Breeders of Nephelym Cheats Code: Beginner’s Guide

breeders of nephelym cheats

Breeders of the Nephelym cheats: Breeders of the Nephelym Alpha is one of the most famous erotic games trending in 2020. This adventurous online game includes the factors of lust, pleasure, gaming currency, sexual content, and adventure. The main idea of the game is to breed the Nephelym. To begin with, Nephelym is the race of monster-human hybrid. These Nephelym experience high-end sexual appetite. Thus, throughout the game, these hybrids lookout for mating partners. 


For the most part, some experienced players of Breeders of the Nephelym download and utilize Breeders of the Nephelym cheats in order to breed effectively. Otherwise, a player can breed in the game over and over again without any huge scoop of currency to purchase semen and milk. Well! If you do not get this part. You may be new at this game. But, do not worry! 

Today, we are presenting a beginner’s guide for Breeders of the Nephelym cheats. This guide will help you understand and play the game at a better level. Are you ready to experience the thrill of online sex and adventure? If Yes, it is time to keep Breeders of the Nephelym at download and till then, learn about the game and its cheat codes in this reading.

What is the theme of Breeders of Nephelym online game?

To begin with, you can download the Breeders of Nephelym game for Windows or Macbook. Once you download and install the game, it is the moment to start your 3D Erotic journey online and experience sexual adventure in the Nephelym valley. 

Click on the “New Game” option. On the screen, a graphical (female) woman will appear. You (the main player) will play the game on her behalf. 

She looks very erotic. However, you can change her gender. Other genders available are Male and Futa. A futa is a transgender or simply a woman with a penis. It makes the game more interesting. Moving on, you can also change other factors related to your appearance in the game. For example, you can change skin color, face, nipple, genitals, anus, fur, hair, nails, body, and clothing. 

Now, once you set your appearance, you commence the journey of breeding. For the most part, your segment in this game is to search for wild Nephelyms to breed with. But, you cannot breed with anyone. You must choose Nephelym who has great superpowers and monstrous traits. Here comes another adventurous fact: In the game, a female (player) has only 40% of chance to give birth to an offspring with superpowers of the breeder (whom she bred with). 

Hence, the player’s research for Breeders of Nephelym cheats to capture and breed with wild Nephelyms with attractive superpowers and better chances of breeding. With every successful breeding, the player earns currency. Further, he/she can use this currency to purchase semen, barn, and milk. Above all, a long and very erotic surprise sex scene makes this game more interesting. 

Spoiler alert: In this beautifully designed erotic sex and adventure game, odd gender sex is possible. For example, you can breed in the following combinations:
  • Female X Female
  • Futa X Female
  • Female X Male
  • Male X Futa
  • Male X Male
  • Futa X Futa

futanari breeders of nephelym cheats

Why is it important to make a purchase in Breeders of Nephelym?

Yes. The game Breeders of Nephelym is all about having sex with monsters and hybrids. However, it is not that easy. The reason being that the game sets some rules & regulations for breeding. For example, to capture hominal and erotic monsters (or wild Nephelyms); you need a barn. Also, to attract these wild Nephelyms towards the barn, you will need milk and semen to offer them. 

breeders of nephelym

For example, if you are a female breeder. Further, you want to catch a female Nephelym to breed. Hence, you will need semen to breed. Similarly, if you are a male breeder and you want to catch a male Nephelym to breed with. You will need milk to attract the monster. 

To summarize, breeders of Nephelym cheat codes also help the player to trick the game into earning currency, milk, semen, barn, create offspring, search a specific variation of female or male Nephelym, and above all, generate surprise sex scenes for fun and adventure. 

What are the types of Wild Nephelym in Breeders of Nephelym online?

Once again, the Breeders of Nephelym game gets interesting. The reason being you can differentiate between the wild Nephelyms based on gender, character, and race. 

Types of Wild Nephelym based on gender:

There are a total of five types of wild Nephelym each. Check out the following list:

  • Hominal Female: It is a type of female with the lower body of the monster and upper body of the female.
  • Hominal Futanari: It is a type of transgender with the lower body of the monster and upper body of the female.
  • Erotic Female: It is a type of female with the full body of a monster but in the shape of a human. They have furs all over their body.
  • Erotic Futanari: It is a type of transgender with the full body of a monster but in the shape of a human. They have furs all over their body.
  • Erotic Male: It is a male with a boner and body of a monster in the shape of the human body.

Types of Wild Nephelym based on Race

There are a total of 18 types of races of Wild Nephelyms of females and futanari in the game. Take a glimpse:

  1. Foxen
  2. Thriea
  3. Neko
  4. Harpy Kestrel
  5. Harpy Bat
  6. Sylvan Elf
  7. Bovaur Ayrshire
  8. Sylvan Goblin
  9. Dragon
  10. Sylvan Orc
  11. Titan
  12. Demon Cambion
  13. Sylvan Slime
  14. Demon Succubus
  15. Starfallen
  16. Fomorian Shark
  17. Seraphim
  18. Vulwarg

Apart from this, there are a total of six wild Nephelym races in the game. Let’s start the countdown:


  1. Sionnach
  2. Bull
  3. Wulf
  4. Drake
  5. Incubus
  6. Seeder

Here’s an interesting fact: Do you know? Different Wild Nephilims accept different types of milk and semen to breed with the breeder. For example, to capture and breed with male breeder Wulf, you will need Foxen’s milk. Similarly, the player can breed with Female Lykos by offering Titan’s semen.

Who is Cassie in Breeders of Nephelym?

Cassie is one of the most significant 3D characters in the breeders of Nephelym. A player can purchase barn, milk, and semen from Cassie only. Cassie is a blessed character in the game. She is a Neko Nephelym who lives in Hedon Township. Furthermore, you can find her in her Butter Architecture and Carpentry store. 

You will need Cassie to upscale your ranch as a player in the game. Except, you can also use Breeders of Nephelym cheats for Cassie. 

Spoiler Alert: You will need to purchase a barn from Cassie based on the Nephelym you want to capture. For example, if you are looking to capture Vulpuss or Soinnach, you will need to purchase a Foxen house barn. It costs 400 units. Similarly, to capture a Neko Nephelym, you will need a Neko Condo. 

Are there other Vendors in the game?

Yes. In the game, there are following vendors for different purchase:

  • Cassie for purchasing Barn
  • Camilla for purchasing and selling semen
  • Amber – Mae for purchasing and selling milk
  • Leylenna is a blessed character who refills your lust meter in exchange for game currency.
  • The Emissary purchases wild nephelym from you. You can sell the Nephelym you captured when you are in need of game currency.


What are Breeders of Nephelym cheat codes?

Check out the following Breeders of Nephelym cheats which you can use to your advantage while playing:

  • All barns – unlocks all barns.
  • Max all fluids – maximizes all bodily fluids.
  • Infinite spirit – allows infinite spirit form
  • Max trait level – maxes the trait level.
  • Add money – adds 1,000,000 orgasium (currency)
  • Go home – teleports you back to your house on the ranch.
  • Win surprise sex – allows you to win every time you engage in surprise sex.
  • All portals – unlocks all of the portals on the map without consuming lust.
  • Infinite lust – gives every nephelym infinite lust except for the breeder unless they are in spirit form.

How to use Breeders of Nephelym cheats in the game?

To utilize any of the above cheat codes, following the given guide:

  1. Press the “ESC” Button.
  2. Further, go to the settings option.
  3. Find a search bar.
  4. Copy-paste cheat code as it is, in the search bar. 
  5. Press the enter button.

Note: It is significant to note that the player must not add any additional quotation marks, commas, and semicolons. Otherwise, the cheat code will not work. Consequently, you will also be at risk of losing performance until now. 

Breeder of N pregnant Foxen


You can download Breeders of Nephelym cheats and games online. This game explicit numerous characters with many superpowers and high-end traits. It is an on-going game. Thus, you can enjoy it playing in your free time. Of course, when you are alone and want to mate. With the character’s sexual appetite in the game, you can entertain yourself for hours via planning, plotting, and breeding with different Nephelyms. Above all, this game also brings knowledge of character traits of demons, dragons, succubus, incubus, and so on.

“Keep playing. It is your time to churn the butter of Nephelym’s valley.”