Into The Badlands Season 4: Theories to know before you say

Into the Badlands
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With Netflix injecting the platform with every possible period drama, it results in out shadowing classical post-war dramas created by ABC production. Into The Badlands is solely the most elite examples of this statement. Not only this, but the audience dropped all expectations when ABC production cancelled the up and going show. On social media as well, the cast of the show expressed its sour feeling towards the cancellation of Into The Badlands Season 4. 

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Unfortunately, after so much real-time drama by the audience and cast, neither ABC nor Netflix changed its decision. Hence, now there is a 100% chance that you will not see the end of “Into the Badlands.” The makers left their viewers amid a cliffhanger. Now, the only possible solution is if the show picked by other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime or Hulu. However, the chances are still very low. 

Therefore, to calm the heat down among the audience who were eagerly waiting for the final season of the show, we bring out some amazing facts and theories. We recommend you to look at the positive side! If the show hasn’t encountered a climax from the maker’s end. Why not make your own end. Sounds thrilling, right? So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

#1: Into the Badlands Season 3 doesn’t change anything

The last and final episode of the show titled “Seven Strike as One”, aired on May 6th 2019, wasn’t much of a cliffhanger. For instance, in the mentioned episode, evil’s identity has been revealed. It was Pilgrim. He is considered pure evil because he hides the fact that the new Azra is simply filled with the death and destruction of those who enter. 

As a result, a hardcore battle between Pilgrim and THE SEVEN takes place. The showdown was simply exciting for the viewers. However, the most thrilling part is “Into the Badlands Season 4” could not exist at that moment. 

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For example, if you think it through, season 3rd was a finale in itself. Six companions go against the Pilgrim. The secret of New Azra has been revealed. The sympathetic villain is now someone that the audience can see as “dark” and “bad.” For some of us, the story can end there. 

However, focusing on the last scene of the show, when Eli is holding a gun and expressing an ominous show, the show could be more than that. 

If Eli is going to shoot someone, the main question stands, who and why? Thus, if you deduct that Eli’s shot from the last episode, you have got yourself a worthy ending. 

#2: Into The Badlands Season 4 might have disclosed the “mainstream” goal

To begin with, the entire series focuses on young charges. Seven young superheroes are finding what’s beyond the Badlands. However, unfortunately, when season 3 ended, the audience still felt left out. Throughout the series, the journey was all about making it to the good lands hypothetically. But, somewhere in the post-apocalyptic story of the show, the motive remained forgotten not only by the makers but also by the viewers. 

In simple words, the audience finds it charming when seven young superheroes are powered together to fight against one big villain. In season 1, the mainstream villain was different from the Pilgrim. Amid

, M.K. was pretending to help the seven, but he was indeed at the side of Pilgrim. The 3rd season revealed Pilgrim as the main evil. 

into the badlands season 4
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 In short, we can say that Badlands makers never let the SEVEN go beyond. Throughout the entire series, they kept fighting villains and revealing secrets. Hence, the mainstream goal had lost somewhere. 

#3: The show seemed like a “Cult” at some point

Believe it or not, but the show seemed like a “cult-based” series at some point. For example, the seven main characters in the show: Sunny, M.K., Lydia, The Widow, Tilda, Bajaie, and The Pilgrim, were often seen to accept whatever that the unrecognized villain had to offer. Therefore, mysticism plays a big part in the show. 

In real life as well, people consider a person wise and worthy of trust when they keep presented with false facts. And prior to you know it, it turns into a cult. Thankfully, Into The Badlands had less and less population because people had met Pilgrim. He would have hundreds of followers in no time. 

#4: Into the Badlands Season 4 might have been shot in a different location

The reason why Into the Badlands Season 4 is unknown. However, there are possibilities that if Netflix picks it up from the ground, the audience will be entertained with a whole new set-up. That’s right! If you have ever noticed, the location or set-up in Season 2 is not as same as in Season 1. To the reader’s surprise, season 1 was shot in London.

Into the Badlands
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In comparison, season two was entirely shot in Ireland, which gave a fine backstory support to the show. Which land do you think would have delivered the perfect vibes to the show? Let us know in the comment section.

#5: Daniel Wu wasn’t the first pick for the cast

From having seen blondes to brunettes picked from previous shows, Into The Badlands makers made a far-fetching choice. Instead of choosing regular actors for the main cast, the team instead searched the Chinese commercial and television industry for best-fitting faces. However, Daniel Wu had priorly picked for his martial art skills. He then joined as a part-time producer. Later on, Daniel Wu was begged to perform on-screen because of his best-fitting stunts.

Into the badlands season 4
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If that’s not a lucky shot, we don’t know what is! From New Police Story to Tomb Raider and Beauty, Daniel is a well-known face in Hollywood. 

Bonus Facts: About the Cast of Into the Badlands Season 4

With “Into the badlands season 4” cancelled, the cast of the show seemed annoyed. Unlike other series, the badlands makers have to have a non-disclosed discussion with the cast to settle the feud. Here are some top controversies related to the cast of the show: 

#6: Daniel Wu talked about Cultural Appropriation

It is rather shocking that Daniel Wu went up against his culture in Hollywood. According to the story, ABC production/producers were receiving a lot of heat from the inside sources of Hollywood for casting Danny Rand from the Game of Thrones series. 

According to Daniel Wu, he didn’t like the Iron Fist cast decision. The reason being, in the original comic book, the mainstream character of Iron Fist is White. In Daniel Wu’s view, Hollywood takes cultural appropriation into consideration more often than one can think. For example, in 80% of the movies based on martial Arts, Asian or Asian-American actors and actresses are there. 

In a way, Daniel also used his words to send the same message to the makers of Into the Badlands Season 4. He called it “Hollywood Whitewashing.”

#7: The show opened new doors for Orla Brady

Sixty years old Orla Brady is performing superheroes on screen. Sounds like Hollywood is finally dropping the age-shaming game. To the reader’s surprise, Orla Brady (character: Lydia) in Into The Badlands Season 4 cancelled is seeking some new roles in the prominent series. To the reader’s surprise, she may be making a commencement of “Doctor Who” and “The Prince of Desire.” 

Into the badlands season 4
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If you remember, she was also popular through the Vikings. According to the statistics of the show and inside sources, Orla Brady took away over 36Million Euros combined for both the shows. 

Henceforth, it is no doubt that when Into the Badlands season 4 encountered a cancellation threat, the first one to abandon the set-up was Orla. 

#8: Nick Frost – A British Actor Out of the Closet

Before digging deep for a career improvising in the post-apocalyptic series, Nick Frost indeed acknowledged for the comic side. He has been a crucial part of movies like Hot Fuzz, The World’s End, Paul, The Truth Seeker, and Fighting With My Family. 

Do you know? One of the reasons why the Badlands makers picked Nick Frost for a serious character. It was because of his bravery in Hollywood, considering his sexual preferences. During one of the interviews, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg confirmed that they were once bed-partners. Having to give such a controversial spice to the media, Nick Frost proved that he is a real-time bad boy from the Badlands. 

#9: The entire cast comes from a strong background

Into the Badlands decision-makers, the choices seemed rather convenient. From picking Marton Csokas from Spiderman Two to Daniel Wu from many martial based movies, the entire cast is strong. Yet, the show had dropped after three persistent seasons, which showed nothing but dramatic killing. One of the main reasons why ABC dropped the show was persistently down sliding ratings. Viewers lost interest when each season was disappointed to enter the Goodland or disclose anything merely related to the backstory. 

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Whose fault was that? 

#10: Epilogue for Into the Badlands Season 4

Ironic, isn’t it? Delivering a conclusion for a season that never aired. Well! Let’s just say, at the end of Season 3, Eli was pointing a gun towards the sky or a mountain probably. Come back for more web series’ inside details. We are here for you! Thank you for reading.