Video to GIF Apps: 6 Easy Apps to make a GIF on any device

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When it comes to capturing a second of favorite moments from a video, nothing works better than a GIF. To begin with, GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format that allows us to transform a video into a brief video. Although the concept of GIFs had been introduced back in 1987, however, the craze for GIFs on social media and other apps has gone wild recently. Thus, video to GIF Apps or only GIF maker apps is running online to allow users to make any GIF using a video. The formula is straightforward – pick the right moment and change it to GIF. 

Introduction to GIF Art: Video to GIF Apps

For the most part, people can make GIFs from any video. However, today, creating youtube to GIF is very much trending. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that GIFs are not merely known for entertainment but also in the business industry to run social media marketing campaigns. That’s right! According to studies, a customer pays less attention to images on social media than GIFs and videos. 

Hence, if you are a digital marketing executive, graphic designer, or work in a brand promotion or PR, this reading is going to help you a lot. Further in this reading, we are introducing you to the best features of GIFs and top 10 GIF makers that will help you build amazing gif-based content for your profile. So, are you thrilled to upgrade your skills in GIF-making? If yes, let’s get started:

Fact: GIFs make marketing easy. They are less expensive when it comes to deciding whether to create marketing videos or GIFs. 

Key features of GIFs

  • GIFs capture the attention of consumers easily. A customer who does not like your video in a few seconds will skip to your competitor. GIFs on the other hand communicate the idea quickly. For example, today several cooking channels transform video to GIFs using video to GIF Apps and allow the user to acknowledge all the crucial acts of cooking a dish within seconds. So, why would a viewer skip to a video tutorial?


  • Do you know? Recently, Starbucks applied GIF content to promote its Iced Tea. it communicated the idea of “IcedTea with Gloves in Winter is regular.” This strategy came out very successful for the brand as customers more often attract what they see on social media. Above all, Starbucks’ worldwide customers like the idea of IcedTea in winters. 

Internet Marketing

  • Imagine you are giving away a brilliant discount offer to your customers, however, a 3-minutes video seems very long. No customer desires to contribute 3-minutes in a video that may or may not interest him. So, what’s a better way to communicate ideas quickly? The solution is to change your marketing video to GIF. It will help the viewer to know his interest in your brand within seconds. 


  • At last, GIFs can be made by investing very little or no money into it. In the past years, brands are getting videos created for thousands of dollars. However, the potential of these videos going viral or reaching millions of viewers is still questionable. Thus, why spend when you can make a GIF for free or very less premium cost using the following GIF makers?


  • GIFs are the perfect replacement for emojis and stickers. There are thousands of GIFs on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media for friends to express their feelings, ideas, emotions, and reactions. 

Top 6 Video to GIF Apps online (Free & Paid)

GIPHY – best video to GIF Apps with millions of amazing results

Giphy is a hub of GIFs. It is the first-ranking software amid the video to GIF Apps list. Can you make GIFs using a Smartphone? Well! The answer is yes. At GIPHY, you can search for gifs based on several categories such as reactions, entertainment, sports, Stickers, artists, and so on. Not only this but if you are a professional GIF maker, you can upload your creations on GIPHY and help your art to become prominent.

video to Gif apps
Image credit: Giphy official

GIPHY also allows you to download unlimited GIFs off the website. Site Link: You can further edit these GIFs, share with your friends online and offline, and view gifs for entertainment purposes. GIPHY, the world-class GIF maker is free-of-cost. 

If you want to change a youtube video to GIF, GIPHY is there for you. Simply go to the given link, and click on the create option at the top. Now, enter a youtube video URL. at last, click on GIF, and your GIF will be ready. You can download it and save it to a personal device. 

It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.


If you are looking for a free GIF converter for Apple/iOS operating system based devices, we recommend you to use our favorite GIFX. GIFX is not simply a browsing site to download GIFs directly but you can download GIFX software on your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook and be ready to create an artistic Gif anytime anywhere. It allows you to convert a youtube video to GIF very swiftly. 

free youtube video to gif converter
Image credit: GIFX

Site Link: 

Key features of GIFX are:

  • Allows you to edit existing GIFs.
  • Create GIFs using your iPhone
  • Add three layers of images and create a GIF using image, background, animation, theme, or illusion.
  • You can make GIFs using personal images and videos.
  • GIFX offers a free gallery of hundreds of Gif effects, animations, existing gifts, and whatnot!
  • You can share your GIFs directly on social media sites. 


IMG2GO is your go-to video to GIF apps when you want to create Animated GIFs. you don’t need to log in or sign up or provide any kind of official details such as email or mobile number. Simply go to the following site link and click on “Drop File here,” and convert. You will be able to download the GIF created and save it to your device as well.

Videos to gif maker
Image credit: IMG2GO

Site Link: 

Apart from this, IMG2GO is also an effective GIF Maker if you are looking for free youtube to GIF convert. All you need to do is simply copy the URL of the intended video and enter it in IMG2GO. Further covert it and you are good to go. 

Similarly, you can pick any video from youtube, web, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and change them to GIFs.

Note: We recommend you to always add “image/video courtesy” while using someone else’s video or content. Not doing so can lead to copyright infringement. 


Do you want an all-in-one video converting website? Well! EZGif is the one that you can achieve a satisfactional video conversion experience. It is a GIF maker, video to GIF Apps, resize video or GIF app, GIF to Mp4 changer, Split Video and GIFs, and Add text. 

Image credit:

Site Link: 

It supports numerous video formats including mp4, WebM, AVI, MPEG, 3GP, MOV, and FLV. Also, you can upload and convert videos with size as large as 100 Mb. If you are converting a large video into GIF, EZGif allows you to cut it short and change it to GIF. Hence, if you are a former brand promoting a video, you can simply cut them short and promote them as a gift. It is a perfect example of efficient cost-cutting on marketing via videos. 

Online Converter

The online converter is the answer that must come to your mind when it comes to how to make a GIF on Android from photos? Yes! Whether you have the image saved in JPG format or any other audio or video format, you can change it to GIF. However, while using online Converter, you must have the intended video in your device. You can also use the URL to change the youtube video to a GIF file. 

Image credit: Online converter

Site link: 

Above all, an online converter is not an all-in-one video converter. You cannot add color effects or manage speed. Apart from this, if you are converting personal images or videos using video to GIF apps, it is important to note that these apps do not protect or encrypt the uploaded files. Hence, do it at your own risk!

Camera MX

More often than not, users convert existing youtube videos to GIFs for free. But, professional video creators shoot live GIFs using Camera MX. yes! It is a world-class and best video to GIF converter app if you desire to capture live moments in the form of GIFs. You can download Camera MX from the play store and make GIFs using your Smartphone anytime and anywhere. 

video to GIF apps
Image credit: Camera MX on Google store/playstore

Site Link: 

Key features of Camera MX are:

  • Create HD GIFs
  • Auto optimize
  • Both side camera support
  • Create gifs in several formats
  • Automatically reduce file size to fit social media GIf size limitations. 
  • Free GIF creator.
  • Color effects and more.


GIFs are modern age’s images. You can enjoy unlimited reactions and emojis by using a GIF of your favorite movie character or cartoon or animation, to be honest, the list is unending. GIFs are also a conversation-breaker between two people. They easily communicate genuine emotions and thus, it is a fine replacement for WhatsApp emojis and stickers. 

In conclusion, these were the top video to GIF Apps. Now, you can create GIFs without researching too much. Apps presented in the reading are personally experienced. Hence, for any further information, you can connect with us online in the comment section.