Prodigal Son season 2: Release Date, Plot, Spoilers, Cast

Prodigal son season 2
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FOX has managed to put Prodigal Son at the top when it comes to American crime dramas and mystery thrillers. Indeed, after successful release and positive review of season 1, Prodigal son season 2 is on the line. As the name of the series suggests, the story of Prodigal son revolves around the son of a serial killer. 

To begin with, the son Malcolm’s father goes with the nickname “The Surgeon,” which, without a doubt, gives rise to curiosity among the audience. With any more Spoilers for the first-time viewers, let’s find out when is Prodigal son season 2 coming out?

What is Prodigal son season 2’s new release date?

For the most part, Earlier reports mentioned that Prodigal son season 2 would come out in early 2020. However, the year is mid-way gone, and still, FOX has not aired the season. As per the recent updates, FOX has postponed Prodigal son season 2 to later in 2020. But, of course, there is not a definite airing date selected yet by the production. 

Is there a Prodigal son season 2 trailer?

No. For now, Fox has only released the Prodigal son season 2 announcement promo yet. Here let’s take a glimpse of season 2’s first look:

The cast of Prodigal Son season 2


Starring Character Name Character Description
Tom Payne Malcolm Bright-Whitely
  • Former FBI profiler
  • Current consultant at New York Police Department
  • Also, a Serial killer “The Surgeons”’s son
  • Furthermore, a potential patient of sociopathic tendencies
Lou Diamond Philips Gil Arroyo
  • NYPD’s lieutenant handling major crimes
  • Also, Malcolm’s surrogate Father
  • Moreover, a Senior colleague of Malcolm Whitely
Halston Sage Ainsley Whitly
  • Malcolm’s younger sister
  • Also, TV news reporter by profession
Aurora Robinson Perrineau Det. Dani Powell
  • Malcolm’s sympathetic friend
  • Also, An officer at NYPD 
  • Furthermore, Works under Gil Arroyo
Frank Harts Det. JT Tarmel
  • An officer at NYPD
Keiko Agena Dr. Edrisa Tanaka
  • Medical examiner at NYPD
  • Also, Takes romantic interest in Malcolm
Bellamy Young Jessica Whitly
  • A Businesswoman with fame
  • Patient of Alcoholism
  • Also, “The Surgeon”’s wife
  • Moreover, Malcolm’s mother
Micheal Sheen Dr. Martin Whitly
  • The Surgeon
  • The serial killer
  • Also, Malcolm’s father
  • Furthermore, has committed 23 murders
Esau Pritchett Mr. David
  • Executive at Claremont Psychiatric Hospital
  • Further, takes care of “the Surgeon” at asylum
Charlyne Woodard Dr. Gabrielle Le Deux
  • Psychologist of Malcolm
Molly Griggs Eve Blanchard
  • A Lawyer by profession
  • Also, Malcolm’s ex and deceased girlfriend
Dermot Mulroney Nicholas Endicott
  • To begin with, he is a pharmaceutical tycoon
  • Also, Dr. Whitly’s secretive associate in the serial killing

What is the Prodigal Son plot summary?

To begin with, Prodigal son is a crime drama. According to the flashbacks, Prodigal son is Malcolm Bright, who had gotten his father arrested for serial killing. As a consequence, the father, Martin Whitely, is in prison. However, after ten years, the primary mystery comes along when another serial killer starts killing people using Martin’s method.
While Malcolm is in Quantico, the New York Police Department hires and forces Malcolm as a police consultant to talk to his father and see if he knows who might be behind the current killings. Hence, this situation brings back Malcolm’s stress as he finds himself connected to his father again, which he despises.

Prodigal son season 1 finale explained!

For the most part, Prodigal son season 1 finale expresses the idea that Malcolm has its father’s qualities of sociopathic tendencies. Later, After Jessica bails Malcolm out, he escapes and joins Edrisa. On the other hand, Endicott plays with the system to transfer “The surgeon” to Rikers Island. Malcolm and Ainsley finally confronted their father, to tell the truth about “owing to Endicott.” However, it turns out he had nothing to do with him.

Further, Gil warns Malcolm to leave the town as fast as he can. Before leaving, Malcolm finds Eve’s sister Sophie and confronts her of the doubt that she is the killer. But, he instead took the blame, which left the audience in grief.

Consequently, Malcolm, out of his sociopathic behavior, puts a gun to Endicott’s side. Before Malcolm shot, Ainsley killed Endicott by slitting his throat and further stabbed him out of anger.
Above all, at the very end, “The Surgeon” comes to rescue and tells his son that he has a plan.


In conclusion, the Prodigal Son season 2 is going to be a great comeback for the Surgeon indeed. But up until now, the audience viewed the story from Malcolm’s end. Hence, it is time to see what “The Surgeon” has to say of the murders. Till then, stay tuned for more!