Best Foods for a Cold Day to prevent from getting a Flu

best foods for a cold

The Winter season is here, and in no time, holidays will start. Without a doubt, no one likes to get the flu during the holidays because it definitely ruins everything. You need to drop all the plans and take a rest at home while your family and friends are having fun out and revel in the glory of Christmas decorations. So, should you plan to avoid getting a Flu, cold & cough beforehand? To do so, we present a list of best foods for a cold day that help to keep your body warm and protective against common cold viruses. 

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To begin with, common cold vs. flu is an extensive topic. But, in the event that you desire to learn it in short – Common cold caused by viruses and lasts for 2 weeks maximum only. The human body itself fights the common cold viruses in the body and gets rid of it. On the other hand, Flu is a common viral infection. It is often caused by influenza-causing viruses, which indeed can be deadly. Therefore, whether you are being protective against the common cold or flu, the following 20 best foods for a cold day will help you to reach your goal with zero risks. Hence, let’s begin the health-focused journey this holiday season: 


Garlic is often liked for its smell. However, it does not receive as much appreciation as it should because of its high-end heating quality. That’s right! Garlic is one such food ingredient that contains the properties of antioxidants.

best foods for a common cold
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Not only this, but doctors have also classified Garlic as one of the best foods for a cold day because it gets rid of all the germs in the body or on the body. This classic natural food ingredient has a warming effect on the body. Therefore, it is healthy to eat garlic during winters to protect the body against cold effects. 

How to consume Garlic as best foods for a cold? 

In the event that you dislike the tasteful properties of Garlic, you can consume it by adding it to other dishes such as soup, broths, salad dressing, garlic toast, veggie soup, or Garlic juice. 

In order to obtain the maximum benefits of Garlic, first-time health freaks try consuming raw garlic. However, it is not recommendable. The reason being, garlic increases the temperature of the body at a very high rate. It can lead to skin rashes. In women, overconsumption of Garlic, especially raw garlic, can cause menstruation before time, which can create an imbalance. 

Chicken Soup

For decades, Chicken soup has been the recipe for sick as well as healthy people. Eating chicken in soup form gives the human body a warm and soothing experience along with strengthening the immune system. When chicken is served in a liquid state, it comprises vitamins, minerals, protein, calories, as well as fiber. Therefore, the body feels full and immuned, even with a small bowl of chicken soup. 

It is one of the best foods for a cold or flu among children, adults, as well as the elderly. The reason being, it acts as an electrolyte for the human body, meaning it improves the hydration level. Thus, for people who experience diarrhea during cold days, chicken soup can really help in recovering from the same. 

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Several studies have found that a fully cooked bowl of chicken soup acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammation, which protects the human body against viral infections, especially cold. 

To increase the impact as well as the taste of Chicken soup for fighting a cold, you can add vegetables such as onion, celery, and carrots. Apart from this, tomato chicken soup is yet another tasteful recipe for people who are fighting the common cold. 

Broths – best foods for a cold with added/blended cereal

Unlike Chicken Soup, Broth is a type of meat soup that is thick in texture and consists of extra vegetables. Broth soup is widely known for its strong qualities in fighting off bacteria in the human body. To the reader’s surprise, Broth’s nutritional qualities are noteworthy in fighting against the common cold. It contains up to 34% protein, 18% calcium, 5% iron, and 5% Vitamin B, which fulfills the requirement of the human body for a strong immune system. Not only this, but Broth is also a natural recipe to go for when a person is dehydrated and weak. 

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To be known as the best foods for a cold, Broths act as a decongestant agent. It helps you get rid of the craving for eating solid food when you are sick because of its tasteful flavor. At last, Broth fulfills the body’s requirement to feel satisfied and full. Meanwhile, it lessens the impact of diarrhea and swiftly cures a common cold. 


For quick relaxation from the common cold, doctors recommend eating fruits which are rich in minerals. However, extensively juicy fruits are cold by their roots. Therefore, rather than curing a common cold, fruits like pineapple can increase the symptoms, such as irritating the throat. So, which fruit is best for cold? The answer is Avocado. It is a fruit combined with nutrients, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. They are also rich in protein, which helps the human body to recover from weakness and dizziness. 

best food to eat when you are sick
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Avocado is counted among the best foods for a cold because of its neutral taste. You can add it to your fruit salad. It is very prominent among the sick elderly because of its soft texture. Hence, people can chew it easily, and furthermore, it does not create any gastric effects. 


Salmon is a type of fish meat that is high in protein and offers a great deal of health to the human body. It has been concluded as one of the best foods for a cold day as it increases body temperature because it contains omega-3 fatty acid that allows the human body to quickly recuperate from inflammation. Not only this, but Salmon also holds a high-end impact on chronic inflammation that protects the immune system from functioning as per health standards. 

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Some of the prominently consumed salmon dishes are salmon salad, baked salmon, salmon cooked with garlic and onion, and honey garlic salmon. Apart from these, salmon soup is yet another best way to consume salmon for those who are fighting the common cold or are unwilling to digest solid food. 

Go Vegan!

Do you know? People who follow-up a vegan diet stay healthier and less prone to viral infections such as the common cold or flu. Why so? Well! To begin with, green vegetables are the best foods for a cold day as they contain vitamins, protein, fiber, and minerals of high quality. Not only this, but green vegetables keep your body temperature neutral, meaning neither very high nor very low. 

Unlike Chicken soup or broth, green vegetables do not hold the risk of skin rashes, dermatitis, or acne. Green vegetables like kale, lettuce, and spinach ensures that your body receives enough water and hydrates your body to keep your consciousness alive. 

best foods for sick
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On the condition that you do not like any of the above-mentioned vegetables, you can also go for peppers, peas, and broccoli to cope up with your craving for tastefulness. You can stuff down vegetables in the form of soup, gravy, or salad, whichever fits your mood. 


Often you will come across people telling you that sick people should consume hot or warm food only. However, yogurt is an exception here. For the most part, exceptions has made when the list of benefits is impressive. The same case goes with yogurt. It has been highly effective when it comes to relieving people suffering from the common cold. Yogurt has a great impact on de-stressing an irritating throat, which is very common in winters. It also prevents your stomach from gastric symptoms and unwinds your need to visit the loo again. 

best foods for a cold
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One cup of yogurt contains 150 calories per 8 grams. It is made of deeply blended curd. Therefore, it contains minerals, calcium, protein, and vitamins, which help the immune system to recover. Not only this, but the common cold among the elderly also puts bones at risk due to weak body infrastructure. Yogurt helps bones to recover from the impact quickly.


Oatmeal is an all-inclusive meal for individuals experiencing high-end symptoms of the common cold. It is an easy replacement for heavy fruits like Bananas or even tortillas. They contain protein, minerals, and vitamins, which help in recovering from weakness in the immune system. Not only this, but it is also a recommendable food type for those who are experiencing the early symptoms of imbalanced blood sugar levels. 

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Oatmeal is a helpful meal when it comes to restricting heavy solid foods such as chicken, turkey, and other meat dishes. You can add spices in oatmeal or even add lukewarm milk to construct a dish as per your preference. To the reader’s surprise, oatmeal is highly recommendable among adults for weight loss. It has also acknowledged as an impactable food ingredient among the elderly who go through digestive issues and more. 

To purchase oatmeal, I always prefer oatmeal brands with fewer sugar ingredients and artificial elements. Add honey to increase the natural consumption of oatmeal with additional benefits. 

Epilogue for best foods for a cold

So, are you ready to refashion your diet this winter? Fill your refrigerator with ready-to-bake salmon, green vegetables, yogurt, and garlic for evergreen health. Even a small symptom of the common cold can cause a lot of hassle. Hence, prepare yourself beforehand with our exclusive list of best foods for a cold 2020. Good luck!