Common Uses & Types of Medical Grade Plastic

Glass bottles with tamper evident caps

Tamper-evident packaging is used by various industries. The FDA has made it mandatory for some companies, especially those in the pharmaceutical sector, to have tamper-resistant or tamper-evident packaging. 

If you’re not aware of what tamper-evident packaging is and how it’s beneficial for your business, here’s a complete guide to enlighten you. 

What Is Tamper-Evident Packaging?

Tamper-evident packaging is explained as something that shows if a product has been opened up or tampered with. This type of packaging can’t be removed or reapplied without revealing signs. 

Most medicines come in tamper-evident packaging; for instance, pill packs. If the pack of pills is tampered with, the sealed foil will be damaged, clearly indicating that someone has tampered with the pills. Moreover, other medicines and essential oils also come in tamper-evident bottles so that you can easily identify if they were previously opened or not. 

The FDA has defined tamper-evident packaging:  

  • Tamper-evident bottles and packaging use at least one, if not several barriers, ensuring that it remains free from any unauthorized access. Tamper-evident bottles make it impossible for the container to be accessed without disruption of the barrier. Messing with the barrier leads to a visibly damaged container. 
  • The barriers used in tamper-evident packaging are extremely hard to replicate and are created using unique materials that are almost impossible to access by the general public. This material is typically found by a few authorized suppliers so even if someone randomly tampers with a bottle, it will be evident. 
  • Glass bottles with tamper evident caps typically include a list of instructions for customers. These instructions guide customers about detecting whether a package was tampered with or not. A message such as, ‘Don’t use if the seal is broken or missing’ is often printed across these bottles. 
  • Tamper-resistant and tamper-evident packaging are different from one another. Tamper-resistant packaging shows indicators of product intrusion and tamper-evident packaging makes it is very obvious if any seals or covers were broken. 
  • Tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging are widely used in a variety of industries such as beauty, pharmaceuticals and even the food and beverage industry. Serving different purposes, there are different types of tamper-evident packaging for different products including shrink bands, blister packs, shrink seals, breakable rings, heat induction seals, etc. 

Types of Tamper Evident Packaging

There are various types of tamper-evident packaging in the market, depending on the product being sold. Here are a few types of tamper-evident packaging for glass bottles. 

Button Tops 

A very common type of tamper-evident packaging is the button top for glass or plastic bottles. As the name suggests, this packaging comes with a button that makes a pop when the seal is broken. So, when a customer tries to open the lid of a glass bottle with a tamper evident cap but the top doesn’t pop, they know that the product has been tampered with. 

Plastic Rings 

Drink or juice bottles are secured using plastic ring tamper-evident packaging. A thin plastic ring is typically joined to the lid of the bottle, attempting to form a perforated connection. By opening the bottle the first time, the perforation breaks and the ring floats free. 

Benefits of Tamper-Evident Packaging

If you’re considering tamper-evident packaging for your product offerings, here are some benefits you can expect to receive. 

Reduces the Chances of Damaged Goods

Your customers are the main source of your business’s revenue. Paying attention to their safety and security is mandatory for your brand’s survival in the market. After the final packaging, your products exchange various hands— suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. You should do everything in your power to make sure that your products survive through multiple long journeys. 

It’s vital that your products reach the customer safely after being handed to the retailer. The seals and packaging of the product are required to remain intact throughout. A damaged or tampered product should not be accepted by customers.

Promotes Consumer Safety and Customer Loyalty

Tamper-evident bottles and packaging provide your products with the safety and security they need during the entire shipment process, reducing the number of damaged or discarded goods. While an attractive packaging may be appealing for customers, they don’t do much for product safety! 

By wrapping your product in tamper-evident packaging, you show your customers that you’re extremely concerned about their well-being and safety. This gives them all the more reason to become more loyal towards your brand hence, demonstrating brand loyalty. 

Consumers and customers are very appreciative of your attention to detail when you pack your products in tamper-evident bottles or packages. This gives them assurance and certainty that the product is completely intact and has not been altered Since your customers know that you’re reliable enough and that they can trust your brand and products, they will return to your brand in the future. 

Protects Products from Usage

Tamper-evident packaging and bottles are great for ensuring security. Glass bottles with tamper evident caps will prevent any tragedies or mischievous activities from happening with your products, ensuring that you’re prevented from losing your revenue. 

Many customers also want to try or use products before buying them. This is why they attempt to open them before purchasing. However, the use of tamper-evident bottles prevents that from occurring and ensures that the item contained in the packaging isn’t exposed. Even if it is exposed, the consumer buying the product will be able to identify that the product has been used. Hence, they can choose another bottle or package.


Tamper-evident packaging is a great way to add value to your offerings. Not only does it protect your products, but it also helps establish a bond of trust between you and your customers. It ensures customers’ safety and makes the customers and clients more loyal to your brand.