Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Logo Designing

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Whether you are a new business owner or an established one you should give special attention to your logo design and updation for a better brand impression.

It is far more than just making a pretty, colourful symbol as a logo should convey your brand’s identity properly. The colour should be proportionate and it should have a distinctive look that will attract customers immediately.

If you want the best logo design then you can opt for an affordable logo design company in San Francisco. However, before that take note of the do’s and don’t’s of logo designing so that you can design the best logo for your brand.

Top 5 Do’s and Don’t’s of Logo Designing

An impactful logo can elevate your brand identity greatly. Get knowledge on what you should do while designing a logo:


1. Make a Logo that Defines Your Brand

As a brand, you must create a logo that can clearly state your business intent with an attractive look.

For example, if you take the instance of Spotify logowhich is a popular global music streaming platform it is like a sound wave. It matches the primary intent of the brand and the colour is also on point.

2. Research on Your Audience

You should research your audience and find out their choices to define a proper logo. Researching the audience also helps in logo re-designing.

For example, Uber changed their half-coin-looking logo because the customers were confused.

3. Be Careful with Fonts

You can experiment with fonts but make them so perfect that the audience can grab the brand’s name very easily. It is very important to make a positive impression on the audience.

For example, Century 21 changed its complicated logo to a simpler form for a better user impression.


4. Do Not Make a Detailed Logo

A logo is meant to be brief and yet impactful. So, refrain from making it too detailed as it makes the whole look incomprehensible. If you want the best logo design ideas you can come to an affordable logo design company near San Francisco and get high-quality assistance.

For example, on the verge of the 70th annual award ceremony, Emmy changed its logo to only a graphical representation of “70” instead of making it too detailed with letters and numbers.

5. Do Not Ignore White Space

White space can be a game changer in your logo design. In fact, it is an important element of logo design as it can give your logo space to breathe. It increases the visibility of the logo and is eye soothing for the customers too.

For example, brands likeNBC, Apple, FedEx, etc. have successfully used white space in their logos which has made the logos more attractive.


Hope you have got a brief insight into the do’s and don’t’s of logo designing. The article has also given you some examples so the concept becomes clear to you. Hence, if you want the best brand logos, you should hire a professional and get the job done with the utmost expertise. However, you should convey your ideas clearly to the designer to get the best output.