Larry David Net Worth: The Richest comedian

Larry David Net Worth
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When it comes to American Comedy TV Sitcoms like Seinfeld, we often forget to give 50% of the credit to the writers. But today, we put the wholesome spotlight on Larry David Net Worth. Seinfeld is rather a promising network that is still seen in 2021, owing to the fact that it initially premiered in 1989. With 31 years of success on television and today’s common network Netflix, it seems like Seinfeld is still dropping pennies in Larry David Net Worth and expanding it to no end. But, how much money does Larry David precisely have? Want to find out? Here are the top 8 facts about Larry David and his highest-paid shows on television. 

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#1: What is Larry David Net Worth? 

According to Wikipedia, Larry David Net Worth, as of 2015, was anywhere between $400 million to $900 million. Five years later, The National Review personally researched Larry David and concluded that his net worth is true $400 million. Born in 1947, 74 years old, Larry started his career as a stand-up comedian. He got his first breakthrough in comedy in 1974. New York Comedy Night Clubs were his main source of income at the time. 

Later on, one night, Larry David met Jerry, and his life turned upside down. Jerry took in Larry as a co-writer of the television show Seinfeld, which was an all-time success for both. 

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Today, Mr L. David is counted among one of the highest-paid stand up comedians with a net worth of over $400 million. Henceforth, he beats most of the highest-paid American Actors and Actresses, including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp. Not only this, but Larry David Net Worth is twice Drew Carey’s net worth which is also among the highest-paid comedy stars and television show hosts in America. 

#2: He struggled through the fear of homelessness

During the 1970s, stand-up comedy was a scoop for newbies with a thing for comedy. People were undoubtedly liking the proposal of a person getting on the stage and entertaining them with funny talk. However, as demanding as it sounds, a career as a stand-up comedian wasn’t a piece of cake for Larry David. During that time, Mr David was living in a small apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, which was elitely acknowledged as cheap at that time. 

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After having a one-time performing opportunity at Green Village in Folk City, Larry David didn’t seem to have any more opportunities coming. As a consequence, he evidently struggled through the fear of going homeless. And to the reader’s shock, it happened in reality. David himself told during an interview that one night, he didn’t have a single penny, so he walked the streets and completely went homeless. 

It is thrilling and inspiring how things worked out for him.

#3: Larry has written and been a part of more than 45 television shows

Whether it be, one-hour special comedy on television or a 10-seasons concluding TV sitcom, Larry David has been a part of more than 45 shows. It would be rather easy to explain his $400 million net worth if you assume he got up to $9 million per show. From Seinfeld to Curb your Enthusiasm, Whatever Works, The Three Stooges, and Sour grapes, each tv sitcom was a hit. Larry’s shows were HBO mainstay in the early 2000s. 

Do you know? In 1998, Curb Your Enthusiasm aired as a one-hour special show only. However, with a single hour show, the production house robust a revenue amounted to $1.7 million. Henceforth, in 2000, the network HBO entertainment signed an ongoing contract with Larry David and Jeff Garlin to run it on a regular basis. There are ten seasons aired on television up until now. Each season contains ten episodes. Thus, making it a 100 episodes collection, binge-worth!

Larry David Net worth
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Curb Your Enthusiasm was a bigger hit than Seinfeld for Larry David. Both shows ran for ten seasons. Thus, perfectly describing why Larry David Net Worth is more than any comedy writer in the world. 

#4: Larry David Net Worth estimation was once $650 plus 

It can be rather difficult to confront the rumours. But, for Larry David, rumours were more of an exaggeration of how much money he got? According to inside reports, Larry David got $4 billion for Seinfeld’s syndication to Columbia Tristar. However, the air got cleared when Larry confirmed that $4 billion was the gross revenue of Seinfeld as it aired by NBC in 1989. Meaning, NBC earned approximately $4 billion from Seinfeld before Columbia Tristar took over. 

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On the other hand, out of the deal, Larry David also got a big amount transferred to his pockets. Can you guess how much? That’s right! Take it from the heading. Larry received $650 million as a final pay-off for the show. Yet, as per our research, Seinfeld is definitely a money-laundering machine for him. As per our sources, Larry gets $40 million approximately from the DVDs of Seinfeld in the market. 

#5: Netflix made a move and paid Larry and co-partner over $500 million 

In the event that you haven’t noticed, Netflix has recently uploaded all 180 episodes of the TV sitcom Seinfeld. The good part is, the show is now available to watch in any country and state. There are no restrictions. But, can you imagine how much money Netflix is earning while you stream episodes of Seinfeld continuously at your home? Well! According to our calculation, Netflix’s total income from the Seinfeld sitcom is in billions. And, this is why the platform’s desperation to acquire all the copyrights for Seinfeld was disclosed before competitors could make a move. 

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A few months ago, Netflix dialled up a six-year contract with NBC and acquired all rights to play Seinfeld. Not only this, but to make its path as smooth as possible, the network also paid over $500 million each to Larry David and Jerry David, the co-writers of the show. 

For the most part, we hope that Larry David lives long and prosper. However, with Netflix’s recent deal, he has earned enough money to retire from Hollywood. But, till today, his passion for comedy is endless. You will be surprised to know that Larry is now coming back on the HBO network with the 11th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

#6: Curb Your Enthusiasm per episode income is unbelievable

From counting all the statistics of Larry David’s income from Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld from 1989 to 2010, you may say that these 21 years were pure gold for him. The storyline of the series presents Larry David as a retired screenwriter. Of course, the show is purely built around comedy. So, it can give you endless laughter and favouritism towards Larry’s acting. I mean, why didn’t he become an actor in the first place? I sometimes wonder. 

Larry David Net worth
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But, it seems like scenarios worked out pretty good for Larry David Net Worth as it increased with each episode of Curb your Enthusiasm. According to the research, Seinfeld TV sitcoms only earn $20 000/episode. Curb Your Enthusiasm paid off five times, simply as pocket money to Larry and his co-star Jeff. That’s right! Larry David’s income per episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm is anywhere between $70,000 to $90 000. 

#7: Lauri David Net Worth, wife of Larry David

In 993, Larry David married Lauri, who was previously the spouse of another man unknown. However, when Larry David tied knots with Lauri, his net worth instantly increased to 900 million USD, which, thanks to Lauri, got from her husband in the divorce settlement. From 1993 to 2007, the marriage worked fine. Under Californian Law, Lauri filed for divorce from Larry, causing him to give away half of his fortune to his wife. 

As bad as this sounds, the story brings out the bad face of Lauri, who seems to earn from her husband during divorce settlements. 

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During an interview, Larry David revealed that he is quite “Rajesh Koothrappali type” from the Big Bang Theory. Well! He didn’t exactly say this, but he often finds himself anxious around women. Hence, for people who think Seinfeld is based on Larry David’s life, it is possible, but who knows? 

#8: Is Larry David a comedy fraud? 

In the world of comedians, it can be challenging to figure out who is the real fun and who is a fake one! According to the public’s view, Larry David is not a deserving comedian to take away all the credit for Seinfeld. Most of the audience believe that all the work behind Seinfeld was Jerry’s. And, Larry is into it for money. 

Larry David Net worth
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Although, there have been zero moments on television where Jerry has supported such a negative point of view about Larry. But thanks to all the net worth, Larry owns a 10k square foot Californian House which he calls the Hobbit House. He also owns two other mansions in Martha Vineyard and New York. 

Bottom Line

After having too much of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, you may want to try something different and remove all the “classicism” from your list of entertaining TV sitcoms. So, you can always try out Entourage, Fridays, and Hannah Montana. Want to know more? Bookmark us. We will track Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 box office revenue for you! Get instant updates here, and always bring popcorn for some gossip!