How long do spiders live? Top 6 facts about spiders that will shock you to no end!

How long do spiders live
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Spiders have been a part of every scary movie out there. From horror outhouses to dense forests in different corners of the world, audiences have received the impression that spiders are pretty dangerous. To the reader’s surprise, a total of 6.1% of the world’s population have a fear of spiders and spider-like species in real life as well as fiction. This fear is medically acknowledged as Arachnophobia. Those with Arachnophobia often fear the answer to the question, “how long do spiders live?”

If you are also curious about predatory species of spiders and their lifespan, you are on the right platform. Today, we brought you a succinct guide on Spider facts. Excited? Let’s get started:

How long do spiders live
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Warning: Readers with Arachnophobia are strictly delivered with a trigger warning. Please read the following facts at your own risk. In the event that during any moment of this reading, anxiety, and fear related to Arachnophobia hits you, please contact your nearest friend or family member. 

#Fact 1: How long do spiders live? 

To begin with, there are more than 43, 000 spider species in the world that have been identified by professionals. However, the accurate answer to how many total species there are is still unknown? Thus, the answer to how long do spiders live is complex because each spider species has a different lifespan based on the climatic condition they live in as well as their breeding power. 

According to the studies, a spider’s lifespan can be anywhere between 2 years to 20 years, that too, only when captured. Not only this but here’s a fun fact: do you know? In 2016, North Bungulla Reserve revealed that their 43-year-old female spider of species trapdoor spider died. However, the most shocking part is that she did not die of old age at all. Instead, the spider was stung by wasp parasites which caused an infection and slow death to the spider. 

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Thus, the main question stands, do spiders get old? The answer to this question is still a mystery to be resolved. Because the trapdoor spider in the Bungulla reserve was the oldest spider ever lived. However, technically, she wasn’t old. Henceforth, many Aranchnologiest believes that a spider’s lifespan can potentially be equivalent to that of a human being. However, because spiders are innocent gulls for many parasites in dense forests and regular surroundings. Therefore, a spider’s chances of dying at old age (for example, 60 years or more) is nearly impossible, given that no reserve has found such old spiders. 

#Fact 2: Spider Rain is as real as anything

Alongside the question, how long do spiders live? Many curious online have searched for the title “spider rain” on video platforms like YouTube. Without a doubt, millions of spiders coming down from the sky during a regular day is something that can keep you from going outside out of fear for a long time. 

Well! Not that long. In fact, in 2015, Spider Rain was reported in Australia. However, spider rain is not just something planned by nature solely. Instead, according to a famous Archeologist, Spider Rain is a phenomenon for humans to understand what’s going on? The purpose of spiders behind spider rain is well designed. For example, for a long time, spiders in abandoned locations climb up. For example, a high wall or a mountain.

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Now, these spiders keep climbing up and keep sticking to the source using silk. Now, whenever the climatic conditions for spiders begin to get worse and worse, at one point in time, all or a high population of spiders plan to let go. As a result, they fall down, and it appears like they are coming from the sky. 

It is somewhat an illusion but shocking, right? 

#Fact 3: How long do spiders live if they practice cannibalism?

The concept of cannibalism among humans is somewhat creepy. However, there have been many instances in the world where human beings have practiced cannibalism and been put behind bars. However, among spiders, specifically female spiders, cannibalism is a common practice. 

According to a study, it has concluded that red widow spiders (or Latrodectus bishopi) consume their male partner during/after fornication. Not only this, but sadistic behavior in red widow male spiders has also observed. For example, according to an archeologist’s observation, a male Latrodectus bishopi forces his female partner to feed on him by forcefully putting himself in her mandibles. 

How long do spiders live
Image credit: NPR

Here’s another fact – do you know? Among many spider species in the world, females remain dominant. In comparison, males are submissive both by nature as well as size. Female spiders are physically strong and contain more venom than male spiders. Similarly, in between a days-old spider offspring and mother, an offspring tend to feed on mother. This concept also has the term “matriphagy,” which is an etymology for “eating mother.” One of the major reasons behind female spider consuming male spider after fornication are sexual differences. However, in the past few years, many theories have come up. Some of the most interesting ones are: 


  1. A male spider commits copulatory suicide by offering himself as a meal to the female spider after fornication. Why? Well! Among spiders, the fertility rate is very high. Thus, after copulation, 99% of female spiders get pregnant is 99% happening. Because an expectant mother needs high-quality protein sources in large amounts, a male allows female spiders to eat him and give birth to healthy offspring. 


  1. Other scientists believe that male spiders have a very intense conscience to pass on their genes. Thus, by consuming the male spider, the female spider can easily ensure that the offspring she is bearing will be exactly like him.


  1. Alongside, there are also theories and studies which conclude that a countable population of male spiders prevent themselves from consumption by the female after sex. How? They detect themselves from female spiders as soon as they get a release. 


Thus, if you are wondering how long do spiders live? For females, it depends on how long it takes for an offspring to eat a mother spider? And in the case of male spiders, it depends on whether or not female spiders cannibalize on them after sex. 

#Fact 4: There is only one place in the world where spiders do not exist

From your house’s darkest corner to the Amazon forest, there’s no place in the world where spiders do not exist except for Antarctica. Believe it or not, but except for Antarctica, in every forest of the world, a new habitat and species of spiders in different sizes and breeding patterns have recorded.

Image credit: National Geographic

One of the major reasons why spiders do not live in Antarctica is because of temperature and very low oxygen levels in the water. In the event that a spider finds a habitat in Antarctica, it will freeze and starve to death due to no food sources. 

#Fact 5: Goliath Birdeater is the largest spider in the world

The Internet has its way of enhancing one’s fears. For example, if you have Arachnophobia, you will definitely freak out by seeing a picture of a spider called Goliath Birdeater. According to studies, Goliath Birdeater is one of the most dangerous species of spiders as they are predatory by nature. For example, as the term “birdeater” suggests, the Goliath spider’s first and prior prey remains birds. However, with time and because of the inability to fly, goliath spiders have very little chance of catching a bird. Thus, instead of preying on birds, Goliath spiders often prey on insects that are more than average-sized. 

Not only this but this scary big Goliath spider species also has a taste for vertebrates. In the heaviest forests of South America, Goliath spiders often search for animals (for example, elephants) who have deceased so that they can eat their decomposing body. 

How long do spiders live
Image credit: American Museum of Natural History

Wondering how long do spiders live? Well! In the case of Goliath Spiders (female), they can live up to 25 years as long as they do not consumed by other predators. Because Goliath birdeater is venomous, no predator makes the mistake of eating them. Apart from this, male Goliath Birdeater only lives for up to six years. During which they copulate with female Goliath of their large size. According to other studies, it has also concluded that at a time, a female goliath spider lay more than 190 eggs. 

So, without a doubt, these spiders are reproducing faster than any microspecies in the world. 

#Fact 6: Can spiders rule the world? 

How long do spiders live? Is not the scariest question. Instead, the scariest question is, “will someday spiders rule the world?” And to your surprise, the answer is “quite possible.” To begin with, in the past few years, the world has come to know spiders as venomous creatures that can kill you with a single bite. Believe it or not, but since the 1900s, spiders coming from different species have evolved. Indeed, they have improvised in the context of size, quality of venom, and ability to climb. 

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Thus, it is indeed possible that many centuries forward in the future. Spiders will catch up and become parallel to the size of an average human being. That may be the end of the world!

Epilogue: How long do spiders live? 

Scared of spiders? Well! Since the evolution of the spider is not happening anytime soon, get yourself a big popcorn and enjoy some spider fantasy on Netflix. The new spiderman movie is out now. Thankfully, you can laugh at the irony that a spider is saving humans from all the danger in the world. Lol. thank you!