Kimberly Anne Scott, Em’s ex-wife arrested for suicide

Kimberly anne scott

Celebrities are full of controversies. Some are true, and others are just a pinch of the expression of their lifestyle. Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott is the perfect example of a celebrity’s tragic Life. We often think of stars as blessed. Because they have fame, money, life partners, love, and endless careers in Hollywood, however, when you dig more into their Life, the dirt you encounter may leave you stunned to no end. 

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In April 2016, Eminem’s song “My Name Is” was released internationally. Like all the other songs of the rap king, this also made it to a massive level of success. However, when you hear this song with a pinch of concentration on lyrics, Eminem talks about sensitive subjects such as child abuse, sexual assault, pedophilia, and poverty. The piece is very descriptive of the story of his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott. 

Unlike the spouses of other singers like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye, the story of Kimberly is very different. Her story puts forward the dark side of the world. The world where children are unloved, raped and abused to no end. 

While celebrity gossip, we dig deep into the past of celebrities. However, when the story of Kimberly 2020 came out. It was a shock to the world. 


All the information in this reading has been collected and decently put together for readers. We do not claim to personally witness or guarantee the entire truth behind a celebrity’s life’s tragedies. Please share this information further at your own risk. 

Today, we bring you ten facts about Kimberly Anne Scott, which describe her story of Life and her relationship with the biggest pop star in the world since 2000. 

Kim and Eminem were high-school sweethearts

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Even today, when I go to parties, I desperately wish to meet someone accidentally and make a good “sweetheart” out of him. This is what happened between Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem when they met at a house party in the 1980s. At that time, Kim was going through a difficult time. During a public interview, Eminem’s mother mentioned that Eminem (or Marshall) brought Kim home for a stay as she didn’t have anywhere to go. Hence, Kim and Eminem find comfort in each other. 

The couple luckily shared vows twice but broke!

Sometimes it is rather challenging to stay with a person whom you love than to leave. Kim and Eminem married for the first time in 1999. You will be surprised by the fact that they already had a daughter of four years when they tied the knots. However, the marriage didn’t stay put for long. In 2001, the couple separated and further divorced. 

In 2006, Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott found their way back to each other and again, tied the knot! However, this time, it didn’t take more than five months for Anne to file for divorce. 

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Although the reasons behind the couple’s separation remained unknown, during a tv interview, Eminem confessed that he would rather have another kid. But never marry again in Life. Some harsh words, right? 

Yet, a few sources confirm that Eminem and Kim both tended to turn on each other’s backs. Before marriage, Marshall cheated on Anne Scott. Later on, Kim reacted to Marshall’s actions by cheating him with Eric Hunter, the father of Whitney Houston. Anyway! It’s the industry. Things happen. 

Although Eminem had only married a single woman twice! He has publicly been seen with many of his girlfriends at different times. To name some, Mariah Carrey, Kaya Jones, Joy McAvoy, and Karrine Stephens. 

Eminem’s song about Kimberly Anne Scott

More often than not, singer Taylor Swift’s reputation is rolled under dust from time to time because she writes a song dedicated to each of her exes. But, do you know who the biggest broken Romeo in Hollywood is? It’s Eminem. Or, goes by the name Marshall Mathers. 

In 2000, Eminem’s Album called The Marshall Mathers LP included the song “Kim.” For the most part, the lyrics of the song were pretty violent and destructive. In the music, Eminem has talked about violently silencing Kim because he didn’t want the baby to wake up. And, the lyrics pronounce threats. 

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It was a very saddening scenario for Kimberly Anne Scott. According to a few resources, it has been concluded that Kim attended Eminem’s concert and viewed people cheering on Em’s words about beating her. She tried to self-harm and attempted suicide. 

Well! This wasn’t the first time Em has hurt Kim’s feelings. There are multiple albums where Em has talked about harming Kim. For instance, The Slim Shady LP song album, “Bonnie and Clyde,” spoke about Em drowning Kim’s dead body in water. 

It is rather horrific to think that someone fantasizes about killing you. However, Kim’s self-harm behavior is quite horrible in itself. 

Kimberly Anne Scott Attempted Suicide

Having suicidal behavior can be a lot more damaging than one may think? In 2010, words went around that Em’s ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott has attempted suicide. But, police arrested her for taking her life. However, luckily, she was saved. During one of her morning radio shows, she talked to the world about the time she tried to kill herself. 

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She revealed that she took uncountable pills and drove to the end of the pole so she could die without any possibility of survival. In turn, when she hit the pole, her SUV turned upside down, but thankfully nothing happened to her. Instead, she had to go through the probation of 12 months with a $900 fine for damaging the pole. 

Law and Kimberly Anne Scott are persistent rivals

Attempted suicide is not the only reason for Kimberly Anne Scott to face court and receive a harsh judgment. Many times, Kim had been arrested for DUIs, carrying illegal substances, and drug overdoses. It is, without a doubt, an unhealthy lifestyle. If you see photos of Kimberly Scott on Google, you will find her baggy clothes like a homeless American. From nowhere, she looks like Rap God’s ex-wife. 

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Kim’s sister died of a Drugs overdose

It is relatively easy to blame other people for all your problems. But, in Kimberly Anne Scott’s Life, the Drug problem is gifted. When top magazine brands dig deep into the past Kimberly during interviews, they found out that Kim’s childhood was a total tragedy. From Mother to Step-Father and sister, all have been the victims of Drugs. At a considerably young age, Kimberly’s birth sister died of a drug overdose. Her son, Dawson, did not have anywhere to go. The couple adopted Dawson within a year of his mother’s death. 

Today, Em and Kim share the parenthood of three children. One child comes from Kim’s early pregnancy with another (unknown) partner. His biology daughter Hailie Mathers is now a college graduate. 

During one of the interviews, Kim also mentioned Em as the best father in the world. Em also had given statements about being proud of his daughter for graduating and studying further. 

Victim of Sexual Assault as a child

According to Kim’s past, she and her twin sister, Dawn, were always on the run for a temporary home. The main reason for them not to stay at their mother’s place was their stepfather. Ancestry and sexual assault in Kim’s mother’s house was a regular thing. 

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Hence, when Kim found Em and they entered a loving relationship. Kim insisted on her sister for both of them to move in with Marshall Mathers. From then and there, the love story of the two began. 

Kimberly Anne Scott Net Worth 2021

You may be wondering, after such a troubled life, where is Em’s ex-wife today? Well! When you Google her, you will see her mugshot at the top. Hence, some Eminem fans simply assume that she is in jail. But to your surprise, after years of utilizing illegal substances and fighting with the law & order, Kimberly Anne Scott has cleaned herself pretty well. She is no longer a drug addict. 

Kim has been taking a high-end interest in her kids’ Life and supporting them to no end. Also, according to a genuine source, it has concluded that Kimberly Anne Scott’s net worth is $2 million. Her ex-husband, Eminem’s net worth is $230 million. That’s quite a significant difference there. 

Did Eminem remarry? 

Whenever a celebrity gets a divorce, we suppose that they will announce their wedding soon with some other boyfriend or girlfriend. But, in Eminem’s case, there’s no third party to put here. Indeed, Eminem has been single since 2006. As mentioned before, Eminem’s theory says that it would be best to give birth to another child than marry. And, it seems pretty mature. 

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Kimberly Anne Scott’s husband list does not go very far. She has also only been married to Em. Apart from this, both Em and Kim have not been seen dating anyone recently. Thus, they may very likely get together and match for the third time very soon. Or maybe they secretly have? Who knows? HUSH!!!


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