What is the Cheapest Cable Provider?

Cheapest Cable Provider

While choosing the cheapest cable provider, there are many factors you need to consider. Firstly, it should have all the channels in the lineup. The diverse channel lineups can keep you entertained all along. Every household has a different requirement, so the channel lineup should complement the unique demands of the viewers. It should have all the popular news, sports, entertainment, movie, comedy, and kids channels. Secondly, the cable provider should be up-to-the-modern-day standards. With the introduction of streaming services, cable providers have to change their way of broadcasting television content. For example, Cox cable is more than just a traditional cable service. It has an on-demand platform for watching movies and TV series. The user interface is very friendly and lets you scroll around with ease. 

Lastly, we are sick of the ever-increasing cable TV prices. The monthly rentals for the boxes, the taxes, surcharges, and additional fees on top makes them very hard to afford for an average consumer. Therefore, to help you find the cheapest cable provider and TV plans, we have come up with a comprehensive guide. Without further ado, let’s begin:

Cox Communications 

Cox Communications has a service span across 17 states in the US. It has an exceptional troupe of services. The high-speed internet plans are tailored to deal with modern high-bandwidth usage, while cable TV plans have extensive channels with some premium garnishes. Therefore, it ticks all the boxes. Secondly, it is a great option on the budget side. You can get its entry-level plans for a pretty affordable monthly free. If you want the basic cable TV service, you can get the Cox Starter TV plan. In just $25, you can enjoy watching more than 75 channels. TV starter plan has all the popular channels such as Fox, ABC, PBS, CBS, NBC, and C-Span. Moreover, it includes all the government, local broadcast, shopping, music, and education channels. 


Charter Spectrum™ came into the spotlight after the merger of Charter with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable back in 2016. Today, the provider has services in more than 40 states making it easily one of the top three providers in the US. Spectrum doesn’t have a starter plan like Cox but the Select plan is the entry-level one. Even for the likes of a basic plan, it has a lot to offer in terms of channels. You get more than 125 channels with all the news, entertainment, sports, kids, travel, cooking, local broadcast, and music channels. The plan starts at $44.99 per month. There are no contracts and the on-demand service is included in the plan. 


RCN is another cheap option if you are looking for cable and internet service in DC, Boston, NY, Philadelphia, and Chicago. The prices may vary from location to location but generally, they offer great plans. You can bundle two services together and enjoy great value. On top, RCN has no data caps, service agreements or contracts, free installation, and great customer support. 


Xfinity exceeds all the cable providers in the US in terms of area coverage. It has an extensive service span and is America’s top choice for cable and internet. The plans and deals vary from area to area. Xfinity TV has something special in store for every household. The basic plans have a variety of add-ons such as DVR service and on-demand. If your primary source of entertainment is streaming and you are looking for a basic plan, then Xfinity can get you the best option. The basic plan has some local, shopping, and music channels. On top, there are few extras like TBS and Discovery. 


The last cable provider on our list is Mediacom. It has all the right packages for a cable TV enthusiast. The plans encompass all your favorite networks. The most basic plans include channels such as CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox. It has more than 50 channels. This plan is best for streamers not looking to spend more than $50 for cable service. Another plan you can get in cheap is the Essential TV plan. If you want to have endless entertainment while staying within budget, Essential TV is the right choice for you. With more than 125 channels that are a mix of local programming, family TV, music, and entertainment channel, this is the right plan for any household. 

Final Verdict 

Before making any decision, make sure you get something according to your requirement and budget, so find the cheapest cable provider!