Will there be an “I Am Not Okay with This Season 2” on Netflix?

I am not okay with this all seasons available on Netflix to watch online
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Charles Forsman “I am Not Okay With This comic book” has recently transformed and aired for the first time on Netflix in 2020. “I Am Not Okay with This” is one of the best modern comedy-drama series that includes all the eccentric elements. From a hint of supernaturality to sexual complexities and teenage high-school intricacy, everything that today’s audience demands are there! So, will there be an “I Am Not Okay with This Season 2” soon on Netflix?

To begin with, Netflix is currently on a cancellation-spree this year. After canceling Spinning out season 2 because of unsatisfying viewers’ statistics, what are the chances “I Am Not Okay with This Season 2” will come? 

I am not okay with this season 2 coming soon on Netflix
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Well! Don’t worry! Several sources have confirmed that there will be a season 2 for “I Am Not Okay with This.” as you must know that the series received over 80% approval from the worldwide audience. Therefore, Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall will soon bring the second installment. Hopefully in Feb 2021. 

What is “I Am Not Okay with This Season 2” expected release date?

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Up until now, “I Am Not Okay with This Season 2” release date is not out. However, there are chances that the second part will come out next year in February. Till then, check out the list of “I Am Not Okay with This Season 1.”

  1. Dear Diary…
  2. The Master of One F**k
  3. The Party’s Over
  4. Stan by Me
  5. Another Day in Paradise
  6. Like Father, Like Daughter
  7. Deepest, Darkest Secret

For the first-time viewers of the show, here’s I Am Not Okay with This Season 1 official trailer. Let us know your reviews in the comment section.


What is “I Am Not Okay with This” plot summary?

To begin with, “I Am Not Okay with This” revolves around the story of a teenage girl. Her character’s name is Sydney Novak starring Sophia Lillis. She is also shortly known as Syd in the series. 

In the starting, Syd seems like any other girl with a tendency of overcompensating to her thinking of things. However, Sydney has recently lost his father to suicide. She is acting as an emotional drive because of his father’s death. But, she soon realized that her being “out-of-control” or extremely angry leads to the rise of a supernatural power within herself. 

Apart from her uncontrollable anger, Sydney also holds a sweet side of herself. She maintains a daily diary. Yet, she is trying to find her way while adjusting in school, and unknowingly starts a new relationship with Stanley, her go-to boyfriend in need. 

I am not okay with this all seasons available on movie4k
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“I Am Not Okay With This” Finale Explained!

In the finale of “I Am Not Okay With This” season 1, Sydney finally decides to confront Dina and tell her about her psychic situation. Upon Sydney’s date with homecoming partner Stanley got canceled, Dina and Syd decided to go together. 

On the classic homecoming dance, Stan confesses his love for Syd, however, Syd confesses that she does not feel the same for him. Apart from this, Dina and Syd had some gossip sessions while dancing during which Syd tells Dina that she did not indeed like the kiss. 

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Now, coming to an end, at the homecoming dance, Syd finds out that Brad has his “dear diary.” And, he probably knows about her powers. Will he reveal about it at the homecoming in front of everyone?

Apparently, Sydney gets extremely angry. Thus, before Brad could do anything, Syd attacks Brad. Moreover, she could not control any longer, hence, she ended up hurting many people in the room. In the end, Syd meets an ally. 

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