Mental Health in Construction Procurement SoftwareConstruction: Tips to Promote Well-Being in Your Company

Mental Health in Construction Procurement SoftwareConstruction

According to the latest research, the construction sector is still among the most dangerous. It means that workers face continuous stressful situations, risky operations, and challenges. Some experts even analyzed the matter of human suicides in the building industry. The showings are quite impressive. The suicide rate is the highest in comparison with other niches like retail or marketing. The construction sector requires great strategies focused on the improvements of its workers’ mental health.

It does not mean that other popular approaches stop ruling the industry. No, digital-friendliness and automation with the help of high-grade digital tools like BIM systems, building estimating software, cloud-based programs, and other high-tech solutions matter. You need to switch from manual operations with human-factor errors to paperless workflows that are fully automated and efficient nowadays.

But do not forget about the well-being of your team. Most suicide victims in construction are overstressed people with poor mental health. The task of the team is to detect these problems and help teammates to cope with such complicated challenges. But the best scenario is to prevent any issues with your workers’ well-being. Here is a range of recommendations for construction contractors to take into account. 

How to Promote Wellness in Your Construction Company: 5 Tips for Contractors

We are not robots. That is why it is impossible to upgrade any person in several clicks. You can undertake your estimating, costing, and quoting routine tasks the same way with the help of the best-matching construction procurement software. But human mental health is much more complicated than software algorithms.

Nevertheless, it is possible to prevent any issues with the well-being of the team if you are a result-driven contractor. Remember that your teamwork depends on the level of your teammates’ mental health. Take a closer look at these five helpful tips to make your workers happier, less stressed, and more concentrated on important tasks they have in their positions:

1 – Try to Reduce Stress

Even if you implement new digital tools, be sure that you will not bring more challenges for your workers. For this reason, think of training programs and plan everything beforehand. The same story with any other changes in corporate policies. Update step by step without additional stress for your team.

Remember that both office and on-site workers face numerous stressful situations every day. They have a direct impact on their mental health. You can reduce stress with the help of well-managed and well-explained duties in the building pipeline. Show your protection and improved safety measures like insurance, high bonus rates for overworking, etc.

Plus, be sure that your team is glad about the working conditions you provide. Ask your managers about regular screening with anonymous questionnaires or something similar. Supply your workers with all the on-site facilities and provide uniforms for severe weather conditions.

2 – Promote Zero Alcohol & Drug Use

One of the main reasons people use alcohol and drugs is overstressing. That is why come back to the first item on the list of tips and revise your corporate policies one more time. If you face the challenge of alcohol and drug use, it is better to explain to workers all the risks and penalties from the very beginning.

Add some new rules according to rehabilitation programs and therapies if alcohol or drug addiction is detected. Your task is to have a safe environment on the site and in the office. For this purpose, be strict with using drugs and alcohol. These people should leave their positions to be treated and have cognitive-behavioral therapies.

3 – Arrange No-Taboo Meetings

Your workers prefer not only ordinary meetings about your results, achievements, and business goals. Arrange team building events and no-taboo conversations as well. It is better to discuss all the problems without your hierarchy in the company but help people timely. Usually, the following problems are unveiled during open communications about mental health:

  • Depression and anxiety;

  • Unpleasant working conditions;

  • Poor salaries and bonus payments;

  • Zero or poor insurance packages, etc.

Do not forget about family background and broken hearts. All the relationships can bring discomfort and inconveniences to the working position. But if you help people to solve their intimate problems instead of stressing them out even more, their mental health issues will disappear faster.

4 – Professional Guidance Matters

Why not hire a competent specialist to consult your workers about their mental health? This is a great idea to provide your teammates with professional guidance at work. Find perfect therapists and invite them for some workshops if you are interested in full-time positions and the provision of regular EAP programs popular worldwide.

5 – Create a Sound Workplace Culture

One more good idea for result-driven contractors is to develop a really healthy workplace culture. You can try various approaches. But one of the most necessary strategies to take into consideration is to show your caring attitude to workers. They should understand and feel that you will support them and provide a piece of advice. Do not foster a negative workplace culture with regular punishments and penalties. Have a balance with strict rules and bonuses for your staff.