Amazing Ways to Use Custom Stickers for Your Business

custom Stickers

Stickers have always been one of the best forms of offline marketing. They are eye-catching, fully customisable, and cheap. Moreover, it comes in various sizes, shapes, and suits different needs. 

Custom stickers are a low-tech and versatile tool that provides personal interaction that on-screen ads can’t offer. Moreover, a study said that every time people talk about brands, it is mostly because of offline materials.  

Furthermore, stickers encourage brand loyalty. Give it to your customers, and if they really like your brand, your stickers will end up on their laptops, bumpers, or anywhere that is visible to show it off. 

Here are several amazing  ways you can use custom stickers for your business. 

Product stickers 

If you have special sales, promotional or seasonal products, eye-catching stickers can go a long way in getting the customer’s attention. Stickers are the most cost-effective way to show your product art and gain more brand awareness

Stickers On vehicles 

You and everyone in your business most likely have different vehicles. And, if your company owns several company vehicles, much better. 

The best way to use the stickers for your offline marketing campaign is through vehicle branding. You can use window stickers, decals, and bumper stickers to promote your brand. 

Survey says that 70 per cent of consumers make purchasing decisions while on the road, making vehicles the best spots for your company stickers. 

Promotional Stickers giveaways 

Events such as concerts, festivals, or markets are some of the best places to set up your spot and display your products. When someone checks your products, give them some promotional giveaways along with your sticker, showing your awesome brand logo. If they like it, they will use your sticker for other people to see, and you will have an instant walking advertisement, increasing your brand awareness


When you are shipping some products or mailing anything, using a sticker allows the receiver to recognise that it comes from your brand. Custom boxes and envelopes are somewhat expensive. However, putting a sticker with your brand logo and company address can deliver the same effect at a cheaper price. 

Product launching 

If you are launching a new product or service, you can raise the public’s awareness by putting custom stickers around town. Put your company name and location on the stickers and place them in spots to get views to create excitement. Place your sticker around the city a few days or weeks before the actual launch, so people are well aware of your event when the big day comes. 

Storefront signs 

Your storefront tells people about what they should expect from your business once they have entered your establishment. Sticker are best placed on your storefront’s empty walls or windows, giving out more information about your business. 

It would be best if you took advantage of these spots as many passersby will see it. It is the best space for custom sticker to deliver your company message or showcase your new products. 

Raising brand awareness is vital to every business, and using a cheap yet useful tool for your marketing campaign can help you boost your business without spending a fortune. 

Putting your company sticker on vehicles, storefronts, or mailing and including it on your promotional items are the best ways to utilise the power of these amazing pieces of art.