Best unknown Android Apps to make your 2020 Smartphone purchase much satisfying

best unknown android apps
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It is 2020, and Apple has already launched. It’s iPhone 11 for which the customers all over the world are going crazy. But as everyone knows, the iPhone comes with minimal applications. Some are already built-in, yet, only a few are downloadable. Not only this, but several apple users worldwide complain about the barriers that the iPhone has set for its users. Hence, 2020 is the best time to switch from iOS to Android, as you must already know that Windows phones are out of this race. But, some best unknown Android Apps will help you make a better Smartphone purchasing decision this year.

Best unknown Android Apps
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Yes! Best unknown Android Apps 2020 are those apps that may be craziest android apps you have never heard of. In today’s world, App developers are setting their benchmarks very high and going beyond their skills to make Smartphone users’ digital living as comfortable as possible.

What types of Apps are we talking about – Best Unknown Android Apps?

To begin with, in this reading, we are not taking a roll of information on illegal android apps, but some of the further represented Android Apps may be banned in your country. Hence, always double-check your country’s banned android apps list before trying to download one. It may lead to digital block, country digital policy breach, and unwanted internet usage.

Times are gone when TikTok was the hall of fame. Its substitutes, such as VidMate, Musically, and Snapchat, have made it to the market and left already. Now, it is time to utilize the privilege of digital assistance that we have given and check out the craziest Android Apps that will change your mind about Android Smartphones forever!


illegal android apps
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Have you ever felt frustrated because your screen goes off while you are reading something on it? Well! Us too. But now, we have a solution for you – Download KinScreen. It is one of the rarest, yet, best unknown Android Apps of 2020. Yes! KinScreen is a 6-sense-based App that keeps your screen awake while you are looking at it. Rather than tracking eyes via laser or some harmful cyber component, KinScreen detects hand movements and protects your screen from going off.

Although KinScreen is not available on Google Play Store, this screen control app is downloadable here –🥇-most-advanced-screen-control/com.teqtic.kinscreen

Super Wallpaper

banned android apps
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The early 2000s have gone but they have surely left the craze of 3D to 8D wallpapers behind. Yes! Remember the time when you had that photoshop app for the first time and you tried to transform your PC Wallpaper into 3D. Well! The technology was far behind then. Now, download Super Wallpaper, the best unknown Android App for Mi phones. 

Super Wallpaper offers high-resolution 3D Wallpapers with keen details and GIF-like movement. You can choose colorful wallpaper for your device from thousands of free ready-to-use wallpapers available on this App. 

Site Link: 

However, if you are not a Mi user, you may find it difficult to download wallpapers from this craziest Android app. But, don’t worry, here’s a substitute as a bonus for you:

Men’s Calendar – Sex App

illegal android apps
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There is no doubt that in today’s world, casual sex has become indifferent. So, men and women often remain under the pressure of unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy. And no one desires to take a risk when it comes to a casual relationship. How would you like to know about Men’s Calendar, an app that helps you keep track of your sexual stability? 

Men’s Calendar Android Mobile App helps to find out about the following sexual aspects and your performance: 

  • The total number of times you have had sex.
  • Average Intercourse per week/month.
  • Finely performed sex percentage.
  • Sexual denial was received.
  • Female Orgasm – how many times have women also finished with you?
  • Protected Sex percentage.
  • Places to have sex.

Download Men’s Calendar today and know whether you are finely sexually active or if you need to improve. This App is beneficial if you have unprotected sex often and avoid STDs!

Download here:

Period Tracker, My Calendar – Best Unknown Android Apps for women

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Are you experiencing an irregular period and an awkward walk to the washroom in uncomfortable places? Well! I guess your period surprised you again. But, here’s a bonus for you to utilize to track your next period timeline. Yes! Now, you do not need to worry about dealing with cramps, smelly underpants, and period commencement during work. Just download Period Tracker, My Calendar.
It is one of the best unknown Android Apps that help women to track their forthcoming period. Not only does this app help to track periods but also calculate your ovulation date. So, if you and your partner are trying for a baby – don’t delay. Do as the Period Tracker, My Calendar suggests. It is trusted by over 100+ million women all over the world.

Download link:

A-Bot: Talk to your Virtual Friend

unknown weird apps
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Do you feel lonely sometimes? Well! Here’s a fact – The World Health Organization has declared that over 250 million people all over the world suffer from depression because of a lack of company. If you are one of such potential people or know such a person, download A-Bot today and save a life by eliminating loneliness. By downloading A-Bot, you can chat with Ai, your virtual friend. 

This app is 100% secured and does not reveal any private chat at any cost. So, if you feel like talking to someone, A-bot can be proved very helpful. Some downloaders have reviewed this App as – perfect for introverts. 

Download here:

Disclaimer: This App may contain Ads and is available on Google Play Store. 

K-9 Mail

If you are into an Email Marketing business, K-9 Mail can be proved very high-class best unknown Android Apps for you. That’s right! When it comes to prominent mail senders like Gmail and MailChimp, you cannot operate more than one mail account without putting effort into it. But, K-9 Mail allows you to do without login accounts over and over again.

unknown best android apps
Image credit: K9 Mail on Google play store

Download K-9 Mail today and start sending emails to promote your brand without any potential barriers. Additionally, you get separate notifications concerning each email account on K-9 Mail, hence, you never get offline. 

Download Here:

Disclaimer: We do not take any personal responsibility for K-9 Mail’s privacy policies. Visit the website to know more. 

Breeders of Nephelym

Image credit: Breeders of Nephylyms

Have you ever come across sex games? To be honest, these games are a good timepass. Not only this but one such game, Breeders of Nephelym introduces you to unlimited charismatic characters that directly passed you sex information and thus, promote sex education. To know more about Breeders of Nephelym, click here

The main idea of the game is to breed the Nephelym. By definition, Nephelym is the race of monster-human hybrid. These Nephelym experience high-end sexual appetite. Thus, throughout the game, these hybrids lookout for mating partners.

Download Link:

This Craziest Android gaming app is not available on Google Play Store. Only download if you are 18+.

Girls Around Me – Best Unknown Android device for dating

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This is one of the weird Android apps. To begin with, it is also illegal. Girls Around Me Android App is a source of stalking girls in your local area. Well! You may also have tinder app for the same. But, why is the “Girls Around Me” app illegal? This app indeed uses geo-location in order to stalk girls of your interest and track down their respective check-ins. Among many countries, this app is banned. 

Girls Around Me APK download link:

Walnut – Money Manager App and Instant Personal Loans

Walnut is a high-end money management Android app that allows you to keep a track of every penny that you are sending. Indeed, this app remains very helpful for small business or non-profit organizations that require a lot of funding and investment opportunities to grasp. Now, Walnut is also offering instant personal loans for people who are in an emergency. All you need is to download the Walnut Money Manager App and you are good to go. 

best money management android apps
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This app is available to download on Google Play. If you cannot find it on GP, here’s the Walnut official link for you. You can add your daily expense and cut down on your unwanted spending in order to improve your financial stability. Walnut is the first ranking best unknown Android Apps. download now!

MovieBox – Best Unknown Android Device for movies online streaming

MovieBox is one of the well-known banned Android Apps. It is because MovieBox illegally uploaded premium movies and web series. Thus, users can watch Netflix and other higher authority based entertainment content on this platform. Not many audiences know about MovieBox because of its “banned” status. Nowadays, users more often use proxy websites and torrents to download web series, movies, games, and paid applications for free.

Image credit: MovieBox

We do not recommend you using proxies or banned websites to view entertainment content for free online as these websites/proxy/torrents support copyright infringement which is illegal everywhere worldwide. 

For more information, connect with us online. Till then, stay tuned for more Android Apps that will blow your mind.