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Can’t get your day complete without watching the newest movie in high-quality? During quarantine due to COVID-19, daily entertainment had become a part of us. Watching movies with family and friends have made us realize that joy is crucial. But now that everything is back on track. 9 to 5 jobs have begun. It is time to take some time for the best sites to download movies. That’s right! Today we present a true-and-tried list of websites that allow you to download the latest movies online for free. Thus, you can watch and get yourself a bit of entertainment every day without spending countable money on prime sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. 

Are you thrilled to begin? Let’s take a glance at the sites by ranking sites to download movies for free in 2021. 

YTS YIFY Movies Torrent Download

In the event that you are a world-class fan of horror and thriller-based movies, YTS is a perfect platform to begin your journey for streaming movies online. YTS is a highly responsive site that creates a base of speed for users. With YIFY Movies Torrent Download, you can enjoy unlimited downloads that fill your storage with entertainment for a year or probably more. It has a great list of the latest movies like Secret Society, The Pass, Eggs, Free Bryd, and Julie. 

Source: YTS

One of the significant parts of using YTS to download movies for free is to download movies rarely available anywhere else over the world wide web. Therefore, you can fulfil your part of the day with thrillers outstanding but not much appreciated in the cinemas. Get a taste of YTS at

The Internet Archive: Best Sites to Download Movies by Categories

When it comes to downloading movies online, we all have a dark side. No! No! Not as dark as the dark web. But, we often desire to download movies that are rare and exciting. The reason being, regular and popular movies have the same climaxes. And that’s a significant factor of BOREDOM. But, The Internet Archive is a www place where you can explore your choice of movie categories to no end. For instance, this website offers a list of movies under major categories like Feature Films, Short Format Films, Silent Films, Film Noir, Comedy Films, and home movies.

best sites to download movies
Source: the internet achrive

The “con” of using the Internet Archive is that it is also an entirely different category for R-rated and blue films. Hence, if you have kids in the house, The Internet Archive is not the best trace that you can leave undeleted in your browsing history. Check and download movies for free here on

Netflix: Best Sites to Download Premium Movies for Free by Trick

You and your friends are hanging out. And randomly, all of them are talking about movies that they have streamed or downloaded over Netflix. But you cannot pitch into the conversation because you do not have Netflix. Has it ever happened to you? If yes. Then, this trick is an ideal pick for you. You do not need to spend a lot of money on Netflix to stream or download freely. Because we have a trick for you. Shhh! Let’s take a look:

  • First of all, open a browsing app like Chrome (avoid less accurate browsers like OperaMini or UC) and activate VPN. 
  • Now, Netflix will be unwilling to locate your IP Address.
  • Further, enter
  • By using this, you can watch multiple movies and tv series that are available on Netflix. 
  • You can also use this tactic to download movies. For example,

Note: Downloading movies on Netflix using this trick is unauthorized and illegal. Please do it at your own risk. Read more under our terms and conditions. 

Popcornflix: unlimited movies

Just in case the three sites mentioned above do not work out for you, this one will do! That’s right! Popcornflix is an online platform to download movies for free, which never disappointments you. It has a series of movie categories from which you can choose movies of your taste and preference. Not only this while you put movies to download on Popcornflix, but you can also explore viral videos on this platform for timepass. 

best sites to download movies
Image credit: PopcornFlix

To the reader’s surprise, popcornflix has a great list of movies like Mama, Drinking Buddies, Howl, Sunlight Jr. Apart from this, if you want to dig deeper when it comes to picking movies, popcornflix’s original movies are quite interesting and distinctive. Build your taste and download movies now for free only at

MFO – Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online is one of the favourite entertainment hubs for those who love to dive into the movies that come under the “classic” category. Here you can explore movies as well as documentaries of your choice with the easy user interface. The website is highly responsive. Hence, all you need is a speedy internet connection. Along with that, at Movies Found Online, you can search and explore for movies by year of release, Genres, and most viewed movies in the last 48 hours to view what others are viewing. Hence, you quickly receive a second opinion here without really asking an online friend. Isn’t it just a wonder? 

Movies Found Online ( is also an all-time pick for Animation lovers. It allows a clear picture quality Animation film downloads with subtitles. 

123Movies: Download or stream movies

One of the best entertainment lessons that a good movie-lover must know is that – if there’s no download button, just stream the movie online. 123Movies is an ideal platform when you want to watch any movie online. Not only that, but it also has a reliable list of television series. Indeed, I spent my quarantine streaming SpongeBob SquarePants movies on 123movies. And that was a whole new experience. 

Image credit: 123movies

However, with 123Movies, you may need to adjust with some negative factors like persistent redirection to other sites whenever you click on the screen. Advertisements also pop up on the screen more often. And, subtitles are rarely available. Above all, you must like about 123Movies because it has 2-3 servers activated. Hence, if one server does not work, you can try the other one. 

Search and download movies here

Top Documentary Films – Download Movies based on actual events

TDF or Top Document Films is a website with an unparalleled view of the audience. It is primarily available for users that take a high-end interest in real-time stories of people that have survived actual events in the past. It greets the audience with top-notch documentaries not available anywhere over the internet or prime-time streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Documentaries like Human Zoos, Cash for Kim, Who Killed the Maya?Seeds of Permaculture, and evolutions versus God. 

On, you can browse documentaries based on events like World War. Here on, you can also check an unending list of documentaries and download films. Categories like 9/11, Drugs, Crime, Media, Military and War, and other varieties are widely available. 

Watch TCM – Download Movies in Black and White

Have you ever watched a film from the 1970s? If you haven’t, you can widely explore “Watch TCM” for watching black and white movies for the best experience. More often than not, at TCM, you may come across films that were quite prominent in your childhood, but you never got to the end because of studies and busy schedules. With TCM, you can relive the moments of your favourite actor and actresses from the past by downloading and streaming movies like All the King’s Men, Alice Adams, Almost Famous, Claudelle Inglish, Gallant Sons, Go Naked in the World, etc. 

Image credit:

However, there’s a glitch with TCM. When you pick a movie to download, you will have to sign-up for a free subscription. Here at TCM, you can set up your “TV connection providers” information and live stream movies via Airplay. So, now only at TCM, you can download movies and stream them on your television with a speedy internet connection. 

iFlix – best sites to download movies from Netflix prime

iFlix is yet another ranking website that has become prominent among millions. Here at iFlix, thousands of audience download and watch films that come from categories like Tamptan, Indo, Chinese, horror, Korean, Action, COmedy, and much more.

best sites to download movies 2021
Source: iFlix

Upon exploring iFlix for the first time, you will come across the latest Korean movies list which is famously known in foreign. From romance to sci-fi or action, Korea has set new standards for Hollywood. And without a doubt, it is worth checking out. So, download or stream now unlimited on iFlix without sign-up or subscription only at

Are all the sites legal?

All the sites are legally developed and contain copyrights. However, the prime-time movies available on these websites are not legally acquired. Thus, downloading payable movies for free can lead to legal actions against the site owner. However, this does not harm the user in any lawful manner. It is also crucial to note that the users must use these sites at their own risk. Since these websites are not much regular or used by millions of users in the form of proxy, they may contain malware or virus transferring potential.

Good luck!