How to find trends on TikTok


This social network has already more than 1 billion users. If in the past most often they were teenagers, now there are collected absolutely any age category. Obviously, each generation has its own interests and preferences, but what is the trend? This is a popular video where you can see interesting transitions or unusual effects that you can find in the VJump app, moreover, it can just be an interesting idea. Trends can be filmed by all users, regardless of age and gender. At the moment, there are a huge number of trends, for example, dressing on click, before/after, pillow challenge, and the exchange of clothes between a woman and a man. We named only a small part of the trends, but how to look for them yourself?

Ways to seek 

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To be popular means to follow the fashion in TikTok and be the first who react to the novelties or create them. If you want to find trendy videos on TikTok, you need to do the next few steps:

  • In the section «interesting» on the home screen, you can see the most popular hashtags. Click on one of them and you’ll see thousands of videos where you can see the trend data.
  • You can learn new trends from bloggers because they are among the first to start shooting similar videos.
  • In the tape, the recommendation will also be very easy to calculate viral videos, as they will be very frequent.
  • In the editor when adding music. When choosing the music for the video, you can watch the top popular songs. They are conveniently arranged by topic.

Now you know how easy and fast it is to find a trendy video, but now the question is how do you shoot it? Masks and music in the ticktock will help you in this, but you can also take advantage of additional unusual effects and transitions in the VJump app, because it is always good to stand out, especially in such a popular social network.

Trend success

Then you know exactly how to find popular videos. In order to make your video also «fly», you must write hashtags under the video, as well as not forget about the beautiful transitions, filters, effects, and music, because they create a trending video. Moreover, it is recommended to shoot videos several times to practice and choose the best option.

How to create effects on TikTok

If you think that it is enough to just make a video for TikTok, no — without certain retouching tools you cannot do. Looking through the tape for just a few minutes, you will notice that almost no video is complete without effects or so-called masks. In the filter section, there are quite a lot of different options in the TikTok, but they are constantly changing, as it is impossible to put all masks in one section, there are too many. If you open the effects section, you can see such groupings: in trend, new, events, funny, backgrounds, appearance, AR effect, and many others. Each mask has its own features, as they have a different function from a change of appearance to a change of background, moreover, you can find new effects in our app VJump. To set up the app follow the link to TikTok editing app

Variety of effects 

Since this social network has gained popularity very quickly, then a huge number of effects appeared, because all users are interested in these additions. In order to put a mask on your video you need to go to the main page of TikTok and press the button «+», then on the left in the lower corner, there will be a section with the effects which you can use. Let’s take a look at the variety of effects in the app VJump that have emerged:

  • Clone effect. A very unusual sight, when in the video you are several, on the one hand, it is even something frightening, and on the other, it is quite interesting, and how did he do it? Therefore, this effect is suitable to surprise your audience.
  • The Flash effect has become a trend. This type of video is so popular, especially if you want to demonstrate your new image or make-up with hair styling. 
  • Fire filter. It is a very interesting interactive because you can play with fire. We think it will impress all people and children too. 
  • Water effect. Another interesting background shows the mirror reflection of a person on the water. This filter will complement any video and will give a certain mystery. The great demand for it among the female audiences.

«A lot» — not always well 

Using effects in TikTok is very simple, the main problem is what kind of them you should choose. In addition to the effects in the video shooting section you can take the effects that you see in your recommendation tape, and you can also find them in the section «interesting». Before using the filter, you like, we encourage you to look at the videos that already exist with it to gather inspiration and new ideas.