Business Idea: Top 10 ideas of 2020 at Miniml Cost


The basis of a good business project is a promising “working” idea. The world knows ideas that not only enriched their authors but also globally influenced the lives of people. The list of successfully implemented projects is huge – from diapers to smartphones. But a successful business does not have to be innovative, many businesses like custom writing help are built on classic business schemes. Next, 10 business ideas at a minimal cost to build a business up from scratch are considered.

Business Idea #1 Alternative Tourism

Alternative Tourism

Standard tourist tours, with visits to major places of interest and museums, have long become boring. Many travelers do not want to spend time on a boring cultural program, preferring alternative tourism. Its scheme is quite simple – for a fee, local residents provide their services as a guide and companion, help in finding housing, organize extraordinary excursions in their city or region, for example, arrange a trip to the woods to find mushrooms, a trip through the countryside, a gastronomic tour and another. Individual entrepreneurship specializing in alternative tourism will be successful in a large city where you can plan various non-standard entertainment programs.

Business idea #2 Home greenhouses for growing eco-products

If you have a territory where you can equip greenhouses, you can farm and grow greens and vegetables in heated greenhouses. The main thing is to correctly build the structure and select high-quality seedlings. Depending on the technical capabilities of the greenhouse and the arrangement of the heating system, greenhouses allow you to grow a fairly large crop of a particular crop.

To work, you will need some knowledge of agriculture and the ability to engage in daily physical labor to care for greenhouses. The downside of this kind of business is that making a profit does not happen right away and depends on the yield. A tangible income can be obtained from growing mushrooms – champignons and oyster mushrooms.

Business Idea #3 Writing and Complaint Assistance

Conflict situations happen every day, but far from everyone knows where and how to send their complaints in order to get a worthy solution and compensation for the existing problem. In addition, not everyone is familiar with the intricacies of the bureaucracy and speak a business language. But nevertheless, rudeness, fraud, poor-quality performance of direct duties sometimes cause not only moral but also material damage. To open a business, you need to organize an office, find several competent and energetically-minded lawyers, and launch advertising. It will not be difficult to occupy your niche; large law firms are not interested in dealing with such small matters. But with perseverance and professional fulfillment of the tasks, you can get good commissions on the matters won.

Business idea #4 Sales on a landing page


A landing page is a page on the Internet, the purpose of which is to make a visit to this site to perform an action. The peculiarity of the landing is a narrow audience, whose attention is focused on a specific task – to download, read, buy something. The latter is especially important when starting a business in the field of Internet commerce. Selling goods from the landing page is a simple and quick way to earn money, the main task is to choose a reliable supplier and decide on the goods. When trading with a landing page, it’s important to say “get into the stream”, that is, choose a popular product in high demand. Creating a one-page site is very simple even if you do not have programming skills – you can find many video lessons on the network that explain what, how, and where to do it.

Business Idea #5 Dropshipping

This type of activity does not require investment, as its essence lies in retail trade, in which the delivery of goods to the buyer is carried out directly from the supplier. The intermediary does not purchase the goods in advance, does not store them in their storage facilities, and does not carry out other intermediate operations. The mediator’s earnings are made up of the difference between the retail and wholesale prices, or of the commission payments from the retailer. In dropshipping, the task is reduced to organizing the work of the website, promoting your brand, marketing, accepting orders from customers, arranging documents, and accepting payments. All worries about packing and sending the order are the responsibility of the manufacturer but on behalf of the owner of the site.

Business idea #6 Services of/makeup artist

landing page

Regardless of the price of gas, oil, or the dollar, women will always strive to look beautiful, so a good master will never be left without customers. By registering an individual business, you can serve clients at home or rent a room. Two or three seats to start with will be enough to spin up and earn regular customers. At the same time, you can sell cosmetics to customers. Now, cosmetics from Korea is in great demand.

Business idea #7 Repair of household appliances

The project is based on the provision of private repair services for large and small household appliances. Further, there are two options – to organize work in the workshop or to go home to clients. Three times it often turns out to be a priority, since it eliminates the need to transport equipment to the workshop, which is especially difficult in large cities and with large things – washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, etc. It is much easier to make a house call, which makes it possible not only to agree on a time convenient for both parties but also to save on costs. You can organize a whole team of masters and take several orders at the same time. To organize activities, you need modern tools, active advertising in social networks and help in taking orders.

Business Idea #8 Creating and Maintaining a Blog

Social networks have long grown into something more than just a communication platform. Social networks broadcast news, gather volunteer movements, sell goods and services, implement business projects, demonstrate advertising, and much more. The most popular way to make a profit using Instagram or Twitter is to create and promote a group, page, or profile by an interest in the original content. Each social network has its own specifics and target audience, the knowledge of which determines the success of work. In parallel, you can engage in community administration, writing posts, and finding information for publications. YouTube also provides an opportunity to make money, but you need equipment and locations for shooting, video editing skills, as well as the concept of a channel that will help you stand out and gain subscribers.

Business-idea #9 Cargo transportation and organization of moving


Transport services will always be in demand. The scope of online commerce is growing and the need for the delivery of goods is ongoing. You don’t even have to have lorries at your disposal, you can rent or act as an intermediary – find customers, negotiate with drivers. There is also the opportunity to increase the field of activity by assisting in moving – to organize logistics, provide packaging for the transported property. The passenger transportations of excursion and tourist groups, creative and corporate groups remain in demand.

Business Idea #10 Personal Fitness Trainer

 Personal Fitness Trainer

The task of a personal sports coach is to draw up an individual training program, select the most appropriate physical activities based on the client’s health status, monitor nutrition, track progress and motivate for success. An active lifestyle and a sporty fit body do not go out of fashion, which means that experts in this field will also remain in demand. A professional, whose clients achieve their goals, will have consistently good earnings. And the best advertisement for a good sports coach is his own appearance.