Top 5 Things You Can’t Miss in Dubai Vacation


Dubai has indeed been one of the most popular destinations for tourists from across the globe. A major tourist attraction spot, the place is home to the tallest structure Burj Khalifa, has some mesmerizing beaches and glamorous malls. There is something for everyone to explore. From beaches, to gardens to malls, Dubai offers plenty of spots to entertain you. Though the weather remains a bit hot here, you can stroll around the malls for window shopping or indulge in specific locations that offer a cool and breezy ambience. Dubai’s cuisine is also one of a kind, and deserves a mention while exploring this area. 

If you are wondering what all to include in your itinerary while planning a trip here, here is a list to get you started. 

1. Ski Dubai– One of the most exciting places in Dubai, is the Ski-Dubai-an indoor Ski centre. The very first centre in the Middle East, it is home to five ski runs, spanning around 1300 feet with a vertical drop of 197 feet, a chairlift, snowboard and toboggan runs. Most of the tourists find it a really great spot for unleashing their adventurous side. In addition to the adults, the children can also enjoy snow fights and snow building architecture. In fact, there are special lessons which are imparted here to different age-groups of children. A penguin house is also available, offering plenty of options for kids to try out.   

2. Burj Khalifa- The tallest standing structure in the world, Burj Khalifa is unmissable when visiting Dubai. Standing tall at 2722 feet height, the tower encompasses a whopping 16- stories in its belt, giving you the promises of some amazing views. Burj Khalifa tickets are available online from their site.  You have the option to go to floor 124 and also to 148 at some extra price. The experience of waiting for the elevators and reaching at this height in mere a couple of minutes is exhilarating. On your way, you can also witness some of the facts and figures of the construction phase and also lay eyes on mini-models. There is also a special telescope that can be used to spot some of the places here. Atop at 124th floor after capturing photos and revelling in the splendorous views, you can buy some token gifts from the gallery. 

3. Jumeirah Public Beach- For those who love the splashy waters, Jumeirah public beach is a great spot. Sprawled with white sands and gushing with water, the beach attracts thousands of tourists, who love enjoying taking a dip here. You can also witness some amazing skylines from here including the spectacular Burj Khalifa. You can lay around on the beach and enjoy sun-baths or can gorge on delicacies from the plenty of food joints present here. People also enjoy barbecuing here, if the weather is good. Kids playing options are also available, so all-in-all, it serves as a great destination for family vacay. 

4. Wild Wadi Waterpark– If you are an adventurous sport lover and love water, Wild wadi waterpark is for you. Designed for the likes of all age groups, it is located near the Burj Al Arab, the waterpark has as many as 30 exciting water rides that one can explore. For spine thrilling options do try out the Tantrum Alley or the Burj Surj. Sliding rides are in plenty evoking different themes mostly covered around the character Juha. For those who wish to try out surfboards in a controlled environment, this park offers the platform. In fact, it is one of the four parks in the world that offers the surf-board option. So go ahead and enjoy the waterpark experience with your loved ones. 

5. Dubai Mall– Last but not the least, a visit to the Dubai Mall is a must in your itinerary. A very grand mall that has more than 1300 stores, the Dubai mall is a treat in itself. Apart from shopping centres, there are ice rinks for indulging in skiing and a fountain where you can enjoy some of the shows along with their spectacular lighting. Theatres and other kid-friendly attractions are also available, making it a complete destination centre. The majestic construction with the luxurious interiors are inviting to customers, truly making it an ideal place for window shopping. And yes, it is a great escapade from the frequent heat waves in Dubai.