Surgical Vs Non-Surgical Breast Lift: What You Need to Know

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A mastopexy or breast lift is a medical procedure intended to change or enhance the shape of the patient’s breasts. It is categorized as a type of cosmetic surgery that is popular among women. In Australia alone, breast lift in Sydney is no longer news to the locals, since it is a generally safe and typical procedure.

To clarify this, the Australian government is very adamant at spreading correct information about breasts health awareness. According to the latest statistics on breast health and breast cancer in Sydney, while there is a 14% increase in the number of recently diagnosed breast cancer patients, mastopexy is not a risk factor, nor is it a common denominator for people battling the said type of cancer. 

In line with honouring October as the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, the Breast Cancer Network in Australia has listed research-based risk factors for women’s breasts cancer. Family history, genes, vices such as alcohol consumption and smoking, and obesity are some of these risk factors.

What affects breast size and shape?

As women age, their breasts also begin to lose their original form and droop. Aside from age, women who have given birth and are breastfeeding and those who have lost a significant amount of weight experience sudden changes in the volume and shape of their breasts.

Surgical and Non-surgical breast lifts are the two main categories of reshaping breasts that have lost their elasticity. In a surgical breast lift, the procedure takes about two to three hours maximum. The patient is administered general anesthesia, and the fruits of the surgery become more apparent after three to six months. Normally, a consultation is done first to check whether the patient is a viable candidate for the procedure.

Experts would often recommend surgical mastopexy to healthy women who are neither over nor underweight, have no life-threatening medical condition and are non-smokers. The consultation also involves taking complete breast or bust measurements and examining the skin located along the chest area. The tests enable doctors to get a complete and accurate scale of the patient’s breasts and ensure that it is reconstructed into shape and volume that fits the patient’s body shape and expectations.

Some of the advantages of the surgical breast lift procedure include enhancing the breasts’ symmetry and firmness. It also allows older women to attain a pair of breasts with a more youthful and healthy appearance.

On the other hand, a non-surgical breast lift does not require anesthesia since no incisions are involved. There are up to ten different kinds of non-surgical breast lifts. Some of the most popularly known variations include laser treatments, botox injections, anti-ageing creams, Aptos threading, and the use of cold plasma energy. 

Laser treatments are designed to increase collagen production in the breast implant surgery area while relentlessly ridding the patient’s chest of dead skin cells. Botox injections relieve the stresses and pressure on the muscles found under the skin. The result eliminates ripples found along the skin covering the breasts. 

Anti-ageing creams also provide a similar result to that of botox injections. At the same time, Aptos threading refers to shifting the positioning of the skin along the chest area using a hypodermic needle. Lastly, cold plasma energy is a skin tightening procedure that also stimulates a higher production of collagen.

All of the procedures listed above are available in most clinics offering breast lift in Sydney. Women interested in undergoing a breast lift should ask for their local health professionals’ opinion before opting for a procedure that suits them best.