Kamala Harris net worth: How much does the most influential

kamala harris net worth

What is Kamala Harris net worth? Kamala Harris, the first Black, South Asian, and woman vice president of the US, holds an estimated $7 million fortune. 

The second most influential law firm in Washington pays well, but Kamala Harris’ checking account was healthy before she became vice president. We look at the finances and wealth of the woman who could one day become the first woman to occupy the Oval Office.

They say that only the richest millionaires can draw a bead on the White House. However, undoubtedly, what they say seems to have at least some amount of truth involved in it. It happened in December 2019 when Kamala Harris put an end to participating in a primary campaign in order to make way indirectly for Joe Biden to become the Democratic campaigner. The underlying reason for this deed was that she simply could not afford a presidential campaign. “We lack the funds to continue. I’m not a billionaire. I can’t finance my own campaign.” She was not telling a lie (the reason being she is not a billionaire in fact), but that was also not the entire truth either. As reported by Forbes, Harris’ personal fortune, which has already overstepped her initial 100 days as vice president of the US, could get at the not inconsiderable figure of 7M dollars.

 Joint income of Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff

As a matter of fact, in 2020 only, she and her husband, Doug Emhoff, gave an account of the joint income of $1,695,225, defrayed $621,893 in taxes, and given a sum of $27,000 to charity, as per the couple’s tax return. In recent times, the couple has accrued approx. $2M in revenue, thanks largely to Emhoff’s lucrative job as an entertainment lawyer at a prestigious Los Angeles law firm, a position he resigned when Harris was named vice president.

Breakdown of Harris’s earnings

It is time to break the Harris earnings down. Harris earns a gross salary of $235,100 a year for serving as Vice President of the United States. That does not include lodging (the VP and her family reside with all expenses paid at number 1 One Observatory Circle) or the $ 100,000 a year for expenses associated with her representation work.

Various prestigious positions Harris assumes 

Harris earns a salary of $235,100 a year as vice president of the United States.

But the Democrat has always had good salaries. Assuming various prestigious positions, for example, from the San Francisco district attorney to the California attorney general, and later as a senator, Harris is able to draw a salary worth $174,000 yearly. Apart from this, over the years, Harris generated a pension worth a million dollars, and she will gather it at the time of her retirement.

kamala harris net worth

Earnings from published books and houses she owns.

As a matter of fact, the vice president also receives income from the three books she has published to date. In 2019 alone, her memoir, The Truths We Hold: An American Journey, brought her earnings of $320,000. And all that without counting her real estate holdings. Harris and Emhoff is currently the proprietor of 3 houses: one in Los Angeles, one in Washington DC, and one in San Francisco, and they all have a worth of 5M Dollars.


Also, your finances can only get improved from this time forth. Being an erstwhile Vice President of the US is typically a much more cost-effective business than holding office. According to Forbes, Mike Pence, VP of Donald Trump, has closed a deal of between 3 and 4 million dollars for writing his memoirs and Joe Biden himself brought in 17 million dollars in the four years after occupying the vice presidency between conferences and editorial contracts.

If, on the other hand, Harris one day manages to occupy the Oval Office, the economic prospects are even better. The salary of the tenant of the White House amounts to 400,000 Euros per year. One more reason to want to make history and become the first woman in charge of the United States government.

Kamala D. Harris’ Potential Future Earnings:

Kamala Harris can surely expect to increase her net worth in the future. Her political career is currently in the preliminary phases. She has lately been selected by vote for the position of senator for California’s third congressional district, although it is unlikely that she would be elected for another crucial political position sooner or later. As of now, her financial sources are limited to a salary worth $174,000 yearly. However, after being proposed as a candidate for the lotus position of the attorney general or another important position with enhanced earnings, Kamala Harris net worth is very likely to step up dramatically – perhaps by an extra $1 million.

kamala harris net worth

How Much Money Has She Raised?

The official Senate website cites that Kamala Harris has made an earning of approx. $1.5M for campaigns since 2000. From 2005 to 2010, she has accrued $20,000 in campaign donations and from 2011 to 2016, she has garnered earnings of $712,000. Moreover, according to the information revealed by Open Secrets, Kamala Harris had accrued $2.6 M in 2016 only after acquiring the position of Senator for California’s third congressional district.

On a Final Note

Kamala Harris net worth is estimated to be ranging from $6.75 million to $15.29 million. Her acquisition of wealth is mostly because of her successful political career. Very recently, as said above, she was elected senator of California’s 3rd congressional district. She also earned quite a nice sum thanks to the private sector jobs she had before entering politics. The exact amount of her salary back then is unknown, but Harris described a job in the private sector as “not always lucrative”.