5 Exotic Places to Visit in Thailand


If we take a look at pre-covid tourism figures, in 2018, more than 30 million tourists visited the Land of Smiles, which is pretty impressive by anyone’s standards. There are many reasons why Thailand is consistently in the top 5 holiday destinations and if you are planning a trip to Thailand in 2022, here are some of the top spots to include in your itinerary.

  1. Phuket – What can we say about this idyllic island in the south? Phuket has always been a firm favorite for sun and beach lovers; book your stay at the luxurious https://www.novotelphuketvintagepark.com/th/ and enjoy the tropical paradise that is the jewel of Thailand. You can charter a cruise boat for the day, snorkel with whale sharks and play with bottle-nose dolphins.
  2. Hua Hin – This is a coastal tourist town with some real character; a firm favorite for retired Europeans and holidaymakers alike, there is a Royal Palace and a beautiful stretch of golden beach. Hua Hin is about 3 hours’ drive south of Bangkok and is a popular weekend spot for Bangkokians. There is an elephant sanctuary where you can help the majestic beasts have a shower in the river, plus there are some world-class golf courses in this part of Thailand.
  3. Krabi – Many say this is the most beautiful beach town in the entire country and it sits on the Andaman Sea; a curious mix of tourism and marine agriculture, Krabi is home to a few 5-star spas and resorts and lots of boutique hotels and you can go deep sea fishing and maybe you’ll catch a sailfish or marlin. Enjoy fresh seafood at one of the beachside restaurants in what must be one of the top 5 idyllic locations in the world. Click here for how to plan a post-covid holiday.
  4. Samet Island – On the eastern seaboard, Samet Island is not so far from Bangkok and for many tourists, this is a firm favorite; choose from 5-star luxury or economy bamboo huts and you can drive your rental car onto the ferry, or leave the car on the mainland. Samet Island is less developed than Phuket or Samui Island, which some people prefer. Be prepared, there are huge mosquitoes the size of Harrier jump jets, so take some mozzie repellent.
  5. Samui Island – Koh Samui is another top tourist spot in the south of Thailand and can be reached by air or ferry from the mainland (Surat Thani). The island is well developed with some amazing resorts and spas, while you can rent a poolside villa for the ultimate in private luxury. There are many tours of the island and you can watch a trained monkey gathering coconuts, leaping from tree to tree and the animal even knows which nuts are ripe and ready to harvest. 

Let’s not forget the north of Thailand, which is almost like another world entirely; mountainous jungle and hill tribe people who enjoy a colorful culture that is far removed from the southern region. We hope that you include the above places in your holiday schedule and have a memorable experience in the Land of Smiles.