Is Tyler Perry Married? Who is his son’s Mom? Know Here

is tyler perry married
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Tyler Perry is a famous actor, director, novelist, and comedian from the USA. His character Madea is one of the most iconic characters. He tries to do something new in his new movies; if you have watched his acting, it is legendary. In Hollywood, he is a well-respected actor. However, the most asked question about him is: is Tyler perry married? His fans worldwide want to know about his marriage. In this article, we will tell you whether he is married or single. So, keep reading.

Is Tyler Perry married?

Tyler is a rich and famous American actor from America, and probably all his fans think he can’t be single. But the truth is he is single. However, he hasn’t married in his life, but he had one girlfriend named Gelila Bekele. If he does marriage in the future, we will be the first ones to update. Now, Let’s know something about her ex-girlfriend.

Gelila Bekele- Ex-Girlfriend of Tyler Perry

She is a well-known model born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After graduating, he moved to the USA. At the age of 19, a model recruiter discovered her; at that time, she was at the University of California. In 2006, she started her modeling career by working for Ford models Paris and New York. In her modeling career, she did many modeling shoots for big companies like Diesel, Anna Sui, Troy Burch, Levi’s, H&M, Pantene, Nespresso, Michael Kors, L’oreal, and Pantene. She is also an Activist and Humanitarian and contributes to Charity Water. This charity provides clean water to people who need it. In 2017, she also attended the Women’s March in Washington.

Is Tyler Perry Married? The Love story 

The love story of Tyler and Gelila started in 2007 when they both met first time at a prince concert. After dating secretly for two years, they made their relationship public in 2009. On 30 Nov 2014, they both welcomed their first child. They named him Aman; he is their one and only child. The couple split in 2020 after dating for another six years. Although they dated each other for 11 years, they still chose not to marry. 

is tyler perry married
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So, Tyler Perry is still single. There is no information about his son Aman; he wants his son’s life to be private. 

Why did they both Break up?

After dating each other for over a decade, most fans thought they would get married. So, why they didn’t marry? Well, Tyler is a hardworking man and puts most of his time into work. However, he thinks that he will be a good father. He says that Gelila is amazing and a child with her is perfect. The reason for their break up is still unknown to the world. However, the world knew he was single when he shared a photo on Instagram. Bekele takes care of their children despite their split. After the breakup, Perry has full focus on his career. Now you know the answer of is Tyler Perry married. Now let’s learn some interesting facts about him.

Early Life:

He was born on 13 September 1969 in Louisiana, which makes him 52 years old. He lived his childhood with his three siblings. His father was beating him so much, so once he decided to suicide. Later, He changed his name from Emmit to Tyler at the age of 16. He didn’t complete high school and afterward acquired a GED degree. He started writing a journal after discovering that writing helps with depression and gives strength from an episode of Oprah Winfrey’s Show. In 1992, his first play was staged in Atlanta.


Unfortunately, Perry was poor. He did his musical at many places and also did different jobs. Finally, his play was now getting praise from critics. His second play, ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself, was a hit. He played his legendary character Madea in this play. After that, he made Diary Of a Mad Women, Madea’s Family Reunion. Both came in one year break.

However, he got his first big break in Hollywood when his first film Diary of a Mad Black Women, came in 2005. With a budget of just 5 million, the film made over 50 million at the box office. Next year he made the second installment of the Madea franchise, Madea’s Family Reunion. After the massive success of his films, he created his studio. His first TV series, “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,” aired on 21 June 2006. After that, he made many movies and series. People Love his films so much cause his acting is so natural and versatile.

Net Worth:

At the time, Tyler Perry has an approximate net worth of 1 Billion Dollars. However, It shouldn’t surprise you cause most of his films are blockbusters. His Madea franchise is an absolute hit; it has 14 movies in the franchise. All the films combined have done business of over 700 million at the box office. The fun part is that most of this franchise’s movies have a budget of less than 20 million. He makes over 200 million dollars every year from the entertainment industry. Shockingly, his production studio company also makes 150 million dollars yearly from one deal with ViacomCBS. He made his enormous empire from scratch.

is tyler perry married
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Interesting Facts About Tyler Perry:

  • His famous Tv show, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, made him millions of dollars. The show aired for eight seasons. Undoubtedly, the show was an instant hit and people around the world loved it. It was first a big show for a new network CW. 
  • He was also a writer, director, and producer of Meet the Browns. The show premiered in January 2009 and ended in 2011.
  • He acted in other big films like Gone Girl, Alex Cross, Star Trek, Vice, and TMNT: Out of Shadows.
  • He has a Gulfstream III private jet, which cost him 125 million dollars. He also spent 50 million to customize it.
  • Tyler is 6ft 5 inches tall and weighs 95 kg. And her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Recently, he signed a four-movie deal with amazon prime video.
  • He is also famous on all social media platforms. On Instagram, he has 6.9 million followers, and 6.6 million followers on Twitter.


Is Tyler Perry married?

No, Tyler Perry hasn’t marry and still single at 52. However, he had some affairs in the past, but he chose to be single.

How many times has Tyler Perry tied a knot?

He never married anyone. However, he was in a relationship with Gelila Bekele for 11 years. But they chose to split in 2020. They also have a kid named Aman Together.

Who is Gelila Bekele?

Gelila is a 35 years old famous Ethiopean model. She is famous for her long relationship with well-known actor Tyler Perry.

Is Tyler Perry a Billionaire?

Yes, he is a billionaire. He has a net worth of 1 billion dollars, and he made all the money despite coming from poverty.


Is Tyler Perry married? Well, now you know that Tyler Perry is Unmarried and single. However, he was in a relationship with Gelila for 11 years. They both have a kid together, Aman. But finally, they chose to split and didn’t tie the knot. Well, don’t worry; your favorite actor Tyler is still in great shape and can tie a knot any day he wants. He is making great movies in Hollywood, and his production is making him millions. We will update you if he ties a knot with someone. Lastly, tell us in the comments which Madea film is your favorite.