What does renewed mean on Amazon? Who can apply for it? 

What does renewed mean on Amazon
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Initiated by Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, Amazon today acknowledges as the largest e-commerce in the world. Amazon services have widened in the context of customers, retailers, locale clientele, and whatnot. But, the latest amazon feature called “Amazon Renewed” is something that businessmen are eager to know about. What does renewed mean on Amazon? Is it a new opportunity for small local businesses to grow online? You will find out in this reading. 


Have you ever thought of purchasing a newer model of smartphone, kitchen appliance, or any other machinery? However, because the previous one in your hand/household is working just fine with minor glitches, you hesitate to upgrade. 

More often than not, it concludes as a “Waste of money” in studies of human behavior. That’s right! Not many customers tend to purchase a new phone or appliance until the previous one dries out of its capabilities entirely. But, this behavior tends to put human demands on the line of pause. Well! What to do? Thanks to Amazon Renewed, now you do not need to compromise on your demand for improvisation anymore. 

what does renewed mean on amazon
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Times are gone when users used to go online and put up their second-hand (pre-owned/used) product on sites akin to eBay or Craigslist in order to search for a relevant group of buyers/bidders. But, in those cases, it was quite difficult to find genuine buyers who have an interest in second-hand products. And, even so, if any genuine buyer comes across, the “Relationship of trust” between buyer and seller was a challenging barrier to overcome. 

According to our research, the “Amazon Renewed” feature is a perfect solution to all the barriers that protect you from selling second-hand products online. Now, you must be wondering, what does renewed mean on Amazon? How does it work? Do you need to visit the Amazon office offline? 

Thanks to our researchers, we have all the answers here and now. Let’s get started: 

What does renewed mean on Amazon? 

To begin with, Amazon Renewed is one of the latest features of Amazon services released in 2021. As the term “renewed” suggests, Amazon is now offering to sell second-hand refurbished products online under its Amazon renewed program. 

One of the major conditions why Amazon has introduced this program is to improve the “affordability of products” on the website. We live in a world where people survive from paycheck to paycheck. As a result, it is definitely not possible for every human being to go and purchase brand new, newest model, high-tech products online. 

Apart from this, another motive that the “Amazon Renewed program” seems to fulfill by selling refurbished and pre-owned products online is the motive of recycling. In a world where people need things to survive and work daily to pay for themselves, in such scenarios, old, pre-owned, or refurbished laptops, kitchen appliances, household appliances, power tools, computers, cameras, and others can do a lot of good. 

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Thus, in simple words, on Amazon, “renewed” means the following: 

  • The product you are viewing under “renewed” is not fresh off the store or manufacturing unit.
  • The product was pre-owned (by someone else). 
  • After a complete refurbishment, the product is up for sales on Amazon at discounted rates. 
  • It is a second-hand product, repaired and refurbished in the best condition possible. 

As an Amazon customer, you can view Amazon renewed products online by using the instructions given below: 

  • Go to the official amazon website – https://www.amazon.in/.
  • On the left side of the search product bar, click on the arrow. 
  • Next, select “Amazon Renewed” and press the ENTER button. 
  • A complete list of refurbished products ready for sales will appear on the screen. 

Is Renewed on Amazon trustworthy? 

Amazon Renewed feature comes with many advantages that are sufficient enough to build customers’ trust in the refurbished product. For example, when you purchase a refurbished product on Amazon, you get a 90 days Amazon warranty. Henceforth, in the event that the product you ordered with conditions of amazon renewed does not fit perfectly to your minimum expectations, you can return it online and get your money back. Given that, you proceed with the returning process within 10 days of purchase. 

In comparison, you can always request amazon to replace your refurbished product with another refurbished product of the same category. However, it is significant to note that amazon’s renewed guarantee coverage does not consider damages caused by accident, theft, or visible/non-visible temperament. 

what does renewed mean on amazon
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According to many customers of amazon who have already tried out the amazon renewed feature seems to have satisfaction. Amazon takes big steps consisting of inspection, replacement of parts with new ones, and final quality tests to ensure that all products under amazon refurbished are working as well as new products. 

Not only this, but the organization also assures customers that refurbished products also have a glossy/new-like outlook. You cannot navigate/locate scratch marks, dents, retracted paint, etc., on any product. So, that’s satisfying, right? 

Therefore, it can be said that renewed products on amazon are trustworthy. 

What can you purchase on Amazon Renewed? 

Amazon Renewed or refurbished has conditions set when it comes to what products are qualified for sales under this program. For example, the product must have mechanical nature. So that amazon refurbishment can process the product from repairs, refurbishment, renovation, inspection, quality test, and final sell-off on amazon.

Following are the list of products (of any brand) applicable for sales under amazon renewed: 

  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Power tools
  • Household appliances
  • Laptops and Computers
  • Television
  • Video game consoles – Xbox, PS, Nintendo Switch, and so on. 
  • Additional accessories – Bluetooth speakers, headphones, AirPods, Smartwatch, etc. 
what does renewed mean on amazon
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So, are you planning to purchase a new addition to your laptop or smartphone accessories? Get instant access to the amazon renewed products section and get 100% fine deals. 

What does renewed mean on Amazon? Who can sell second-hand products on Amazon? 

More often than not, while hearing about “amazon renewed,” customers get the idea that anyone can sell second-hand products online on this website. However, that’s not the case. By what does renewed mean on Amazon? It must have become comprehensible to you that amazon renewed is a 100% “save the planet” program set up by the biggest conglomerate in the world. Hence, it is no comparison to substitute websites like eBay or craigslist. 

Indeed, only qualified sellers can join the “amazon renewed program” and sell second-hand products on amazon’s official platform. To become an amazon renewed seller, a complete procedure is in line to complete. Check out the following stepwise guide, which will help you become a second-hand products seller on amazon: 

STEP 1: Register as a seller/retailer on Amazon

One of the major motives of amazon is to support local/small businesses, which works both ways. Because not everyone goes online to purchase expensive branded products. So, to become a registered seller on amazon, check out the following guide: 

  • Go to https://sell.amazon.in/sell-online/.
  • Then, click on the “Start selling” option on the top.
  • If you already have an account on amazon, sign in using your credentials. 
  • Now, you will see a complete “store-themed” UI&UX where you can list products, list your store, product description, prices, and other details. 
  • Once you are done, you can live your products in the store.
  • You will be selling in no time. 

Note: Amazon takes 2% of sales as a commission. 

STEP 2: Meet “Amazon Renewed Eligibility criteria” 

Amazon has set up special eligibility criteria for the qualification of sellers under the renewed program. Mainly, the criteria condition mentions specifications that each registered seller must meet. These are: 

what does renewed mean on amazon – image credit: Amazon official sell on amazon portal
  • Agreement to Amazon Quality Renewed program terms & conditions as well as policy terms. 
  • You must submit a “proof of brand ownership” in the event that you register as a manufacturer. 
  • In the event that you are a reseller of refurbished/recycled products, you must submit an invoice (or multiple invoices) (not older than 90 days) as proof that you own recycled products worth 8 lakh INR. 
  • You must submit pre and post-shipping recycled product images. Images must depict the product in a 360-degree manner. For example, 4 pictures of a product, one on each side. 
  • Recycled or second-hand products you desire to send on Amazon must have warranty confirmation from the branding company. Proof of the same will be required. 
  • As a seller, you must not have an ODR rate of more than 0.8% in a 60 days timeline. ODR stands for Order Defect Rate.  
  • You must be willing to ship products to amazon via strong channels of distribution. Channels like Easy Ship are not acceptable due to the sensitivity of the goods. 
  • Apple products do not count for GL listing. For all other brands, GL is necessary. 

STEP 3: Wait for approval and begin!

Amazon generally takes 24 hours or more to approve a seller’s account. In the case of Amazon renewed program seller registration, it may take a few days. Thus, we strongly suggest that you maintain patience. Once approval comes through, you can sell products to customers on Amazon via a seller account. In the event of management issues, you can apply for amazon fulfillment which does management on the seller’s behalf. 


So, we hope that the concept of what does renewed mean on amazon must be clarified. Are you ready to purchase second-hand products online? As a second-hand product seller, you can reach out to the nearby local renewed amazon seller in your area and submit products for recycling. Not only this, but you can easily set up a giveaway on amazon as it sends a pick-up man to your doorstep if you want to donate second-hand products for people in need. 

Thank you for reading with us. Good luck!