The importance of extracurricular activities for your child

extracurricular activities

When we think of a person, whether it be a close friend or someone we look up to, it is often not how “much” they know about certain subjects like mathematics or geography, but rather, how they portray what they know and what other skills they have that makes them a likable, interactive personality. It thus comes as no surprise that a deeper look into how most academic courses are designed will reveal that there is much to be left wanting, especially if you are someone who views education to be not only for academic purposes but to teach youth about how to grow up into a productive member of society. 

Cramming notes over a learning management system cannot teach one how to interact in public and stand up for yourself, or how to express your creativity through paper crafts, which is why enrolling your child into a school without any plans to let them be a part of extracurricular activities is inherently debilitating rather than educational. 

Fortunately, with the turn of the decades, more and more people are ready to address this gap in the standard educational process pursued at school, which is why many are now advocating for making extracurricular activities a compulsory portion of your academic experience. This process has been made easier with several such vocational courses offered both in school and other institutions that follow an enterprise resource planning software which is the ERP full form. Yet, the first step is to convince parents and guardians about the benefits of choosing extracurricular activities and giving them a decent level of importance in comparison to and alongside academics. Read on for 3reasons for the above:

Helps learn how to multitask :- 

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Everyone on this planet has only 24 hours in a day, yet it can often be seen that many adults are capable of juggling a booming career path while also keeping a busy social life. It is easy to not pick up this skill and instead fall behind, turning either into a workaholic or someone who has to give up their professional potential to pursue a relationship. This problem can be avoided if the skill of multitasking is taught at a young age. Engaging in multiple extracurricular activities is a basic model which enables learning and developing multitasking skills, and thus, necessary for those who value time management and prioritizing skills as well. 

Helps create new connections:- 

It might be so that one of the happiest memories from childhood was when you went to summer camp or joined a similar group activity. As a form of extracurricular activities, engaging in group setups helps find similar-minded personalities who are interested in the same hobbies as you. Enrolling your child in extracurricular activities, irrespective of their particular nature is infinitely better than using the chat option of the learning management system as the only form of communication with those in a similar age group. Not only does it help make new friends but they can often become lifelong connections, who completely change your child’s approach to life in general. 

Helps develop social skills:- 

Parents are the guiding forces in the lives of a majority of children around the world. While having a parent by your side is something quite beneficial in most cases, sometimes it is necessary to let your child explore the world on their own. Yet, the world isn’t as simple as a neatly organized enterprise resource planning software, which is the ERP in full form. Not everything is easily accessible and oftentimes your child will have to earn their place in the setting. 

Fortunately, learning social skills and using them to create a desirable public personality is something that becomes easier with practice. Taking part in a variety of extracurricular activities allows the child to practice these skills and keeps them well aware of different facets of their personality which can help them thrive in different circumstances without outside help. 

At the end of the day, choosing what extracurricular activity your child wants to pursue, whether it is music, art, archeology, or videography, is their decision and one which should be based on what would best suit their personality. After all, today’s society hosts options galore, it is only necessary to keep the option of enriching their educational experience with extracurricular activities.