a few times. 

Pricing: Free


Grab The Beast

Hold your horses! Because it is time to explore list of TV shows available to download on this solo platform. At Grab The Beast, you can check out official trailers and teasers without compromising the site’s downloading compatibility. The site permits you to look out for crucial information related to the respective TV show like Storyline or overview, show rating, air date, original language, upvote, and total downloads till the date. Apart from this, Grab The Beast offers its users to check out a list of “similar TV Shows” that you have viewed or downloaded recently. 

download tv shows for free
Source: Grab The Beast

For latest episodes, click on “Update New Episodes” option at the bottom and get to download the latest episode that aired yesterday or anytime before. 


  • Attractive user-interface that feels like you are using a premium platform. 
  • Read overviews of all television and web series one-by-one without requiring to open their personnel portal separately. 
  • You can submit a request to the website’s administrator to upload a series you desire to download. 
  • Moreover, You can also look out for requested tv shows submitted by others. 
  • Sort TV shows by popularity, customer rating, release date, ascending and descending order. 
  • Also, The site currently contains over 3, 000 television and web series. 
  • Add tv shows to “favourites” for downloading later. 


  • Online trailer URL may be unavailable at times. 
  • Upload requests may not be accepted as quickly as you expect. 
  • You will need to download video and subtitles separately. 
  • One out of 10 episodes may appear as broken, but don’t worry! Could you put it on download again? 

Pricing: Free


ETTV Torrents

ETTV Torrents is one of the top-known torrent proxy websites for downloading tv shows and web series with zero potential errors. It serves its visitors with a single-handed warning about using a VPN or Virtual Private Network for safety and security purposes. To begin with, ETTV Torrents is a world-class hub for downloading rare television series like American Horror Story, You, Russian Doll, River Monsters, etc.

credit: ETTV Torrents

It holds a wide variety of television shows that belong to different categories like Animation, Romance, Adventure, Crime, Thriller, Horror, etc. Users can explore their interests by viewing different web series overviews and pick one that interests them the most. Here’s what ETTV Torrents known for:


  • No redirection to another website takes place. 
  • VPN warning is right there to alert the users.
  • You can pick the quality of the video you may prefer. From 480p to 1080p – all are available. 
  • You can also download series season-wise or all together – there are no barriers. 
  • It currently has over 50, 000 daily visitors and streamers online.
  • Moreover, You don’t need to encounter inappropriate advertisements or use ad blockers. 
  • It supports all browsers.
  • You may need to purchase a paid VPN service, as ETTV Torrents suggests. 
  • You may see the “watch now” button instead of the download button for a few web series. 
  • At last, Not all “watch now” buttons respond effectively. 

Pricing: Free


TopTVShows: Free Series Download Sites with IMDB Rating

One of the most significant boons of utilizing the TopTvShows proxy site for downloading tv shows for free is – it responds to your request quickly and effectively. When it comes to free series download sites, a few sites miss upon seasons. For example, season 1 remains available, but after that, season 3 comes up. Isn’t that frustrating?

free series download sites
Source: Top TV Shows

If you have been through this before, drop all the tabs and open up TopTvShows. It is a flexible platform where you can search for any given TV show or premium web series and get results instantly. Here, the website delivers a direct “download now” button to not need to explore much. While the series is at download, you can glance at crucial details like series overview, IMDB Rating, trailer or teaser, and cast details. You can also view a list of trending web series to consider for a fresh beginning at the right side of the screen results. 


  • Easy to access, no login required. 
  • Today’s TV Episode portal is available to review what’s latest. 
  • Also, List of TV channels is available for you to do a thorough search. 
  • You can also leave your “reaction” to a particular season or episode.
  • You can also comment about the tv show at the bottom. 


  • The site may redirect more often. 
  • Moreover, not all trailers are available.
  • You will also need to provide a security code before the download process. 

Pricing: Free

URL: TopTVShows

Precautions to take: 

  • Use VPN or Virtual Private Network service to protect or hide your IP address from lurkers online. 
  • Free Series download sites offer to download TV shows and web series illegally. It also comes under illegal streaming. 
  • Also, Use ad blocker extensions to avoid constant ads interruptions.
  • At last, run virus and malware protection software to safeguard your computer system or PC or Macbook. 


Q: What are free series download sites?

A: Free series download sites allow you to download TV shows and web series for free, either directly or through torrents.

Q: What are the benefits of free series download sites?

A: Free series download sites can help you watch your favorite shows offline, save bandwidth, and enjoy high-quality videos.

Q: What are the risks of free series download sites?

A: Free series download sites may contain malware, viruses, pop-up ads, or illegal content that can harm your device or violate the copyright laws.

Q: What are some of the best free series download sites?

A: Some of the best free series download sites are MKVKing, Twitch Downloads, SolarMovie, MkvCinemas, and WatchSeries.

Q: How can I download series from free series download sites?

A: You can download series from free series download sites by searching for the show name, selecting the episode, choosing the quality, and clicking the download link or button.


To begin with, our platform does not support illegal streaming. It is a cybercriminal activity that has become widely common among internet users. Therefore, any harm or damage to your computer system or personal data while using free series download sites is not our responsibility.

Hence, to download and stream television series and web series in a legal manner, download premium platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Good luck!