Countries where the esports sector is rapidly growing

Countries where the esports sector

The esports sector is growing rapidly. It is the key industry for online video gamers.

The esports sector is growing and it will exceed $1.5billion by 2023. The market is changing into the mainstream in the past years, meaning that some time ago there was only some niche who was playing video games, now it is a form of entertainment around the world. 


eSports is the shortened variant of Electronic Sports. The name was assigned to professional competing gaming. For someone who has no idea what is that: Imagine the competitors playing video games while they are also watched by live and real audiences in the world. China, North America, and Singapore are some of the main places in the world where eSports is developing. So, is it a sport? Just like traditional sport, eSports have professionals, commentators, and celebrities, they just don’t move from the place physically. For example, FIFA has its personal eWorld cup where the most skilled professional players of Xbox and PlayStation are computing with each other. eSports has become so outstanding that even the International Olympic Committee is trying to understand the whole idea of it. They are not the only organization that is taking eSports seriously, even the government of the U.S. has admitted that full time League of Legends players are really professional athletes. 

Players are always talking about how hard it is to play in the competitions. One needs to be super fast and patient and of course, godlike skilled. It takes a great deal for them to have a good strategy and win the game. The practices they are doing are almost always so long that there is no time for them to do other things in life. Success can be a hard thing to deal with. One needs to invest their whole life and mind into this platform in order to really get that popular.  

What feeling comes to you when you hear about eSports? Excitement? Adrenaline rush? Whatever it is, you probably either like it too much or don’t feel it at all. eSports is huge and attractive for the worldwide audience. 

eSports in Singapore 

The Singapore games association is working on creating one of the most interesting local gaming atmospheres in the eSports ecosystem. This country is surely attracting more esports events and shows in the region. The SGGA is planning to celebrate the achievements of Singapore in the eSports industry and invite more events, training, and networking conferences into the country. Singapore is one of the most successful countries financially. Various trade deals and income rivers have made the country what it is now. There are even eSports betting in there. The citizens are able to place bets on their favorite team without any problem. With a youth-driven industry, making betting on professional video players is common practice in Singapore. The 2020 esports betting Singapore guide contains sites that offer many payment methods that are compatible with the customers in the country. A lot of changes happened in Singapore when eSports became popular there. Gaming became one of the things that need to be known. Singapore is investing hard work into this industry and the results are showing. 

North America largest eSports market

With an expected $691.1 million income by 2022, North America will be keeping the leading status in the global eSports market listing. There are so many professionals in this place that it is hard for every country to compete with them. More and more observers are turning in to watch their beloved games being played by the experts of the gaming industry. Why not? Players who have been competing around the globe suddenly can allow themselves to have the leaderboards which are spread across the continents.  Suddenly, anyone can become a legend. The video games in North Africa are not just for kids anymore. An entire nation is playing video games. Imagine that 2 out of 3 Americans are playing video games, meaning that there are more people viewing video games, then people who watch Netflix, HBO, ESPN, and Hulu combined.  

This industry is not going to end in North America any time soon. It is just a beginning for now. The game trends can change time by time, but the whole crowd of players of online games will stay forever.   

Chinese eSports market

China has the biggest and most popular eSports market in the world. Many people are even considering investing in Chinese eSports because it is the largest market with $385 million in only 2020. After them comes North America with $252.5 million. China is the future of online gaming. Chinese people enjoy gaming so much that youngsters are dreaming of becoming the next UZI, rather than the next Lionel Messi.

The best thing about China is that they are making sure that eSports is well developed there. There is no government that has encouraged eSports as much as the Chinese ones. They think that esports sector is growing and is the source of national treasure.

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