Games like RuneScape List Trending 2020

games like RS

2020 is a year for gamers. Online Games like RuneScape keep us busy like nothing else. But, do you want to explore games similar to RuneScape? Yes. This opportunity makes your gaming world more and more challenging with each level. Without a doubt, if you are a long-term player at the RuneScape, you must have encountered hundreds of challenges. Yet, your competence demands game challenges up to a great level. Well. Believe it or not, games like RuneScape for PS4 come with multiple player potential. That’s right! These games feature multiple players and allow them to play in a team against their online nemesis. 

Are you excited to download skilling games like RuneScape for Android? If Yes. You are on the right page to find the list of best games 2020. During this lockdown, the online gaming planet is crowded with endless content. From fire guns, players from overseas, and immense game challenges, everything is there. Hence, they are ready to fill your day with power and thrill.  

Before you go ahead, are you familiar with RuneScape? If Not, the following introduction will help you to attain the knowledge of the best features of RuneScape and how to download it. Furthermore, in this reading, you can find out more games like RuneScape to enjoy during this lockdown period. Give your brainbox a swirl!

What is RuneScape or Games like RuneScape?

By definition, RuneScape is one of the high-end online games with fantasy and role-playing as the major feature. To begin with, this gaming mobile application holds a very powerful server. This server comes with Log in the capacity of up to 2000 players from all over the world at a time. For the most part, RuneScape allows one player to communicate with another. Without a doubt, it is a world-class game that enhances communication skills and gaming skills by connecting one player to another. To me, these games feel like a field of Warriors. 

games like RuneScape

It was introduced in 2001 by Jagex and Andrew Gower. It comes with one of the most unique gameplays of the early 2000s. Hence, it became highly trending during the introduction period. 

What is RuneScape Gameplay? 

To begin with, the player who just started playing RuneScape starts from a non-public and skeptical area. While moving through this area, the player comes across a game tutorial with clues. Now, once the tutorial ends, the player meets other players who deliver information about its objective and more. But, to the reader’s surprise, in RuneScape, a player can set his own goals. This is where the player decides his strength and starts playing for a target. 

Are Games like RuneScape Free?

Yes. RuneScape is available for download and play for both free and premium members. However, only limited RuneScape skills are made available to use for free players. On the other hand, a premium player holds more power. The reason being premium members receive all the 28 skills in RuneScape. 

Check out the following list of RuneScape skills:

Attack, Cooking, Archaeology, Constitution, Construction, Contrasting, Hunting, Dungeoneering, Firemaking, Invention, Mining, Strength, Smithing, Thieving, Woodcutting, Slayer, Runecrafting, Summoning, Prayer, Ranged, Fletching, Fishing, Farming, Herblore, Magic, Defence, and Agility. 

Among these 28 skills, only 17 skills are available for free players. Hence, you can enjoy RuneScape today with free installation and enjoyment. 

What are the top 2020 Games Like RuneScape?

Have you gained perfection already in RuneScape? Well. This is the modern age. Hence, the gaming world has become advanced in the context of graphics, audio, chatting, mining, and other productive skills for multiple players online. It is the right moment to expand your gaming skills and move on to the top 2020 multiplayer games that are similar to RuneScape. Let’s take a glimpse:

World of Warcraft, one of the top Games like RuneScape

This game is simply WoW, literally!!! To begin with, it is also a fantasy-based online game with role-playing alternatives. It was originally introduced in 2004 as a creative gaming platform by Blizzard Entertainment. Without a doubt, the success of WoW is incredible as recently in 2017, the entertaining organization declared the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic.


WoW holds multiple game plots such as Rise of the Blood God, Shadow of the Necropolis, and Assault on Blackwing Lair. Thus, these plots deliver a perfect Game of Thrones Vibe. further, it grasps the interest of players with the strength to control a game character and benefit from it to triumph the game. Believe it or not, the game enhances one’s mind power in the context of plan crafting, and final execution.


This is a sandbox video game with exclusive features discovered by Microsoft experts. This is one of the Games like RuneScape 2020 for Xbox. This game delivers high-end mining knowledge using tips and tricks to win against the other players. In this game of Minecraft, the player comes across various bumps and barriers such as lava, cactus, fire, berry bushes, and more. One of the most unique features that this game offers is “Hunger as a factor.” That’s right. In Minecraft, a player loses one of their lives upon starvation. 

Well. of course, this factor enhances the struggle level for the players, however, they can eat or gain energy via additional objects. Apart from this, Mobs also play a great role in Minecraft. These mobs mostly are random block-made animals that come across the player’s way. Minecraft Optifine helps to overcome such mobs by adding a game extension. Try it today.

League of Legends

When it comes to Games like RuneScape for PS4, how can we leave the League of Legends out? It is also shortly known as LoL. This outstanding game is filled with unlimited content, barriers, riots, runes, minions, monsters, and maps to generate an interesting plot each time. 

Do you remember the “Dragons and Dungeons” from the Big Bang Theory? If Yes. You are in for an outstanding route with multiple players online this weekend at League of Legends screen. This game like RuneScape Reddit caters to the player with the high-end battle arena at each level upscaled. Since the introduction in 2007, the plots like Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss are quite prominent. 

games like RS

Hence, the League of Legends game maps create a high-end and trilling battling experience for the players. For an exclusive game plot, one map includes two teams of multiple players. Apart from this, upon victory, the League of Legends announces top champions including marksman, slayer, fighter, tank, controller, and Mage. Click here to download League of Legends for Android. 

AdventureQuests Worlds

This is another Game like RuneScape Reddit for PS4. You cannot walk away from AdventureQuests Worlds by Artix Entertainment. This game was released in 2008 with four major characters for every plot. These characters include mage, healer, warrior, and rouge. These characters’ power and frailty factors allow the players to use numerous game skills and lead for their victory. One of the major motives is to defeat nemesis in the game. 

Some of the most prominent game plots of AdventureQuests Worlds are:

  • Book of Monsters Saga
  • Queen of Monsters: Ancient Evils Saga
  • 13 Lords of Chaos Saga
  • Throne of Darkness Saga

To begin with, in the plots of AdventureQuests Worlds, there is an evil with a threatening motive against the world. The heroic character objects to save the world and kill the monsters along with other major barriers. This game delivers elite battling experience in the end that fills the players’ sole with enlightenment and positivity. The evil and the good plot of this game like RuneScape 2020 is a winner. 


When it comes to finding games like RuneScape for PS4, the players look forward to new games. However, EverQuest is one and the best 3D role-playing game introduced before RuneScape in 1999 for Windows. Now, players can download EverQuest for Android, macOS, and Windows. This multiplayer game plots it around the objective-victory of female warriors. Too feminine? Well. This modern age is all about women’s empowerment. 


To the reader’s surprise, EverQuest Game has also suffered some unbelievable online controversies. Among the players of EverQuest, a debate was on. It refers to the rights of the character along with the intellectual property right displacement in the game. Well. No one can get enough of this controversy. Consequently, the following happened in the history of the gaming industry for the firs-time ever. EverQuest and its team blocked the player for a lifetime who started such controversy. 

Apart from this, the game also suffered lawful barriers. The reason being some players accused the game of holding addictive qualities and skills. Further, as a proof of evidence, one of the players received diagnoses results. These results showed a Schizoid personality disorder. But, earlier than the diagnoses, the player had committed suicide. 

But, you do not need to worry! The EverQuest is free of such accusations and has proved non-addictive. Download EverQuest today and greet your weekend with 100% entertainment. 


In the past few decades, the gaming industry has evolved in the context of role-playing games. From Games like RuneScape to PUBG, and World of Warcraft’s, everyone gets a battling arena. How to make this fantasy fun? Well. Get in the line to download multiple player online games. 

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