Escape Room: Entertainment or Training for the Brain?

Escape Room

Have you ever wondered how you would behave if you got into a horror movie, a detective novel, or your favorite computer game? You can test your ability to solve complicated cases, complete a rescue mission, find treasures and tickle your nerves a little in escape rooms in Calgary.

The Benefits of Escape Hour

The main task of any escape room is to provide the player with a good time, emotional relaxation, and unforgettable impressions. Watching a movie or playing a video game can’t replace immersion in the real surroundings of the room. Everything here is real, although it’s just a game.

Participants will have to interact, rely on each other, and solve problems together.


  • Brings families and couples together.
  • Helps build business relationships. Employees of one company often attend escape rooms as part of a mini party or team building.
  • Allows you to diversify your daily routine.
  • Trains your brain.
  • Gives a lot of positive emotions.

So, training logical thinking, intuition, and stress resistance is a great reason to visit the escape room in Calgary. The skills acquired within one hour can be useful in real life.

There are many options and variations of escape games, but we can distinguish the most popular directions. For example, there is an escape from unpleasant, repulsive premises, such as a maniac’s lair, a lunatic asylum, a prison, a gloomy dungeon, or similar scary apartments. There is also the search for ways out of an average room without any plot ideas, additional emotional coloring, or the need to solve a crime committed in this room. You can also search for an item that somehow affects the further course of the story you are involved in or a meeting with otherworldly forces and the need to expose or overcome them. In a word, there is a wide choice.