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Junkcarsus is the nation’s largest buyer of used cars with emergency yards nationwide. We buy more than 400,000 used cars and trucks every year and we would like to purchase yours regardless of condition. Thanks to our experience, we are the best source of affordable, high-quality auto parts. Click on the link below to sell your car or find the part you need at a place near you! Our offices are located all over the country, in any convenient place we can pick up your car. You can simply Google the location of our landfill in Dallas, Texas. Want to sell your car quickly? Need to remove the garbage car? Get a free quote right now from the top used car buyers in the country. Our company in Dallas will buy your unwanted car 7 days a week. Do you have an old car, truck, or van that you’d like to get rid of? Maybe a garbage truck or scrap metal? We buy all vehicles, working or not. Get a free instant online quote and see how much you can get paid! We’ve been recycling cars for over 20 years and can share our experience to help you get the most out of your car sale. Is your car not working? No problem! We organize towing services for your car. If you want to salvage your car or get cash for it you can apply to auto salvage yards in Dallas

If we don’t have one, we can find it for you elsewhere, at a reasonable price.

We ship our parts only to anywhere in the continental UNITED STATES. Transfer and delivery of the car are also possible. We offer a warranty on all parts. Every vehicle we handle is dismantled, inventoried and stored. If we don’t have a part in our inventory, we are affiliated with a national parts search system that can find almost any used auto part, light truck part or accessory and send the item directly to us. We care about the environment and reclaim more than 95% of all cars we handle. All liquids, unusable tires, batteries and metals are recycled or disposed of properly. Looking for quality used tires? Junkcarsus in Texas will help you.

We have a large selection of tires for most domestic and foreign models of cars and trucks at competitive prices. Stop by and let us help you find what you’re looking for. We feel that friendly and helpful customer service combined with quality spare parts, desired prices,

and a delivery service in Central Florida will satisfy all your car needs.

How do we work ?

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  1. We check all the details. Our company will help you quickly and easily find Junkyards in Dallas. All used parts are checked before sale. Everything is mechanical, checked for functionality. We visually check for cracks, leaks, damage or problems before putting parts into our inventory system. Our inventory of warehouses in Texas is updated daily to provide fresh and up-to-date information to our customers.
  2. We guarantee all spare parts. Feel safe and calm as you search for landfills in Washington and millions of used auto parts from our nationwide network of local health yards. We provide a warranty on some of the parts we sell. Junkcarsus makes it simple and easy to find local auto salvage yards. We also ship all of our parts anywhere in the United States. Our site provides landfills in Dallas instantly at your fingertips.
  3. Nationwide Shipping and Shipping. When you urgently need landfills in Dallas, we partner with all major shipping and freight carriers to ship any used part, used engine, used powertrain, and more to any address in America. Our representatives provide constant contact and up-to-date tracking so that you can always check where your order is currently located.

Junkcarsus is your top choice online when it comes to finding a landfill in Dallas. Our items are both pulled out and ready to ship. Our vast nationwide autosport network connects thousands of lifeguards and landfills in one place. Increase the ability to search for any detail you are looking for. Buy used parts on site to save time on delivery. If our yard does not have your used part in stock, we can deliver it to you, no problem! Quickly look for landfills in Dallas in our car inventory system. For those who don’t know, the Dallas Junkyards allow you to come into the yard with the cars outstretched. You bring your own tools and borrow a cart and parts for your project. That’s great if you’re looking for discontinued parts on a 10-year-old car. Are you an A/C Vents crashed in your 10-year-old van? You can get them here in landfills in Dallas for a few dollars, etc. Do you turn your own wrench and can change the engine? You can probably buy a non-working car for a few hundred dollars and get an engine and transmission from here for a few hundred more and have a working car on the cheap if you do the work yourself. Our sparks, Junkyards in Texas used auto parts store/car and truck rescue warehouse is open seven days a week. Visit our store and check out the extensive inventory of fresh cars added daily. You’ll find our selection of used parts for cars, vans and light trucks and incredibly low prices that are hard to beat. Either way, if what you want to find isn’t included in this list or you need information about the nearest landfill, we advise you to continue navigating a little more and further.


Q: What is an auto salvage yard?

A: An auto salvage yard is where old or damaged vehicles are stored and dismantled for parts or scrap metal1.

Q: How can I find an auto salvage yard near me?

A: You can use a search engine like Bing to find an auto salvage yard near you by entering your location and the keyword “auto salvage yard” in the search box.

Q: How can I buy a salvage car from an auto salvage yard?

A: You can buy a salvage car from an auto salvage yard by participating in an online or offline auction or by contacting the yard directly and making an offer.

Q: What are the benefits of buying a salvage car from an auto salvage yard?

A: Some benefits of buying a salvage car from an auto salvage yard are lower price, availability of rare or vintage models, and potential for customization or restoration.

Q: What are the risks of buying a salvage car from an auto salvage yard?

A: Some risks of buying a salvage car from an auto salvage yard are hidden damages, legal issues, insurance problems, and safety concerns.

We love your business! If you find your share in our online parts search, we recommend that you call before you arrive. To make sure your item is in the yard next to you, contact our professional staff to confirm the location of any item for you. We are in the process of adding an online inventory of parts so that you can easily find the part you need. Contact us shortly to get access to this new feature. Feel free to call us if you have any questions.