Niclosamide is a compound with many possible applications

Niclosamide tablets 99% pure

Studies of Niclosamide’s pharmacological properties indicate that it may have a variety of applications. The drug’s ability to separate mitochondrial phosphorylation and manage particular pathways of signaling, are thought to be responsible for these results. Investigations into the potential reuse of Niclosamide point to the possibility of it being used to treat diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, viruses and infections, as well as certain cancers.


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Approximately 10% of the population in the United States experiences diabetes, which adds up to 34.2 million people. An even greater number, 88 million citizens, are affected by Prediabetes. It is important to consider various methods of treatment that may have successful outcomes to deal with the high prevalence of metabolic mercurial superfly 360 black pochette teddy Italy auron rengas vuotaa ecco wax oil disco circolare per legno amazon liu jo borse borchie Italy armband für sie und ihn كيبورد مستر come verniciare cofano auto r18 255 55 jonsered ruohonleikkurit diamanten halsketting alpland brillen gta 6 price ps4 vans old skool thrasher 

Mice with type 2 diabetes experienced alleviation of symptoms when exposed to Niclosamide ethanolamine. Tests with mice on a high-fat diet revealed that energy expenditure increased, fat oxidation improved, and their metabolism was boosted. Additionally, Niclosamide ethanolamine treatment appeared to help regulate high blood sugar, ultimately controlling the condition and slowing the progression of the disease.

Parkinson’s Disease (PD)

Changes in the activity of mitochondrial serine/threonine-protein kinase PINK1 can be a factor of earlier onset of Parkinson’s disease. Microscopic molecules that are able to activate PINK1 may be a neuroprotective measure and can potentially relieve the disease. Niclosamide has been seen to be effective in setting off PINK1 in cells, which is a promising step in curing the disease, though further tests are needed to confirm its effectiveness in treating Parkinson’s.

Viral Infections

People may get viruses by breathing in or consuming them. They can also be spread by bug bites or sexual activity. Viruses can influence the respiratory and digestive pathways, the brain, and the reproductive organs. Taking antiviral medications is typically the most effective method of preventing virus reproduction and keeping the immune system solid.

Niclosamide has been suggested as an antiviral agent to target a range of viruses. Its capacity to stop viruses from invading the host’s cells makes it a potential weapon in the fight against infections like COVID 19, Ebola and Zika. So far, several studies have explored the effectiveness of niclosamide in treating these viruses.

Bacterial Infections

Once microorganisms invade the body, they create an infection and proliferate, producing adverse reactions. Infectious bacteria can infiltrate the organism through an open wound or the respiratory system. Niclosamide has the ability to act as a antimicrobial agent on a wide range of bacteria-induced infections such as anthrax, tuberculosis and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The data obtained shows it is viable and equivalent to vancomycin, the current most common therapy for MRSA.


For many years, scientists and medical professionals have dedicated their efforts and resources to cancer research. It has been found that the substance niclosamide has positive effects when applied to certain types of cancer, including those listed.

Glioblastoma, cáncer de mama, carcinoma adrenocortical, cáncer de colon, osteosarcoma, cánceres orales, leucemia, cáncer de próstata, cáncer de pulmón y cáncer ovariano.

According to the evidence, the medication may prove to be effective due to its power to interfere with the mitochondria of cancer cells, slow down their growth, and induce apoptosis.


Niclosamide tablets 99% pure  have the possibility of being a successful treatment for a selection of medical issues. As with any other drug, it comes with certain safety concerns which require additional research to comprehend fully. The current evidence emphasizes its multipurpose use and power, pointing to the likelihood of it being employed for many different purposes.

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