Jackson Mahomes Age: Is He Older Than Patrick?

jackson mahomes age
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Jackson Mahomes is a social media influencer from the USA. He is famous for his lip-syncing videos on TikTok. However, most people know him as the annoying brother of Patrick Mahomes. Patrick is a well-known NFL player and currently plays for Kansas City Chiefs. On the other side, Jackson is creating videos on TikTok and making videos on other social sites. Once he poured water on raven fans, which is unacceptable. However, He seems like a funny and chill dude. In this article, we will tell you about Jackson Mahomes age and other facts about him and his brother.

Jackson Mahomes Age:

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Jackson is a young kid, born on 15 May 2000 in Texas, USA, which makes him 22 years old. His full family believes in Christianity, and his zodiac sign is Taurus. However, he seems like a young boy who wants to have fun in his videos. Additionally, he is just 22 years old and can become a bigger star in the coming future. Finally, after knowing Jackson Mahomes Age, let’s know about his family.

Name Jackson Mahomes
Birth Date 15 May 2000
Age 22 Years Old
Nationality American
Profession Social Media Influencer
Height 6 ft 6 Inch
Weight 85 Kg
Hair Colour Black
Eyes Colour Black
Shoe Size 12 (US)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net Worth 2 Million
Known For Being a brother of Patrick Mahomes
Boyfriend/ Husband Name Single
Marital Status Not Married
Birth Sign Scorpio
Father Name Pat Mahomes
Mother Name Randi Mahomes
Brother Name Patrick Mahomes


Jackson was born into a family of athletes. His father, Pat Mahomes, is a Former MLB Baseball player, and he played with Hall of Famer Dave Winfield. He started his career with Minnesota Twins in 1992. He had a great career in MLB. Presently, Jackson’s older brother Patrick is playing as a quarterback in NFL for Kansas City Chiefs. He was super bowl MVP in 2019, and also his team won Super Bowl that year. He was also the NFL MVP in 2018. In Summary, Patrick has one of the best careers in NFL history. Presently, Jackson’s mother is a housewife and supports his sons. Lastly, he has a younger sister named Mia Randall. She is also a basketball player and plays in the school basketball team. You can see her basketball videos on his mother’s Instagram. His family lives in Texas, where all the siblings lived their childhood. 

Before The Social Media:

Before coming into content creation, Jackson was a basketball player and was playing for his high school team. He had a god-gifted height of 6ft and 6 inches, which is perfect at any level of basketball. You can be an NBA player with that height. He played as a centre in school and was great at rebounding; however, he also had a smooth jump shot. He was second in total rebounds for his team Wildcats. In 2018, he finished his schooling at a school in his neighbourhood.

He had great skills and height to be a good basketball player, but he instead chose to be a content creator. He chose a different career than his other family members. Jackson left school and basketball and started his TikTok account to make videos. In an interview, Jackson said he really loved playing basketball but had to quit cause he wanted to be an online content creator. He was able to dunk, and you can see him dunk in one of his videos.

jackson mahomes age
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After quitting school, he shifted his full focus to TikTok. At that time, TikTok was booming, and people were getting millions of views. So, Jackson created a TikTok account and started posting short videos. He published his first video on 23 September 2019, more like an introduction video of him. However, he made the second video with his brother Patrick; at that time, Patrick was already famous, and by creating videos with him, Jackson got many views. After that, he made some normal TikTok and some with his brother. However, not every video of him was good, many hated him, and some people liked him.

Some people were saying that he was an embarrassment to the Mahomes Family. Most time, he faced criticism, and his supporters were so less. If you open the comment section of videos, you will see mostly hate comments. Most people compare him with his brother, but it is not fair. Some people also call him the sister of Patrick. However, Jackson loves his brother and supports him by making TikTok videos and going to his live games; he can’t see his brother lose. Despite all the ups and downs, he still has a massive followers count on TikTok.

Social Media Details:

Jackson is most famous on TikTok, with 1 Million followers and 36 Million likes on his videos. He mostly makes lip-syncing videos. He has over 200K followers on Instagram. Most of the photos are of his brother or his girlfriend. On Twitter, he has 30K followers and over 1200 tweets. He also has a youtube channel with 25K subscribers, where his most famous video is a Q&A video. 

Dating and Relationship:

Jackson is a young and charming dude; however, he is currently single and not dating anyone. He was seen kissing in a video with Dayna Marie, and people thought they were dating, but it was just a video, and they were not dating. Some people also claim that he is gay, but he confirmed in an interview that he is not gay and likes girls. He also has a huge crush on TikTok star Nessa. However, she is dating Josh Richards. Josh knew that Jackson had a crush on Nessa, so he made a video of Nessa in a Bed to make Jackson jealous and make a statement that “she is mine.” The feud between them continued for many weeks. Finally, Jackson is single.

jackson mahomes age
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Net Worth:

To begin with, Jackson is not an athlete like his brother Patrick, and his net worth is nowhere near his brother’s. However, Jackson has an approximate net worth of 2 million dollars. Additionally, his social media accounts are his main income source as a social media influencer. He is most famous on TikTok and makes the most money from TikTok through sponsorships. He makes some money from Instagram and youtube. Jackson also has his merchandise called Unathletic. On the other side, Patrick’s net worth is 40 million dollars. He signed one of the biggest contracts in sports history for 503 million dollars. Patrick makes way more money than Jackson; however, Jackson is happy with the money he’s earning. 

Physical Appearance:

Jackson is a young and tall kid. He has a height of 6ft and 6 inches and weighs around 85kg; he has black hair and black eyes. Additionally, Jackson carries a decent physic and an amazing ability to dunk the basketball.

Facts About him:

  • He once made a TikTok video of dancing on the jersey number of Sean Taylor at his retirement ceremony, which generated a backlash and finally, he said sorry to the public.
  • His brother’s wife, Brittany, is a soccer player. She is also a personal trainer for athletes. She married Patrick in 2022, and they also have a daughter named sterling.
  • His mother, Randi, is also insta famous with 100K followers on Instagram.


What is Jackson Mahomes Age?

He is 22 years old and was born on 15 May 2000. 

Why is Jackson even famous?

He is famous for his lip-syncing videos on TikTok, and also he is the brother of Patrick Mahomes.

Who is Jackson dating?

Presently, Jackson is single and searching for her perfect partner. However, he has a solid crush on Tiktoker Nessa Bartlett.


Jackson Mahomes is a social media influencer and brother of famous quarterback Patrick Mahomes. However, he is 5 years younger than his brother, making Jackson Mahomes Age 22. Additionally, Jackson has over 1 million followers on Tiktok and makes funny lip-syncing videos. Sometimes he messes up, but overall he is a nice guy and a good brother to Patrick. Lastly, Do you like or hate Jackson Mahomes? Tell us in the comments.

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