EZTV Proxy, everything you need to know!

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We live in a world of paid streaming. Where we have outstanding online premium streaming websites with originally created documentaries and TV series; we prefer to use proxies such as EZTV proxy.


Why? Do you know? Only 40% of people among us can afford such high-rated premium websites. Do you know? Netflix costs approx $9 per month for single-screen streaming, that too, via SmartPhone only. Thus, today’s teen finance geniuses unearth the free-way to these premium databases. Hence, One of the best free online sites for streaming has been EZTV Proxy since its discovery on the Internet in 2005.

Looking to navigate the web anonymously or gather data without restrictions? This page spotlights the top proxy sites. From shielding your identity while browsing to powering large-scale data collection, these services offer a range of solutions to fit your specific online needs. All providers listed prioritize quality and user satisfaction, making them strong contenders for your next proxy partner. 


Today, at this platform, we are mentioning currently running EZTV new sites for users all over the world. If you are a first-time torrent-like-proxy user, this reading will be helpful. Before you go ahead, we recommend you download, further, add to extension site-redirections blocker and ads blockers as you will encounter my while loading eztv.ag proxy unblocked. 

What is EZTV Proxy?

To begin with, by definition, EZTV Proxy is one of the leading online websites as a part of BitTorrent distribution into computer files. Akin to other computer files such as Rainierland, and Kickass proxy; EZTV proxy also held a mega-streaming database. For the most part, In 2005, Torrent discovered Eztv’s new site. However, in 2015, EZTV was nowhere to be found on the Internet as EZCloud Limited took over the domain EZTV.it because of copyright issues. 

EZTV's proxy list

But, there is no need to worry because we have brought you some high-end and free-streaming supportive EZTV unblocked website.

EZTV Pro Torrent Site

This easy-to-use EZTV proxy allows you to download the latest TV shows episode-wise. Not only this, while using this proxy, but you can also view the releasing time on the right side of the screen. To download your favorite and desirable TV show from check out the following steps:

Furthermore, This easy-to-use EZTV proxy allows you to download the latest TV shows episode-wise. Not only this, while using this proxy, but you can also view the releasing time on the right side of the screen. To download your favorite and desirable TV show from , check out the following steps:

  1. Go to 
  2. Press on the “Select shows” option.
  3. Further, A list of shows will appear in the dropdown menu.
  4. Select the show.
  5. Click on the search button.
  6. Further, a list of episodes of the selected show will appear on the screen in the latest-to-oldest order.
  7. Further, click on the download icon on the screen.
  8. A permission dialogue box will appear on the screen.
  9. Select the “Allow” option.
  10. As an outcome, the downloading process will start automatically.

As a result, you have successfully downloaded the TV show episode on your PC.

Further, check out the list of famous shows available on the EZTV show list Pro new torrent site. 

  • American Horror Story (All Episodes)
  • 13 Reasons Why (All seasons)
  • Conversations with a Killer: Ted Bundy
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Scandal (US)
  • WWE (All)
  • True First Documentary: Stage Coach Mary
  • Transformers
  • Tiny House Nation
  • The X-Factor
  • Modern Family (All seasons)

EZTV's proxy 13 reasons why

Note: If you are unwilling to access https://eztv.unblockit.pro/ directly. You can use various mirror links. These are as follows:

How to stop Ads at EZTV Proxy Torrent Site?

More often, the users question “whether or not, can you block pop-up ads and rejections while using EZTV Proxy?” But, Our torrent experts mention that these ads are blockable. However, to do so, a user will have to register or log in at https://eztv.unblockit.pro/.

EZTV's registration

This is a completely safe and secure login. The website does not ask for any credit card information or verification. For the most part, it is recommendable that the users simply add an “ads blocker” to the browser extension. The reason being, as with most of the BitTorrent mega computer files and proxies, EZTV is also illegal. Thus, it would be a bigger risk to register on this illegal torrent website.

What is the EZTV Scam?

Yes. We have all heard about the biggest torrent scam on the internet. It was one of the examples of cybercrime in the context of free streaming movies and TV shows. To the reader’s surprise, during 2014, access to EZTV pirate proxy had become easier at the international level. Thus, this has brought attention to the Pirate Bay (a digital content agency). After months of investigation, Swedish police along with investigators and cyber police raided the Pirate Bay. Further, all the servers, computer equipment such as pen drives and others had seized at the time. Consequently, EZTV.ch and other EZTV proxies disappeared or were blocked. 

What are the top EZTV proxy alternatives online?

Does EZTV unblock LLC offer limited shows? If you cannot find your favorite tv show or movie online at EZTV new site, check out the following Torrent sites, a.k.an EZTV.ag proxy unblocked alternative:

The Pirate Bay

When it comes to the fastest proxies for Britain and American users; the pirate bay proxy is your guy! It allows you to view or download audio-based content, videos including TV shows and movies, online gaming, and porn. This proxy is also prominent among the Indian users for porn and banned movies. Check out how to download from Pirate Bay?

  1. Go to https://pirateproxy.page/, if you are in Britain.
  2. Visit https://tpb14.ukpass.co/ if you are in the US.
  3. Go tof you are in Iceland.
  4. Thus, Proceed for a Pirate search.
  5. Enter the name of the TV show or movie that you want to download.
  6. A list of latest updates will appear on the screen.
  7. Further, clickon the “Anonymous download” option.
  8. Press the “Allow” option on the screen.
  9. Hence, The download will start soon.


the pirate bay EZTV's proxy alternative

1337X Domain

This EZTV proxy alternative domain is very useful. It holds a 360-degree mega torrent database including music, XXX, TV shows, movies, games, windows applications, animations, and documentaries. In the illegal cyber world, 1337X is a blessing for those college students who do not have enough to fund Netflix and Amazon prime for their entertainment. To join 1337X Domain for free, go to https://1337x.unblockit.pro/. Further, click on Television if you want to view on-air shows in the last 24 hours including the following:

  • Modern Family
  • Married at first sight
  • Better Call Saul
  • I am Alive
  • The Voice
  • Almost Paradise
  • FBI

1337x alt

Torrent Downloads

It is one of the world-class proxies for downloading multiple movies, TV shows, games, animations, and other software online. Here’s a fun fact, Torrent downloads support all three most common operating systems including Android, Mac (iOS), and Windows. Above all, for a single movie or TV show, Torrent downloads show all the possible video and audio versions available on the world wide web. Further, it is significant to mention that for users, it is possible to download X-rated content anonymously on Torrent downloads, however, sometimes it demands registration.

torrent alt

Here’sthe link to Torrent Downloads https://torrentdownloads.unblockit.pro.

Kickass Torrents

Are you tired of EZTV proxy? Well. try this outstanding kickass proxy by Torrent. With its high-end user interface, you can connect KAT for browsing as well. To the reader’s surprise, it also contains some Bollywood movies that you cannot find on any other proxy online. Kickass Torrents offers multiple sources with movies and other entertainment resources with different levels of quality. KAT processes easily. To finally download something using KAT, follow the given below steps:

  1. Go to https://kickass.unblockit.pro.
  2. Search for movies, TV shows, games or others in the search box.
  3. A list of related-uploads will appear on the screen.
  4. Further, Select any file based on the quality requirement.
  5. Click on the “download torrent” option.
  6. Click on the “Allow download” button.
  7. As a result, The download will start automatically.


Note: It is recommendable to run virus scan tests on your PC after downloading to resolve any privacy and damage risk.


This is an amazing eztv.ag proxy unblock alternative for Indian users. To begin with, you can download or free stream Indian/Hindi Web series, movies, Hollywood dubbed movies and movies in other Indian languages from 1970 to 2020. Hence, it allows you to search for shows and movies based on the following Genres:

  • Action
  • Western
  • Social
  • Romance
  • Patriotic
  • History
  • Horror
  • Musical
  • Sci-fi
  • Mystery
  • Crime, and
  • Thriller

hindi eztv

What are other prominent EZTV proxy alternatives for Sports, Ebooks, and others?

Furthermore, check out the list of Unblock It Eztv proxy alternatives new sites:

EZTV Proxy Epilogue

EZTV Proxy is the top-notch and most successful torrent proxies online. Because of the ban in Australia, many users are not willing to enjoy the latest shows and movies online free-of-cost. In this reading, we have presented the fastest eztv unblocked LLC proxy versions and alternatives. You can leave us inquiries in the comment section. Above all, these alternatives are not open to worldwide users. If you want to know which EZTV proxy will work in your locale, ask us below!

“EZTV Proxy, now free streaming on E-Z Torrent sites.”