Is It Worth Buying a Ninth-Generation Console?

Ninth-Generation Console

It has been over a year since the release of the latest consoles by Sony and Microsoft, but many players are still waiting to get their hands on a ninth-generation console. Most of the players are still waiting because the market does not have enough consoles in order to satisfy the high demand and because the developers are not able to produce enough devices for everyone. However, there are those who are still waiting for the two consoles to show their real potential, as the games currently being released look and feel like eighth-generation games. There are a few exceptions, of course, but the majority of the games that were released during the last six months are games that could easily be supported by a PS4 and an Xbox One. Taking that into account, it becomes easier to understand why many people are doubting the worth of buying a ninth-generation console right now.

In all honesty, ninth-generation consoles will run your games without any problem and without that annoying noise from the fan, which is meant to cool down the device. Nevertheless, the price for the consoles does not come hand in hand with that which is currently on offer. Many people rightfully say that it would be better to use that money in order to participate in real money casino gaming activities that might – we stress “might” – give you something in return, instead of paying so much for a console that does not give that extra something in whatever concerns the gaming experience. As an activity, gaming does not always come cheap, and because of that, players should consider their budgets before investing in buying a device that may not be what they expected.

Did the Developers Take Everything into Account?

It is no secret that the market was ready for the next generation of gaming as the 8th generation had already reached its saturation point, but there are things that have gone wrong in the transitional period. The two gaming giants, Sony and Microsoft, made a series of wrong decisions when they launched their products back in November 2021. Apart from the releases not being supported by a decent next-gen gaming library, the two companies made mistakes, such as the release of products with a very short life span. For example, Microsoft tried to engage the average player with a low-budget Xbox, but its decision did not seem to pay off. Xbox Series S is a decent console, but if one already has a 4K Xbox One, then a Series S console is not something worth buying. On top of that, the part shortages both manufacturers are experiencing can potentially lead to the replacement of these components with previous generation parts and this could possibly affect the overall performance of the device.  

There Is a Bright Side to This Story

The release of Xbox Series X and PS5 did not only bring frustration and problems. Their launch marked the beginning of a new era in gaming and players will soon get to experience the true power of ninth-generation gaming. The studios are working tirelessly in order to catch up with the new technologies and a number of amazing next-gen games are either already released or on their way to being released, both for PlayStation 5 as well as for Xbox Series X. Additionally, ninth-generation technology will give a boost to VR gaming as developers are working on the final details for the equipment that will take virtual reality to the next level. Together with motions sense gaming, VR is going to change the way we play our favourite games.